Prayer to Saint Catherine of Siena

Prayer to Saint Catherine of Siena with multiple purposes.

She is known as one of the doctors of the Catholic faith, therefore she is able to help us in matters that have to do with health and physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

She was a writer and preacher of the word of God on earth and always with a generous heart full of God's love to help those in need. 

Over the years she has become one of the saints who in the Catholic faith is revered more and this is due to her great power and known miracles. 

Prayer to Saint Catherine of Siena Who is Saint Catherine?

Prayer to Saint Catherine of Siena

Born in a large family, being the 23rd daughter of marriage.

They belonged to a lower middle social class that did not allow him to enjoy a good education, however when he was 7 he decided to devote himself to mortification and make a chastity pact that he fulfilled until the last of his days. 

She lived until age 33 and it was Father Pius II who declared her as Santa de the Catholic Church April 29, 1461.

In the next few years she became the patron saint of Italy, received the title of Doctor of the Church and was subsequently named part of the Patron Saints of Europe.

The Saint left an important writing that until today is considered one of the most important works of the Catholic Church. 

Prayer to Saint Catherine for protection

Oh glorious virgin Catherine of Siena virtuous woman greatly blessed by God!

Instrument of the Most High to work wonders, luminous flame of the church, creature endowed with incomparable gifts, of sensible and prudent virgins with the courage and courage of the paladins.

Show how far your power goes, sows of God, earning us all the zeal to advance in the evangelical virtues, especially in humility, prudence, patience, kindness and diligence in the practice of the duties of our state.

Blessed and beloved of the Lord, virtuous Saint Catherine for that happiness that you received from being able to join God holyly and that you obtained from Him the grace of being able to favor pleasantly through your continuous miracles to so many in need who requested it, listen to my humble supplications and reach me for Your Divine Goodness helps you so urgently in my sentimental life, in my family, in my home:

(make the request)

Pick up in my powerful hands my distressed and desperate demand and present it to our Lord so that it may be promptly attended.

I also beg you to grant me protection and protection, and that by imitating your virtues I may grow in the knowledge of the only true God and also achieve the good fortune of the elect.


If you want protectionThis is the prayer to Saint Catherine of Siena correct.

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Santa Catalina as patron of Italy and Europe can give us that protection to us too No matter where in the world you are.

The evil and the bad energy They are in the environment and make people fill up with these bad vibes to make the ml, that is why the prayer for protection is of the utmost importance and it is recommended to do at least every day.

In the morning hours and in the company of the family it becomes a spiritual ritual that will take care of us throughout the day of each day. 

Prayer to Saint Catherine for justice

Oh my Santa Catalina, what impossible things you achieved, you are the sweetest and most loving of our caretaker, I ask for your help so that you return all my hopes ...

I implore your enormous help so that God between my heart and his son, Jesus, and those who are willing to comfort me, I call you who are willing to open your arms to encourage me and offer me relief and solution when everything seems to be lost.

Saint Catherine, a mighty virgin and full of love, today I get up and seek your heavenly protection, because I am nothing without your support and that of God.

My sweet and lovely woman, the special glow that lies in the heights, use it to light my way.

Comfort me and help me alleviate the pain that I carry in my soul.

I appeal to your big heart so you can hear my plea.

My venerated pure and blessed Saint Catherine for the unlimited power that God gave you, I ask you to humbly give me your help and the mediation of this difficulty, with the hope that I have placed in your sweet and blessed hands: help me to

(what do you need to get)

I thank you infinitely for listening to my pleas, because I am sure that my prayer has been heard by you, and although it is very difficult to solve, I have security once in your hands, it will undoubtedly be fulfilled, as no one is always disappointed at request your favors, no matter how impossible they are.

O blessed Saint Catherine, you who appeal to the impossible, pray to God for my need and sadness, I return all my hope in this prayer, I trust your always loving protection.

My beloved Catalina blesses my life, don't stop leading me in different ways.

I will follow you with great faith, humility and dedication.

This is how it was. So be it. So be it. So shall.

Pray Saint Catherine's prayer for Justice in times of need.

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Since she was a child, she went through hardships due to being of lower middle class and belonging to a large family.

Know closely what it is to go through difficulties that become injustices before the eyes of God, this is why our ally becomes the one we can trust to help us in cases that have to do with correctly applying earthly or spiritual justice. 

Prayer to Saint Catherine of Alexandria for love

Santa Catalina, you who could make so many people reconcile ...

Do for me a small favor, find love, make my heart noble and true, that makes love, in my heart can enter and fill me with bliss.

I want to be able to know true love, true feeling, Santa Catalina you who have so much power in it ...

Grant me that favor, may my request come to you, so that I can receive your blessing, Saint Catherine loves, of perfect loves and without lies, you who have virtue and are so exclaimed by everything the world whole.

Go to me and give me the opportunity to receive your blessing, I want you to send my prayers again.

My prayers to God so that he can make my life full of love, full of peace, you can make it miraculous Santa Catalina ...

I ask you to give me love, more love and more love, joy, much joy, good wishes, good thoughts, good actions, help me to succeed in it, love will be for me like a step, a path ...

Saint Catherine, you who can do everything, grant me and have the true feeling of love come to me, trust in your power and your goodness.


You need to substitute the name of the beloved person in the prayer for Saint Catherine of Alexandria for love.

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Known as the patron of those women who they are without a romantic partner, teachers and students.

In life he possessed great wisdom, courage, strength, cunning and intelligence. It has everything you need to give us the necessary help in sentimental matters.

It can help us to cross our path with that person destined for us or, if necessary, it also helps us to maintain harmony in homes where love is in danger of death.

We will move towards the prayer to despair a man of Santa Catalina de Siena.

To despair of a man

My Blessed Saint Catherine,

You who are as beautiful as sun, beautiful as Moon, and beautiful as the stars.

That you entered Abraham's house, and crushed 50.000 men, brave as lions, softens the heart of (say the person's name) for me.

(Say the person's name) when he sees me, he will go out of his way for me, if he is sleeping, he will not sleep, if he is eating, he will not eat.

He will have no peace if he does not come to talk to me.

He will cry for me, for me he will sigh, as the Virgin Mary sighed with her blessed son.

(Say the person's name thrice, hitting the left foot on the ground),

Under my left foot I have you either with three, with four words, or with your heart.

If you have to sleep, you will not sleep, if you have to eat, you will not eat, you will not sit as long as you do not come with me to talk and tell me that you love me, and give me all the good you have.

You will love me among all the women in the world, and I will always seem to you a beautiful and fresh rose.



You think, this prayer to St. Catherine to despair of a man is miraculous!

This sentence It is not a tool for manipulating people against their will, on the contrary it becomes an act of love and faith that from heaven blesses what we often wither with our acts. 

That man who has left home, who has decided leave home or love relationship He can return desperate to have what he left again. That is the main reason for this special prayer. 

Is St. Catherine of Siena powerful?

Whenever you have faith she is able to help us in any situation where we need it.

No matter how difficult or impossible the situation in which we find ourselves, we can always ask with sure faith that the miracle comes from jealousy sooner than we expect. 

Always take advantage of the power of prayer to Saint Catherine of Siena!

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