Prayer to the Virgin of Guadalupe

Prayer to the Virgin from Guadalupe elevate with faith and from the heart in an act of humility that reveals the sensitivity that the human heart has to ask for help from spiritual beings.

No matter the moment we are going through at this time, the prayers are made to be raised by people in need.  

There is nothing impossible when we take the prayer as a tool to fight the battles that the going presents us day by day.

We can ask for what we need and even those things that have become our dreams and desires and that still remain stored within our soul and that no one but us knows.

Prayer to the Virgin of Guadalupe Who is the virgin of Guadalupe? 

Prayer to the Virgin of Guadalupe

It is an appearance of the Virgin Mary in 1531 in Mexico.

It is known that the first to see her was the Indian Juan Diego while on the way to mass.

It tells the story that the virgin asked her to build a temple and convey a message to all possible people starting with the bishop.

The Indian Juan Diego did so, everything as entrusted to him, it was not easy because no one believed him because, like every miracle, it was necessary to see some sign that what that Indian said was true. 

storia that the virgin asked him to build a temple and that transmit a message to all people possible starting with the bishop.

The Indian Juan Diego did this, everything as he was entrusted, it was not easy because nobody believed him because, like any miracle, it was necessary that some sign be seen that what that Indian said was true. 

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The Indian receives a new instruction from the Virgin where he is entrusted to look for the roses that are at the top of the mountain, he once again obeys the order and looks for fresh roses to present them to the bishop wrapped in a blanket, When the roses fall on the blanket, the image that is known today as the Virgin of Guadalupe can be seen reflected.

Today, the basilica of Santa María de Guadalupe has become the most visited religious temple in the world.

An approximate of twenty million parishioners they come every year to profess their faith and pay tribute to this miraculous Virgin. 

Prayer of the Virgin of Guadalupe for protection 

Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe, Mother of God, Lady and our Mother. Come here prostrated before your holy image, which you left us stamped on Juan Diego's tilma, as a pledge of love, goodness and mercy.

The words you said to Juan with ineffable tenderness still resonate: "My dear son, Juan whom I love as a small and delicate one," when, radiant with beauty, you presented yourself before his sight on the Tepeyac hill. Make us deserve to hear those same words deep in our soul.

Yes, you are our Mother; the Mother of God is our Mother, the most tender, the most compassionate.

And to be our Mother and shelter under the mantle of your protection you stayed in your image of Guadalupe. Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe, show that you are our Mother.

Defend us in temptations, comfort us in sorrows, and help us in all our needs.

In the dangers, in the diseases, in the persecutions, in the bitterness, in the abandonments, in the hour of our death, look at us with compassionate eyes and never separate from us.

The Virgin Mary, as a good mother, knows how to provide strong protection and true to all those who recognize her as a mother.

Approaching her in search of protection is an act of faith, courageous and honest. We can ask for protection at all times that we need it for us, for a family member or friend.

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There are even those who apply this sentence to some material goods, this aspect of prayer may seem superficial but a mother knows how to take care of her child and everything that belongs to her. 

We can't go to her thinking she can't help us but with an open heart to speak to us and guide us to what we must do at all times. 

Prayer to request protection for the Virgin of Guadalupe 

Oh Immaculate Virgin, Mother of the true God and Mother of the Church! You, who from this place manifest your mercy and compassion to all who request your protection; listen to the prayer that with filial confidence we address you and present it to your Son Jesus, our only redeemer.

Mother of mercy, Master of the hidden and silent sacrifice, to you, who go out to meet us sinners, we consecrate on this day all our being and all our love.

We also consecrate our life, our work, our joys, our diseases and our pains.

Give peace, Justice and prosperity to our peoples; since everything that we have and are we place under your care, Lady and our mother.

We want to be totally yours and walk with you the path of full fidelity to Jesus Christ in his Church: do not let go of your loving hand.

Virgin of Guadalupe, Mother of the Americas, we ask you for all the bishops, to lead the faithful along paths of intense Christian life, love and humble service to God and souls.

Contemplate this immense harvest, and intercede for the Lord to instill hunger for holiness in all the People of God, and grant abundant vocations of priests and religious, strong in faith, and jealous dispensers of the mysteries of God.

Protection, care, love, forgiveness and all that you wish to ask him, his ears are ready to hear the arcion of his children.

Faith is the indispensable requirement.

In the word of God they explain to us that we should ask believing that there is, that is, we should leave our prayers knowing that they are heard and, even more, answered.

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Amparo is a necessity and one should always ask that the impulse be felt from the heart.

We do not know the future and that is why this prayer is important to leave in our hands our plans and every step we are about to take.

That is why the virgin prayer of Guadalupe is important.

May his protection always be in our lives and his blessing will never abandon us and our family and friends. 

Requesting protection for a special person is an act of love, it is not necessary to light candles or prepare a previous environment for this prayer that may seem a bit simple but is really powerful, you just have to believe, nothing else is necessary. 

Virgin prayer of Guadalupe to ask for a miracle 

Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe, Mother and Queen of our country. Here you have us humbly prostrated before your prodigious image.

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In You we put all our hope. You are our life and comfort.

Being under your protective shadow, and in your motherly lap, we can fear nothing.

Help us on our earthly pilgrimage and intercede for us before your Divine Son at the moment of death, so that we achieve the eternal salvation of the soul.


Miracles are those things that we believe would be impossible to achieve with human forces.

It is a term that is more used in petitions for diseases that, according to medical science, has no cure.

However, the word miracle can be used in many more circumstances such as in those cases where we are waiting for money that is impossible to arrive or when the disappearance of a family member has been suffered and from one moment to another appears safe and sound.

Miracles are at the distance of a prayer and only tell a little faith. Nothing is impossible.

Can I say all the prayers?

You can and should pray all the prayers to this saint.

The important thing is that the prayer of the Virgin of Guadalupe you have prayed with great faith and with great belief within your heart.

You prefer to believe in the true powers of this saint and you need to believe that she will help you.

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