Prayer to the Virgin of Carmen

Prayer to the Virgin from Carmen, there is no difficult situation that cannot be solved with a sentence and in this case the prayer to the virgin of Carmen It is the devotional strategy that many times we need to face the day to day, because we do not know at what time we will have to live something difficult and it is good to be prevented.

Prayer is that powerful weapon that we can use anytime we want or need it.

This virgin is considered desperate and this is because it is miracles and the answers can begin to be seen in a few minutes after praying, this is the case in most cases.

Knowing that we have someone in heaven who understands us and can also advocate for us in any circumstance fills us with peace and confidence that everything will be fine.

Prayer to the Virgen del Carmen Who is the Virgen del Carmen? 

Prayer to the Virgin of Carmen

Known as Nuestra Señora del Carmen, it is one of the advocations given to the Virgin Mary. Its name comes from Mount Carmel in Israel whose meaning is Garden.

In some countries she is considered the patron saint of the sea and in others, as in Spain, she is considered the patron saint of the Spanish Armada. It is said that in the year 1251 this virgin appeared to Saint Simon Stock who was a superior general of the Order. 

In that encounter the man was given a scapular and his habits, the two symbols of what is known as the Marian cult of the Carmelites around the world.

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Devotion to the Virgin Mary is a custom of the Catholic church who highlights the importance of the virgin in the arrival of our Lord Jesus Christ as a form of man on this earth.

Instrument of God the Father to fulfill divine purposes to this day.

Prayer to the Virgen del Carmen for difficult cases 

I have a thousand difficulties: help me.

From the enemies of the soul: save me.

In my mistakes: enlighten me.

In my doubts and sorrows: tell me.

In my illnesses: strengthen me.

When they despise me: cheer me up.

In temptations: defend me.

In difficult hours: comfort me.

With your motherly heart: love me.

With your immense power: protect me.

And in your arms when it expires: receive me.

Virgin of Carmen, pray for us.


As a mother, the Virgin Mary knows what anguish is for a loved one who is in a dangerous situation.

She is qualified and has the authority to advocate for our needs before the creator God of all things. 

Prayers made with faith from the soul are effective, we cannot ask if we do not believe that the miracle we are waiting for can be granted to us, no matter how difficult it seems to us that this is possible, remember that when we pray it is because We are asking for something that can only be achieved in a natural way. 

Prayer of the Virgen del Carmen for enlightenment and protection

Oh holy Virgin of Carmen! Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ and protector of all those who wear your sacred scapular.

Today I pray before your graceful robe that you always enlighten me Through the dark paths of this life in which I can go astray without your helping hand.

Forgive all my sins I admire you so much And I respect you day by day. Do not forsake me in moments of bewilderment. Without your help I would only be a wayward sheep.


Asking for lighting and protection for us, for a family member or for a special friendship is nothing new.

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In fact it is considered one of the most frequent requests after health miracles.

It is normal to feel insecure or vulnerable in a world where it seems that evil is on the rise and that is why raising a prayer request to the Virgen del Carmen or any other saint who can help us is really miraculous.  

Thanksgiving prayer and offering 

Oh Holy Virgin of Carmen!

We can never respond with dignity to the favors and thanks that you have given us by giving us your holy Scapular.

Accept our simple, but deeply meaning, thanks and, since nothing we can give you that is worthy of You and your mercies.

We offer our hearts, with all its love, and all our life, which we want to use in the love and service of your Son, our Lord, and in spreading your sweet devotion ...

Seeking that all our brothers in the faith, with whom Divine Providence makes us live and relate, esteem and thank your great gift, wearing the Holy Scapular, and that we can all live and die in your love and devotion.


Did you like the Virgin of Camen prayer of thanks and offer?

Many times we forget the prayers once we receive what we have been asking for but this should not be so.

The Bible tells stories of people who showed no thanks and others who did.

Similarly with the offers we make, we forget everything when we have what we wanted.

Praying in gratitude is a gesture that does not go unnoticed in heaven. When we make offers and do not fulfill them, it also shows in the sky.

No matter how long it takes to thank or give what you promised, the important thing is to do it.

Virgen del Carmen prayer to reach her love

Oh Virgin of Carmen, Mary Most Holy!

You are the most noble creature, the most sublime, the purest, most beautiful and holiest of all.

Oh, if everyone knew you, my Lady and Mother, if everyone loved you as you deserve!

But I am comforted because so many blessed souls in Heaven and on earth live in love with your goodness and beauty.

And I'm glad more because God loves you alone more than all men and angels together.

My most loving queen, I, miserable sinner, also love you, but I love you little in comparison to what you deserve; I want, therefore, a greater and more tender love for you, and this you will have to reach me, since loving you and carrying your Holy Scapular is a sign of predestination to glory, and a grace that God grants only to those who effectively want to save.

You, then, that you reach everything from God, get me this grace: may my heart burn in your love, according to the affection that you show me; That I love you as a true son, since you love me with the most tender love of Mother, so that, joining with you for the love here on earth, I will not separate from You later in eternity.


This prayer to the Virgen del Carmen to reach her love is very strong.

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Getting true love is a concern that is always present in our lives, especially when a certain age has already been reached or when you remain single after having lived as a couple for a certain time.

In the same way this prayer is effective in those cases where getting a partner represents a certain degree of difficulty or in cases where it is very difficult to fall in love or conquer someone, these prayers to get or achieve their love.

Remember that spiritual weapons are powerful and we cannot ignore them even if we do not know how it works, it is a powerful strategy that we can use at the time we want it with faith and confidence that this prayer will be answered powerfully.

Can I say the 4 sentences?

You can say the 4 sentences without problem.

All of them are for good, to ask for help and axulio and it is wrong to do that more than once.

Take advantage of the power of prayer to the Virgin of Carmen to change your life.

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