Prayer to San Marcos de León

Prayer to San Marcos de León. All prayers are powerful, but the prayer to saint mark of leon to tame, for love, work and mention is special since Saint Mark was close to Jesus when he was here on earth.

The Gospel of San Marcos is the most important since it has the version of the mind of a child, as was Marcos at the time, which makes it an innocent version and full of truths that impact everyone who walks through their letters. 

The Gospel of San Marcos is the most important since it has the version of the mind of a child, as was Marcos at the time, which makes it an innocent version and full of truths that impact everyone who walks through their letters. 

Today, San Marcos has become an effective link to ask God for all powerful requests, regardless of how difficult the expected miracle can be.

Saint Mark, friend of Jesus, becomes friends of all those who keep a need in their heart and who need something done in their favor from heaven. 

Do the prayers to Saint Mark of Leon work? 

Prayer to San Marcos de León

San Marcos de León was always close to Jesus Christ, hence asking him to be effective, because he intercedes for us before his friend.

The sentences they have to be done from the depths of the soul y with all the sincerity possible, remember that we are asking for a miracle or for a situation to be resolved, which is why you have to ask clearly what is needed.

With prayer to Saint Mark of Leon is the same. It is necessary faith.

Saint Maros knows what it is to see his friend die, he knows what it is to preach the word of God when he is being persecuted, he suffered anguish and sorrow, fear of the unknown and all the afflictions that can be suffered.

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That is why When do you make a request he does not take long to respond, because he knows what can be suffered here on earth and now he is our ally in heaven. 

His power is infinite, his miracles countless. There are thousands of people who can testify to his power, this is why the prayers San Marcos de León are effective.

Prayer to Saint Mark of Leon to tame a person 

San Marcos de León you who carried the word of Christ for the world hear my prayer.

May your strength and determination achieve justice and may my enemies fall defeated before the good San Marcos, with the force of a Lion and his power of domination make people who intend to do me wrong kneel before God and change their minds.

Intercede for me you who gave up your life to make the word of the Most High Lord known and heed my request ...

(We make the request)

I do not want anyone's evil with her, only to tame those who have done me and harm me so that they return to me in a gentle and goodwill way.

May love triumph over evil and my life be a haven of peace. All this I ask in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord and I ask you to please listen to my desperate prayer.


Prayers can be done for any reason and none is selfish and neither more nor less important than another.

All people pass needs and we need to intercede before heaven to receive what we need.

El ask to tame  A person is, many times, a thing of life or death.

It can be applied in many ways, such as at work, home, with a relative o friend love.

With this prayer do not seek to coerce or submit the will of other people but to be able to persuade a little in order to reach a goal that will be satisfactory for all parties involved.

Prayer Saint Mark of Leon for the impossible love

Blessed Saint Mark of Leon, you who make all that impossible possible, who tamed the dragon and the lion. Make (person's name) notice my feelings, my love, my sacrifice.

I implore you that his ungrateful heart be infected with the passionate flames of love. When you wake up from your lethargy, I want you to think about me.

Oh, San Marcos de León, you who unleashed and managed to disarm the most powerful beast, so I ask you so that my crush listens to me, come, come, let no one stop him, let my paths of love intersect with yours, that you love me with the same strength that I love and adore you.

For the thoughts that are in (name of the person) I come to you, Saint Mark, so that in your dreams and dreams you may be in the name of God and through me, may your love be directed towards my heart, may I be in your thoughts .

Help me to heal this heart afflicted by your indifference and make all my suffering transform into reciprocated love.


It is always necessary to pray a prayer Saint Mark of Leon for love.

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Love is one of the reasons that makes humanity whole to be in constant communication with heaven.

Whether not be reciprocated or that some difficulty is going through with the couple prayers for love San Marcos de León are powerful.

In this type of requests one must speak with total sincerity. Remember that we are talking to someone who suffered here on this earth all these hardships and that is why he will understand us perfectly. 

When making a prayer with doubt, the bad energies that come off make the prayer not rise, that is why it must be asked with faith, convinced that the creator God of all things will be willing to help us, which is not in vain the time we are investing in praying.

Praying without faith is like doing nothing and when you are desperate for a request that is related to love, faith is the secret that will help everything be solved much faster. 

Prayer of Saint Mark of Leon for work 

Here I am, O San Marcos de León, to venerate you with humility!

To get closer to what you professed; To praise your infinite grace.

As a faithful devotee, I have always benevolently served God's designs, and my spirit has been strengthened by the sacred scriptures.

Therefore, beloved evangelist, I ask you today to grant me that favor of which you already know ...

(Speak the favor in relation to work)

You know that with him I only seek the good for myself and mine and I only wish to draw closer to the Lord. I know that I will be heard because ...

You are just mercy.


Ask San Marcos de León for something that has to do with our working life It is a purpose of real importance.

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Our place of work is practically our second home since there are many hours we spend there, which is why many times there are situations in which we cannot do more than raise a prayer with faith so that it can be resolved.

This prayer can lead to a job in which we have been waiting for some time or to solve any inconvenience that is preventing our work from flowing properly, any work request you may have can be requested from San Marcos and he will help you.

Prayer come to come | love

In the name of God I invoke you, spirit of dominion Spirit of St. Cyprian, and of despair Don Juan of the roads, spirit of Juan miner Of the streets, paths, and places, spirit of the four winds Spirit of St. Mark of Lion.

I make this prayer to San Marcos de León, come, come, I conjure you to help me master the five senses.

The thought, the judgment, and the will of (Name of individual) That I can't eat or sleep, I can't drink or walk.

May his thoughts be only on me until under my feet he comes to a halt make me come repentant and humble Treating me with the respect we all deserve.

With 2 I see you, with 3 I tie you, the blood I drink and the heart I give you my eyes blind you and my will is yours So be it, so be it.


We want to finish our article with the prayer to San Marcos de León that come come for love.

It is a very strong and well-known prayer.

It is prayed to St. Mark and San Cipriano.

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