Prayer to San Roque

Prayer to San Roque It is a powerful weapon for all those who need divine intervention in certain situations that may arise in life, either directly or indirectly.

The power of the prayers it is incalculable, with them we can achieve victories that otherwise would be impossible to conquer.

The only requirement for a prayer to be effective is to do it with faith, we cannot simply ask for it, but do it by believing from the heart, in a sincere and sure way that the answer we have asked for so much will be granted.

San Roque as a faithful caregiver of people in need can understand our suffering in case of suffering from any disease.

Let us use this tool and pray that those miracles that we need so much will be granted to us in the perfect time of God the Father Creator.  

Prayer to San Roque Who is San Roque?

Prayer to San Roque

The story tells that he was the son of the governor of Montepellier and was born in 1378. His life was normal and when he was 20, his parents died.

Being a young orphan, Roque was dedicated to caring for the sick of one of the most devastating pests suffered at the time. 

The story refers to the fact that, when he was taking care of these patients, there were many who received a complete and miraculous healing when San Roque made him a cross on his forehead.

This is not surprising since in the sacred scriptures we see that healing could be imparted even with the shadow, as happened to the apostle Peter.

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Therefore, the fact that a person can minister healing with only a sign of the cross is an act that we can believe as a miracle that comes directly from God.

His day is celebrated every August 16.

Prayer to San Roque patron of animals (lost)

Merciful Saint Roque,
virtuous, merciful and miraculous saint,
that you gave yourself body and soul to our Father God
and you loved the animals from the heart
and therefore you are his glorious patron,
don't leave them without help when they need it
don't let them feel helpless in the face of adversity
and give them everything they need for their good to live.
Pray to the Lord favor and blessing for Franchesca
and keep it all his life under your protection and custody.
She is one more member of the family,
She is my friend and companion,
It is he who gives me his love unconditionally,
He is faithful and comforts me and makes my days happy
and it gives me much more than what it receives.
Saint Roque, beloved, glorious servant of the Lord,
that you were miraculously helped by a puppy
when men abandoned you because of your illness,
he faithfully brought you daily rolls
and with love lick your sores to relieve your pain,
and therefore you are a protector of pets,
Today I come to you full of confidence
and knowing that you are good and kind
I entrust you to my pet Franchesca.
Miraculous San Roque, defender of all animals,
Today I come to you to help me in my anguish,
use your power of mediation before God
so that in his mercy he may grant me
What I request from my heart for my pet:
Protect her so she is always happy,
watch over my dear Franchesca
that he lacks food, no bed, no company, no games,
keep her from all evil, from all harm and bad situation;
Never be sad or feel abandoned
never be lacking in love, care and friendship
so that he never feels fear, fear, or loneliness,
always be treated with love and respect
to live full of joy and well-being
and have a long and happy life.
I ask you, blessed Saint Roque for your health,
away from Franchesca diseases,
from Heavens sends healing,
with immense confidence and faith, I leave it in your hands,
make him soon recover his strength and energy
so that he doesn't suffer anymore,
don't let him suffer or feel pain,
Relieves your sufferings, heals your wounds or illness.
I appreciate your help in these difficult times,
I know you won't stop protecting and caring for Franchesca
and that you take my requests to the Lord,
who created all the living beings that populate the planet
and with love and kindness, he preserves and attends to all his creatures.
So be it.

It is the patron of diseases suffered by cattle, dogs, disabled people, epidemics and other hardships in terms of the health of people and animals.

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The Catholic Church has designed a prayer or a model of prayer that is ideal in these cases where it is the animals that are suffering and need a divine miracle of healing.

To make this prayer it is not necessary to prepare the environment, although you can light some candles or make a special altar for this saint.

You can pray alone or as a family, what is necessary and must be kept at all times is faith.  

San Roque prayer for sick dogs

Holy, pious, who helped many plague patients, Saint Roque, who, thanks to God's mercy, performed miracles, in whom they believed in your healing power ...

I implore you, with sincere humility, help me to save my dog ​​and faithful friend, ______, from the disease, which has him greatly weakened, make, exalted and sensitive saint ...

San Roque, that you loved dogs so much, that my dog ​​heals and runs again as cheerful as ever.


Dogs are also God's creation and also deserve our attention and care.

At a time when our pet is going through a difficult time of health we can raise a prayer to San Roque to take care of the animal and grant him the miracle of healing.

We can also ask for those animals that are sick in the streets so that this generous and miraculous saint gives them the health and care they need. 

When can I pray?

The best time to pray is in the feel the need to do it.

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The word of God speaks to us about prayer and tells us that, whenever we need help, the heavenly Father is always willing to listen to our prayers. 

Then we can understand that there is no specific schedule although some advise doing so. in the morning and in the company of the familyThe truth is that it can be done at any time and in any place. 

Is this saint powerful?

Yes, because when he was alive he himself suffered the same plague as those he cared for and shortly thereafter received healing and continued to take care of many patients in different hospitals.

Since then and until today he believes in his miraculous power to help the less favored.

Pray the prayer to San Roque patron of lost and sick animals with great faith.

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