Rosary to the Virgin of Guadalupe


The apparition of the Virgin of Guadalupe greatly marked the lives of Catholics, since she is known as the Queen who listens to everything. Therefore, if you want to know all the most relevant information about her, as well as the Rosary to the Virgin of Guadalupe, we invite you to read us. Who is the Virgin... READ MORE

Holy Rosary Friday

Holy Rosary Friday

The Holy Rosary Friday has Sorrowful Mysteries, which are recited these days and only on Tuesdays, they come immediately after the Joyful Mysteries. Know each of these mysteries corresponding to the day and the verses from which they are extracted. Mysteries of the Holy Rosary Friday The Mysteries are four and these relate the life... READ MORE

Holy Rosary Wednesday

Holy Rosary Wednesday

There is a different way to pray the Rosary, this will depend on the corresponding day. On this occasion, we will talk about the Holy Rosary Wednesday, so that you learn to pray correctly, we recommend you not stop reading us. Mysteries of the Holy Rosary Wednesday Each day has a mystery which corresponds to it, this order and series of steps... READ MORE

Missionary Rosary

Missionary Rosary

Here we will be talking a little about the "Missionary Rosary", starting from its objective, as well as about the Mysteries that it comprises, but encompassing five continents of the world. In addition to this, we will mention what is the method of prayer so that you can pray properly. Missionary Rosary for all We can mention that the Rosary … READ MORE

El Rosario

El Rosario

As we know, the Rosary is a very common and traditional prayer for different countries, a special and unique prayer that was created by the Catholic Church in order to be able to remember and commemorate each of the Mysteries that the Virgin Mary had to go through. and Jesus Christ to give them salvation, peace and… READ MORE

Joyful Rosary

joyful rosary

To be able to talk about the luminous, painful or passion mysteries and glorious mysteries of the public life of Christ, you must learn to pray the Joyful Rosary, so in the following article we will teach you how to pray it. How does the Joyful Rosary help free the soul? Within the prayer of the Catholic religion, the … READ MORE

Buddhist rosary

buddhist rosary

We will focus in the following article on telling you how the Buddhist Rosary is used. Buddhism has, like other religions, certain ceremonies and rituals with which it is allowed to connect spiritually. The Buddhist Rosary, how to connect spiritually Like many religions, within Buddhism there is an instrument that the devotees of the … READ MORE

Rosary of the Virgin of Fatima

rosary of the virgin of fatima

In this article we will teach you how to perform the Rosary of the Virgin of Fatima correctly and how to pray in her name for good. The path to devotion with the Rosary of the Virgin of Fatima The Holy Rosary to the Virgin of Fatima is very similar to what we know of the Rosary... READ MORE

Rosary of the Holy Death

We will tell you everything related to the Rosario de la Santa Muerte, a special Mexican figure. She is the personification of death and is used as an object of worship, so we will tell you more about this book below. The Rosario de la Santa Muerte, a path to ensure protection The image we currently know of … READ MORE

Luminous Mysteries of the Holy Rosary

luminous mysteries of the holy rosary

In this article we will tell you more about the Luminous Mysteries of the Holy Rosary. The rosary commemorates twenty mysteries and each series comprises five themes that relate the life of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. Luminous Mysteries, the adult life of Jesus In the origins of the Holy Rosary, it gets its roots from the XNUMXth century, … READ MORE

Rosary to Saint Michael the Archangel

The rosary to Saint Michael the Archangel is for Christians the way they ask for protection, so in this article we will teach you how to dedicate your prayer to ask for protection. Why is it important to pray the Rosary to Saint Michael the Archangel? The Archangel Michael represents justice and the fight for… READ MORE

Eucharistic Rosary

eucharistic rosary

In this article we will teach you how to connect with Jesus through the Eucharistic Rosary. It never hurts to share a moment of spiritual connection and intimacy with our Lord Jesus. The Eucharistic Rosary, a time to adore Jesus at the Last Supper, or also known as the Holy Supper, is also a moment… READ MORE

Rosary for the deceased Thursday


After the descent of a loved one, we seek to help his soul to be calm and peaceful, that is why we teach you to pray and ask in the Rosary for the dead on Thursday, so that the Virgin Mary helps his soul and offers her intercession. Rosary for the dead Thursday: How to ask for peace for … READ MORE

Sleeping psalms


The Bible is a powerful book that God has given us since it transmits his Word for the comfort of our soul. In it there are various psalms to sleep that help to fall asleep and protect us while we sleep. In this article we will show you which are the most powerful. Psalms to sleep. Protection of … READ MORE

Healing and liberation rosary


The rosary of healing and liberation is very powerful, as its name indicates, it helps you to liberate and heal all your sorrows, since by connecting your faith with the love of Jesus, all your pleas will be heard. In this article we will show you how to pray it as a request and thanks. Rosary of healing and… READ MORE

Liberation rosary Father Moises


This is a harmonious rosary but it is carried by the power of the Holy Spirit. The liberation rosary Father Moisés listens to the requests of his faithful and fulfills them, no matter how complicated and impossible they may be. We will teach you in this article what this rosary is about and how to pray it. A wonderful Rosary of… READ MORE

Rosary of the Lord of Mercy


When speaking of the Rosary of the Lord of Mercy, mention is made of the moment in which our Lord Jesus Christ showed man his immense love through his death. In this article we will tell you everything related to this beautiful devotion. The value of the Rosary of the Lord of Mercy This devotion … READ MORE

Sorrowful mysteries rosary


When the sorrowful mysteries rosary is prayed, the stage described in the Bible of the suffering of our Lord Jesus Christ is being taken into account. In this content we will tell you what those elements are that make it up. Rosary painful mysteries for you This content included within the holy rosary are considered aspects related to passion... READ MORE

Offering the rosary

The Offering of the Rosary is a moment in which the grace of God is granted to those who need it, but it is also used as praise and thanks. In this article we will tell you everything. The importance of offering the rosary Believers and those responsible for implementing acts of faith such as praying … READ MORE

Holy Rosary Tuesday

Holy Rosary Tuesday

Know What are the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary Tuesday? that should be reported only on these days or even on Fridays. In addition to this, he knows the prayers indicated to carry out these mysteries known as Painful. Holy Rosary Tuesday and the Sorrowful Mysteries It is explained that the Sorrowful Mysteries are those where all the suffering is recounted… READ MORE

Holy Rosary Monday

Holy Rosary Monday

The Joyful Mysteries are the main mysteries of the Holy Rosary, with them this prayer begins. In addition to being the first, they should only be prayed on Mondays and Saturdays. For you to know more information related to this topic, we recommend you read Santo Rosario Lunes so you don't miss anything. Mysteries… READ MORE

Holy rosary Thursday

Holy rosary Thursday

There are five mysteries, one of them is the Luminous Mysteries, these can only be prayed on Thursdays. If you want to know why and what are the prayers that should be prayed? We suggest you read our article Holy Rosary Thursday until the end. What is Holy Rosary Thursday? The Holy Rosary is used… READ MORE

Rosary of Mercy

Rosary of Mercy

To learn how to pray the Rosary of Mercy, or also known as the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, we suggest you read our new post until the end. What is the Chaplet or Rosary of Mercy? It is known as Chaplet of Divine Mercy or Rosary of Mercy to that custom and devotion... READ MORE

Complete Rosary

full rosary

In order to pray the complete Rosary, it is mandatory to recount each one of its mysteries, which are 20 (twenty). In addition to this, it is important that each of their respective prayers be prayed, starting with the Act of Contrition, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory and Hail. The Complete Rosary for all Currently… READ MORE

Santo Rosario

holy rosary

The rosary is a traditional Catholic prayer designed to honor the twenty mysteries of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. The church always recognizes the special effects of the rosary and, through its community recitation and constant practice, the most difficult causes have been delegated to it. Next, we will talk about the Holy Rosary with much more… READ MORE

How to pray the rosary to a deceased


The Holy Rosary is prayed by Catholics to ask the Virgin Mary to intercede for the soul of a deceased person and to know how to pray the rosary to a deceased person? it helps his soul to be purified and ascended to heaven. Learn in this article how to pray this rosary. How to pray the... READ MORE

Mysteries of the Virgin of Guadalupe


In Mexican culture, the Virgin of Guadalupe is the most emblematic symbol of this nation, however, there are some questions that no matter how much time passes, the mysteries of the Virgin of Guadalupe have not yet been revealed. Mysteries of the Virgin of Guadalupe What are they? There are many concerns about what it symbolizes … READ MORE

Phrases for deceased people


If you have a relative, friend, acquaintance or loved one who is no longer with us on this earthly plane and you are looking for phrases for deceased people, don't worry, here we will show you the best phrases for those people we love and who are Now next to the Lord. The best phrases for… READ MORE

Short prayers for the deceased


Every time we pray we are showing our love for God, when we pray short prayers for the dead we are declaring that our love for the Lord is even stronger than death. Why recite the short prayers for the dead? Prayers are the main means of communication with our Lord God, since with the… READ MORE

Prayer for a seriously ill person


If you are looking for a prayer for a seriously ill person, whether it is a family member or a loved one, don't worry, you have come to the right place, in this post we will show you the different prayers that you can recite for these sick people, to ask God to do your will. Why should a prayer be recited... READ MORE

Rosary of divine mercy


The Rosary of Divine Mercy is one of the most recent devotions included in the activities of Catholic believers. In this article we will tell you everything related to this beautiful action. The depth of the Rosary of Divine Mercy This prayer is included within the entire Catholic devotion called "Chapel of... READ MORE

Rosary to the virgin


You want to know the Rosary to the Virgin, then do not detach yourself from this article where you will be able to know everything related to its history, how to pray it and much more. The relevance of the rosary to the Virgin Prayer is the way to communicate with the creator. By using the rosary to the Virgin we are getting closer to … READ MORE

Rosary to raise the Child God


If you have reached this article, it is because you are interested in knowing about the Rosary to raise the Child Jesus. A devotion which invokes mysteries related to the childhood of Jesus. The spiritual in the Rosary to lift up the Child God This rosary is one of the versions created with the purpose of giving… READ MORE

Rosary for deceased monday


Learn about the great mysteries of the Rosary for the dead on a Monday and make this prayer in honor of those who are no longer on this plane with us. A farewell with the Rosary for the dead Monday The holy rosary is a prayer that extends through mysteries, these mysteries in turn are divided into … READ MORE

Rosary for children


The way in which to carry out activities and tasks where the Rosary for children can be taught, is in these times of pandemic of the utmost importance. In this post we are going to give you some tools. Rosary for children, the smallest of the house For some years now, the implementation of teaching in … READ MORE

Prayer to the Virgin of Peace


Make the Mother of all that has been and for having listen to your voice, your gratitude and your prayers with the prayer to the Virgin of Peace. She continues reading this article and finds everything you are looking for. Prayer and Our Lady of Peace Prayer, beyond words, is a moment… READ MORE

Prayer Soul of Christ


Raise your voice to the heavens and pray, perform the Soul of Christ prayer. In this article you will be able to read this great and powerful prayer to ask for salvation, to feel the presence of Jesus and honor it. The Soul of Christ and Christ Jesus of Nazareth or Christ, was an important figure for religion. The Savior … READ MORE

Chaplet of Divine Mercy complete


The complete Divine Mercy Chaplet is a group of prayers that are performed with the help of a rosary, this is a devotion that the Catholic Church has recently created towards the Mercy of God. In this article we will teach you what it is and how to pray. Promise of the Chaplet of… READ MORE

Catholic prayers for the deceased


Catholic prayers for the dead help us to ask for the eternal rest of the souls who have decided to go to heaven, because they allow them to find eternal light and peace. In this article we will teach you some prayers for your deceased. Catholic prayers for the deceased, beings who have departed When we lose a… READ MORE

Blood of Christ Rosary


When we feel vulnerable we go to prayer to feel warm with God, that's why by praying the Blood of Christ rosary we manage to accept his protection. In this article we will teach you how to pray this powerful rosary? The Powerful Rosary Blood of Christ Jesus, gave his life for love of us, therefore, one of the… READ MORE

Missionary rosary for children


Get to know a different way of praying the rosary by learning how is the Missionary Rosary for children? you can introduce them to the Christian Faith through this mode. We invite you to enter this post so you know how to pray? What is the Missionary Rosary for Children? The Missionary Rosary for children is a way… READ MORE

Prayer to the Lord of Mercy for a sick person


If a family member, friend or close person is in poor health, know the prayer to the Lord of Mercy for a sick person to ask for the stability of that person. The great prayer to the Lord of Mercy for a sick person. What is it? In today's world, our body is exposed to various diseases due to… READ MORE

Words of encouragement for a sick person


For people experiencing health difficulties, a few words of encouragement are important to let them know they are not alone. Here you can read Words of encouragement for a sick person to show your empathy and support to those who need it. Words of encouragement for a sick person who needs it The state of mind for … READ MORE

Psalm 23 the lord is my catholic pastor


Psalm 23 "the Lord is my shepherd" Catholic It has a powerful and motivational message for you, it has a power and a thought that you need to read here. Psalm 23 “the lord is my shepherd” catholic: What is a psalm? The psalms are a poetic composition that is recited in celebrations in the Jewish religion and… READ MORE

Prayers of the complete rosary


You know the Holy Rosary but you want to know more about the complete rosary prayers. Don't worry, in this post we will show you everything you need to know about this precious tradition of the Catholic religion. What are the prayers of the complete rosary? As we well know, the Holy Rosary is composed of various prayers, it is a magnificent … READ MORE

Rosary guide to Saint Jude Thaddeus complete


If you are devoted to the patron saint of difficult and desperate causes, you will like this complete guide to the rosary to San Judas Tadeo. Here we will show you how to pray this rosary step by step, so that you express your devotion to San Judas Tadeo. Get to know the rosary guide to San Judas Tadeo complete San Judas Tadeo was … READ MORE

Rosario to San José


In case you want to know more about the Rosary to Saint Joseph, one of the saints with the greatest devotion on the part of the parishioners, I invite you to continue reading this article. Throughout this post we will show you the correct way to pray this rosary and its meaning. How to pray the Rosary to… READ MORE

Rosario Maria vision


You want to know Rosario María vision, then keep reading this article because we will explain its operation and how it presents the various Catholic contents. The content of Rosario María Vision Maria Vision is an audiovisual channel which has been transmitting content related to the Mother of God in all its forms. The Rosary Mary Vision is… READ MORE

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