Prayer of the meek lamb

Prayer of the meek lamb

Prayer of the meek little lamb. THE little lamb was the animal that God used to cleanse the sins of the world. This is why the prayer of the meek little lamb is an act of faith based on the sacred scriptures. This prayer is made with multiple purposes depending on the needs that are had. However, the purpose... READ MORE

Prayer to San Alejo

Prayer to San Alejo

Prayer to San Alejo is done when we need to put some distance between us and another person because when he had to make the decision to walk away, he did so without looking back. A prayer that fills us with strength and gives us a sense of detachment from those people who do us no good or who... READ MORE

Prayer to Saint Helena

Prayer to Saint Helena

Prayer to Saint Helena to make a man desperate and never leave her is far from being a selfish action or lacking in common sense, it may be a desperate request, but it is made from love and the need to be reciprocated. Many think that prayer is a waste of time, but… READ MORE

Prayer to separate two people

Prayer to separate two people

Prayer to separate two people to San Alejo quickly applies in those situations in which our family, our emotional and sentimental stability or the well-being of our children or partner are compromised. For example, in a specific case in which our partner is being sought to carry out activities that we consider to be… READ MORE

Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel

Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel

Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel is to fully enter the world of spiritual warfare since this Archangel, who appears in biblical stories, is represented as a warrior from heaven who is sent to earth to fight our spiritual battles. We can request help from him anytime we need it, he… READ MORE

Prayer to sell a house

Prayer to sell a house

Prayer to sell a house. Taking prayer into account in all requests and actions that are presented to us day by day is of great importance. That is why if we need a sentence to sell a house we must know how to find the correct sentence to make. There are prayers for everything we need... READ MORE

Prayer to the Virgin of Fatima

Prayer to the Virgin of Fatima

Prayer to the Virgin of Fatima; In any need you have you can raise this prayer. The love and generosity of the Virgin Mary in one of the many representations of her is very powerful. She, as the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ and friend of God, the creator of all things, can advocate for us in… READ MORE

Prayer to Saint Cyprian

Prayer to Saint Cyprian

Prayer to San Cipriano. He is known to have many heavenly powers. Saying the prayer to San Cipriano for protection, tying, taming and dominating can help us in many situations in life. Especially in those cases in which we think there is no solution. Specialist in solving couples problems where one of … READ MORE

Prayer to Saint Nicholas of Bari

Prayer to Saint Nicholas of Bari

Prayer to Saint Nicholas of Bari for protection or for another purpose is a practice that comes from ancient times because from then until today there are many miracles that are attributed to this miraculous saint. It is said that he is the patron of difficult causes to which one of the first… READ MORE

Prayer to San Marcos de León

Prayer to San Marcos de León

Prayer to San Marcos de León. All prayers are powerful, but the prayer to San Marcos de León to tame, for love, work and mention is special since San Marcos was close to Jesus when he was here on earth. The Gospel of Saint Mark is the most important because… READ MORE

Learn the prayer of spiritual forgiveness

Forgiveness is an action that a human being has when he forgives someone for causing him sadness, pain or offense. Thus, one frees the other from remorse by eliminating any type of resentment, anger or rancor. Although it seems simple in theory, it gets a bit complicated in practice. Forgetting an act that has hurt us at times… READ MORE

Learn the powerful prayers to sleep better

Sleep time is a very important moment in human life. This is your moment of reflection, rest, and sometimes even the only moment of peace you have after such a busy day. However, there are people who suffer from problems that make it difficult to enjoy this moment. Therefore, we will teach some sentences… READ MORE

Learn the prayer of San Antonio Matchmaker

June 13 is Saint Anthony's Day and it is the date many women perform sympathies, rituals and prayers for the matchmaking saint. If you want to find a new love, it is for him to ask. If possible, buy a picture of Saint Anthony and place it on his altar, so with… READ MORE

Prayer against evil

  We all go through phases where we feel vulnerable to negative energies and need extra protection. Right now it's great to look at options to shut down your body and prevent bad things from happening. So we are going to teach you how to make a prayer against evil. Tarotologist Pettrus taught a prayer of… READ MORE

Look at two powerful prayers to get urgent jobs

“I need an urgent job“”I want to get a job fast. ”Unfortunately, this need is getting stronger in Brazil. Guardian angels are known to protect us from harm. These celestial beings are by our side in moments of happiness and sadness, and can appear in various circumstances of our lives. So, if you're… READ MORE

Pray a prayer to find a soulmate and live a love story

Usually, when we think of prayers to find a love, Saint Anthony, the angels and other saints soon come to mind. They are great and can help us in many ways. But there are other powerful cultures that can create a healthy, happy and passionate relationship. Gypsies are romantic and believe in love… READ MORE

Learn a powerful prayer to lose weight and other tips to get fit

Are you committed to losing weight, getting fit and living a healthier life? It can be quite a challenge, especially if you don't usually have healthy habits, but at the same time, it can be a wonderful discovery. As you begin to eat better and exercise, you find that you may have more energy than any... READ MORE

Learn a prayer to forgive and find peace.

They say: "To err is human, to forgive is divine." That's because forgiveness is one of the hardest things to give someone. We often think that we forgive, but resentment and pain remain in us, blurring positive energies and stagnating our lives. If someone apologizes to us for something he has… READ MORE

Learn prayer to overcome discouragement and lift your spirits.

As much as we try to be positive every day, there is no way to avoid those darkest days when we don't want to do anything and we are not inspired. This energy generates generalized paralysis, moments in which we do not want to solve anything. We have selected a powerful prayer to overcome the discouragement that you will awaken. It's okay to feel... READ MORE

Learn prayer to break spells, magic and keep your family safe.

We don't like to talk about it a lot, but there are people who are so jealous of our happiness and our family, that they are capable of everything to see us fall and suffer, including spells and spells. To protect yourself, learn to say the prayer to break spells. To keep your family protected at all times, be a... READ MORE

Prayer to increase faith

Have you noticed how people who have faith are more optimistic, happy with life and happy? Of course, they also have problems, but they trust in something bigger, they know that there is a plan and they have to open it up for it to happen. Did you know that there is a prayer to increase faith and change your thinking by being… READ MORE

Pray a powerful prayer for a better financial life

They say that money does not bring happiness and it is true. However, what happens is that its absence brings us so many problems that we are not happy (because of its absence in our bank accounts). How many marriages do not end for money? How many people are not hospitalized for health problems caused by worrying about it… READ MORE

Find a powerful prayer against evil and spells

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, nothing seems to work in our lives. Did you know that in such cases there may be someone who wants your evil and is even doing something materially or spiritually to harm him? This happens more often than we think, since a simple envy can block our paths. So … READ MORE

Learn the powerful prayer against depression

Depression is a psychological illness that affects about 350 million people worldwide. This is a sign that it should be taken seriously. If you think you have symptoms, feel more down and sad, see a doctor to get the diagnosis right. Spiritually, we will teach you one prayer against… READ MORE

Say the prayer now for forgiveness

In the Lord's Prayer there is an excerpt that highlights "forgive us our offenses, as we also forgive those who offend us", and God in His commandments commands us to love our neighbor. This is why we should always analyze how we feel about people. Be careful not to hold a grudge and always... READ MORE

Prayer for marriage

Relationships are difficult. It takes work and dedication to make it last harmoniously. Keeping the flame burning and the passion fresh is crucial to success. Faith is an important ingredient in every happy home. Praying together can be a way to stay connected with your partner, both on the field… READ MORE

Prayer to overcome difficulties and uncertainties

We all go through moments of doubt and uncertainty throughout our lives. Will I get the job I dream of so much? Will I improve health? Is my marriage strong? And others that may arise over time. Especially when we are in a bad phase, we often doubt our ability, how much we deserve something good, and… READ MORE

Learn the powerful spiritualist prayer

  Prayer is an intimate moment between you and God. The moment when there is a conversation with the Higher Self and you think that He is listening to you. Sometimes it blows up, thanks, but they are almost always requested. It is a particular moment that is pleasant to talk about, to let off steam. Learn powerful spiritualist prayers that can help you in… READ MORE

Learn a powerful prayer of thanks

When we pray at night, we often ask for graces and blessings that are important to our fulfillment, but we can never forget to thank them for what we already have. Whether it's listing what makes us happy or even saying a prayer of thanks. A very good way to thank you is to read a psalm, which has verses… READ MORE

Prayer of inner peace to overcome difficult times

How many times do we worry, get angry or concentrate simply because our head does not allow us to calm down? How many sleepless nights have we had because we cannot have inner peace to rest? We do not feel worthy of peace, we get angry and our whole body suffers from it. Inner peace helps us get along better with… READ MORE

Saint Anthony's Prayer to Get Married - The Holy Matchmaker

In his original story, San Antonio is recognized for helping the poor mainly in a material way. However, due to helping a young woman who wanted to get married and did not have the necessary skills, her fame as a matchmaker spread throughout Italy. Over time, several women sought Prayer of Saint Anthony... READ MORE

Learn the powerful prayer of stranded marriage

May is considered the month of brides, do not be alarmed if the pressure of friends and family who question your love life increases during this period. Whether at the party, in the comments on Facebook or elsewhere, the famous and dreaded question “will you stay for aunt until when?” comes. So there is… READ MORE

Prayer of Saint George - The best known

There is a lot of pessimism and envy in this life, so be careful who you walk with. After all, there are many people who may not even want to hurt you, but they also do not want to see you better than them. Pray Saint George to prevent this from influencing your life. Whether we like it or not, this... READ MORE

Saint George's prayer for love

Considered synonymous with bravery, loyalty and courage, the holy warrior has a large number of devotees, including many who have tattoos in his honor. His followers ask him for peace, courage, protection from the pitfalls of life, and strength to face obstacles. Therefore, pray the Prayer of Saint George for love… READ MORE

Saint George's Prayer for Protection

Life is not easy. Every day we go through various obstacles. Because they are so difficult, sometimes we want to give up, after all, in the world there is a lot of evil, envy and always someone who wants to put you down. The good thing is that there is a prayer of Saint George for a protection that frees us from many … READ MORE

Prayer for Yemanja

  On February 2 in several Brazilian cities, the day of Yemanja, the queen of the sea, is celebrated. On this date, the residents of these regions celebrate various events, such as festivals, rituals and graces to celebrate the patron saint of fishermen. One of these ways is to make a prayer for Yemanja. It is … READ MORE

Prayer to open paths in love

Love in anyone's life always comes in a rather complicated way. After a relationship breakup, we never seem to find a relationship good enough to move on. After a while it seems that we are repeating the same mistakes as the previous passions. Thinking about it, we separate a… READ MORE

Learn Kahuna's prayer of forgiveness

The Kahunas are an ancient Polynesian people with many beliefs in gods and the power of nature. This prayer serves both to purify and to remove internal blockages. Do for 21 consecutive days. If you miss a day, start over. According to Vanessa Friggo, a specialist at Astrocentro, this is how long it takes… READ MORE

INFALIBLE PRAYER to get a boyfriend! It's time to be happy!

You take care of yourself, go out a lot and even open up different people to your life, but is it still difficult to find a new love? Whether it's because you don't like anyone or because they hurt your feelings, the frustration of being single when all you want is a partner is horrible. In those moments, anything goes until I do… READ MORE

Prayer of the unemployed

  Everyone knows someone who is having a hard time finding a place in the job market, be it in times of crisis or minor economic changes. But wait, this person who is out of a job by any chance is you? The important thing is to stay calm, think positively, count on divine collaboration, either... READ MORE

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