Prayer to Saint Lazarus

Prayer to Saint Lazarus known since ancient times as the great helper of the poor, sick and animals. The prayer to Saint Lazarus It is a powerful weapon which was given to us and that through faith works for us powerful miracles according to what we need. 

With the passing of time he has become the patron and great ally of the homosexual community and of the Cubans who every year, on December 17, meet in El Rincón to celebrate the joy of the birth of such a miraculous saint.

Prayer to Saint Lazarus Who is Saint Lazarus? 

Prayer to Saint Lazarus

In the word of God we find two Lazarians; one who is named in the parable of the rich and lazarus where Jesus explains heaven and hell.

The second Lazarus is the brother of Marta and María and whoever protagonist of one of the greatest miracles of Jesus On earth, the resurrection.

In the Catholic faith these two characters are united into one because it is difficult to separate them since each one has important similarities to the other.

He is known as a great helper of animals that are in a state of abandonment, in fact he is believed to be the protector of dogs, but this is more a product of human faith since the saint helps everyone who needs it.

He tells the story that he lived until he was 60 and that his body was buried in a sarcophagus made of marble that in 1972 was found with its remains still inside it. 

Prayer to miraculous Saint Lazarus 

Saint Lazarus, friend of Jesus Christ and brother and protector of those who suffer!

You who knew the pain of illness and the visit of Jesus Christ restored your life in Bethany, benignly welcome our supplications, when we implore your help in this hour of anguish.

Pray to the Eternal Father so that we have a serene and secure trust in the power of Jesus.

Saint Lazarus Miraculous, resurrected by the divine power of Jesus Christ, we beg you for the sad moment of your agony and for the infinite joy you experienced when Jesus with those sweet words sent you out of the grave, to intercede with the Divine Master so that through your Mediation grant us what we trust you beg.


The Catholic Church has publicly recognized the power of Saint Lazarus and has him as one of the saints that are venerated in the faith, so take advantage of your prayer.

In this way we can verify that the sentences that rise before his throne are not lost prayers or pleas in vain but instead become a fragrant smell before his presence and then his answer comes to us. 

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To make a prayer an ideal moment is not designed, however it is important to emphasize that the truly miraculous thing is to make the prayer from the heart and sure that the answer comes to us.

If it is not done in this way then they are empty and meaningless repetitions. 

Prayer of Saint Lazarus for the sick 

Blessed Saint Lazarus, my lawyer, my holy protector, I place my trust in you, I place my needs, my worries and my anxieties, my dreams and desires, and, knowing the many miracles that have been worked through you, knowing the goodness that comes from your hands when you are asked with humility and faith, today I come to you supplicating, asking for your powerful help and mercy.

O blessed Saint Lazarus, for the sublime hope that harbored your heart to reach the crown of martyrdom, and for that burning desire to give your life for the One who gave it to you again after having lost it, grant me glorious Saint Lazarus your valuable mediation, pray for my desires before the good Jesus, your friend, brother and benefactor, and ask that by his infinite mercy grant me what I ask with all my heart and thus may find relief in my despair:

(say or what you want to achieve)

and if you think that it is not convenient, give me the peace and tranquility of my soul so that I hope that the fulfillment of the divine will resigned.

Saint Lazarus, glorious father of the poor, I beg you do not stop helping me, show yourself propitious as you always do and take my requests to the Lord as soon as possible, give me your blessings and protection, relieve my sorrows and problems and remove from my life all evil and enemy .

Through Jesus Christ, our brother and Lord.

So be it.

The prayers they deal with health issues are always the most urgent and this is a topic in which many times only a divine miracle can help us.

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Saint Lazarus, who knows what it is to suffer from death sickness and even died and lived in his own flesh what the resurrection is, is the saint indicated to help us in this situation.

He knows what can be suffered by suffering a physical evil that is capable of ending our lives, that is why he becomes the perfect lawyer before the celestial throne since he knows that the miracle of the resurrection is possible. 

We will move towards prayer for Saint Lazarus for dogs and animals.

For the dogs 

Dear Saint Lazarus;

Your life delivered to the service of the Lord took you

To appreciate the little things in life; The sacred virtue of God and the company of the faithful animals of man.

You more than any other know the importance of pets

For the happiness of people.

These accompany us when we feel alone, and not In his heart we can only find love and affection.

My pet, right now, is badly injured

And with a weak health and that is why I ask you with all my faith

May you cure it with your miraculous power.

Listen to this I ask and do not leave me alone before this plea.


Pray the Saint Lazarus prayer for the dogs with great faith.

Trustee of difficult cases, poor y abandoned which also includes animals, especially dogs. This is a prayer that very few stop to say and that is necessary because dogs are living beings that also need our help and our prayers. 

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They also suffer from illness, abandonment, hunger, sadness and pain. They are living beings who have emotional and physical needs that many times nobody cares to supply and that makes them suffer. 

To health 

Beloved Saint Lazarus;

Faithful companion of Christ and witness in the flesh

Of the miracles of the messiah.

To you, this day, I bow with mercy to beg you with all my faith

May you grant me health, that incomprable gift,

So that I recover the state with which I have always enjoyed.

You know what pain, illness, anguish and suffering are.

You know what it is to carry with a disease poison

And score the walls and faces for some relief.

My words, beloved saint, I raise to heaven

In search of mercy, help and joy.

Pick them up in your cloak and make me deserving that I ask.


Did you like the prayer San Lazaro to health?

Health takes many aspects in the life of living beings, ranging from physical to spiritual needs and all of them are equally important.

This is why this prayer becomes one of the most important.

It is recommended to do it daily and it is with the family so it is much better since in addition to being a spiritual activity that strengthens the family bases, it helps us to feel protected during the daily journey San Lázaro, connoisseur of all these hardships, intercedes for them so that They can achieve peace and rest in the midst of difficulty and trial.  

Is this saint powerful?

The answer is yes, the secret is the faith with which prayers are raised before your altar.

Everything we ask the father to believe, we will receive, this is a promise we get in the Holy Bible and that is made real only when we believe it is.

This is why prayers are an act of faith clearly and cannot be done by custom.

A prayer made with faith can do everything, even the most terrible diseases that may exist.

Take advantage of the prayer powers of Saint Lazarus.

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