3 powerful prayers to get the job back. Work is always a cause for concern, even for those who have lost a job they liked very much. The question "but what did I do wrong?" It does not cross our minds and we question our ability. But the truth is, often the reason for the layoff had nothing to do with you and it happened for reasons beyond your control. The scam is difficult and difficult to assimilate, so we want to give you a little strength to get back your lost job. Take a look at 3 powerful return-to-work sentences to help you on your quest to get back to your old job.

3 powerful prayers to get the job back

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Prayer to recover the work with the intercession of several saints

Oh! Dear Mother Our Lady Aparecida Oh Holy Rita of Cassia Oh My glorious San Judas Tadeo, protector of impossible causes. Santo Expedito, the saint of the last minute and Saint Edwiges, the saint of the needy Intercede with the Father for me (give your full name) I ask him to help me get back to my work so that they can call me again, urgently. I glorify and praise you always I will bow down to you. Pray: 1 Our Father and 3 Seabirds I trust God with all my might and ask him to illuminate my path and my life, Amen.

Say this prayer for 3 days in a row, if possible at the same time. Also choose a quiet and peaceful place where you will not be disturbed, so that you can fully focus on your intention in a very positive way and with the faith and the certainty that this grace will be achieved.

Prayer to recover work with the intercession of San Antonio

«If you want miracles, Go to San Antonio, You will flee from the devil And the infernal temptations. Recover the lost The harsh prison breaks, And at the height of the hurricane Give way to the troubled sea. Through your intercession The plague, the error, death flees, The weak become strong And becomes the healthy sick. Recover what was lost ... (repeat 3 times) All human evils Moderate, retreat, Tell us who have seen it; So say the Paduan. Recover what was lost… (repeat 3 times) Glory to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, now and always Amen. Recover what was lost… (repeat 3 times) V. Pray for us, Blessed Saint Anthony. A. May we be worthy of the promises of Christ. Recover what was lost… (repeat 3 times) Pray an Our Father and a Hail Mary.

Say this daily prayer or as needed, and light a candle of thanks to Saint Anthony when grace is achieved. Saint Anthony is the Saint that we must invoke for something lost, so that you can also use this prayer for love, purpose, money or any situation that needs to be recovered.

Prayer to recover work with the intercession of St. Cyprian

“Santo Antonio is a Mandingo tree, Santo Onofre is a Mirongueiro tree. Oh, oh, my Cypriot saint ... Black man who knows how to cast a good spell. Do it in silence, he speaks little and is crazy! ”San Cipriano, thank you. That the chance that I (say your full name) will get the job I want (say your company name) is greater than how many people will read this message! Saint Cyprian, sorcerer and Christian, righteous and wicked, knowledgeable and dominant in his religious arts, I call on you with all my heart, body, soul and life to achieve the goal of getting this job back (say the name of the company). I ask all the higher forces of the Holy Trinity, the forces of the sea, air, fire, nature and the universe to make this work fall into my arms and be completely bound by me (state your full name). May this job at (state company name) be mine forever, under this HOLY POWER this job cannot belong to anyone but me (state your full name). Let the hiring officer see no other candidates but me (state your full name). As long as the hiring manager doesn't call me (say your full name) to tell you that the job is mine, they will not be happy and every time they hear my name (say your full name) they will be sure that I am the person to contact . the job Miraculous goat that climbed the hill, bring me the job (let's say the name of the company) that I need and long for. So be it, it will be done, it will be done. I believe and I will have the job I want from me (give your full name) forever.

Is prayer is very powerful and it should be done during 3 days at the same time with great faith and positivity! Take a few minutes to imagine your life in this new reality, with all the happiness this return to the old job will bring you. If you really are determined that going back to your old job is the best option, check out the 4 foolproof rituals to get your job back and further strengthen your request.