Prayer for a delivery without complications

Prayer for a delivery without complications They can help us at all times and for a good delivery. It can help us get through this difficult time like bringing life to the world.

Although it may not seem like it and some people see this event so naturally, the truth is that it is a delicate situation in which the mother and the unborn baby are always in danger. Being able to ask for a smooth delivery can bring confidence and peace to the mother. 

In addition, this prayer is a comfort of tranquility for family members because you know that prayers are powerful and that a birth is not an easy thing, therefore the family member who takes refuge in prayer can find peace and tranquility that gives the confidence of knowing that God himself takes care of both lives at that time. 

Prayer for uncomplicated delivery What is the purpose of these prayers?

Prayer for a delivery without complications

The purpose of doing this prayer to have a good birth especially is that both the mother and the baby that is on the way can be well, that be a birth are no complications and everything goes fast.

This prayer can be started from the beginning of pregnancy as it also ministers peace and tranquility to the whole family. Entering the birth process with the mind or heart full of anguish is extremely dangerous and that is why this prayer is important. 

1) Prayer for a delivery without complications

“Mary, mother of beautiful love, Sweet girl from Nazareth, you who proclaimed the greatness of the Lord and, saying“ yes ”, made yourself the mother of our Savior and our mother: Listen today to the prayers that I make to you:

(Make your request)

Inside me a new life is growing: a little one that will bring joy and joy, worries and fears, hopes, happiness to my home. Take care of it and protect it, While I carry it in my bosom.

And that, in the happy moment of birth, when I hear their first sounds and see their little hands, I can thank the Creator for the wonder of this gift that He gives me.

That, following your example and model, I can accompany and see my son grow.

Help me and inspire me to find in me a shelter to shelter and, at the same time, a starting point to take your own paths.

Also, my Mother, look especially at those women who face this moment alone, without support or without love.

May they feel the love of the Father and discover that every child that comes into the world is a blessing.

Let them know that the heroic decision to welcome and nurture the child is taken into account.

Our Lady of Sweet Wait, give them your love and courage. Amen."

You should trust prayer for a delivery without complications.

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Complications in full labor is a possibility to which every mother is exposed.

Enter this process from the hand of the Lord God all powerful, confident that prayer is powerful and that God himself and the Blessed Virgin Mary will take care of both lives in this process.

It is necessary to be calm and have patience to wait for everything to come to fruition. God is powerful and for him there are no impossible, he is always willing to listen to us and help us at all times. 

2) Prayer to Saint Ramon Nonato for childbirth (a good birth)

“Oh exalted patron, Saint Ramón, model of charity for the poor and needy, here you have me humbly prostrate before your feet to implore your help in my needs.

As it was your greatest joy to help the poor and needy on earth, help me, I beg you, O glorious Saint Ramon, in this my affliction.

To you, glorious protector I come to bless the son that I carry in my bosom.

Protect me and the child from my guts now and during the next delivery.

I promise you to educate him according to the laws and commandments of God.

Listen to my prayers, my loving lover, San Ramón, and make me a happy mother of this son that I hope to give birth through your powerful intercession.

So be it."

San Ramón Nonato is known as the saint of pregnant women. He becomes an intercessor of difficult causes since in his life he had to go through several difficult circumstances overcoming all of them and always serving the Lord. Preaching the gospel and helping the needy is something that always characterized him. To this day he remains a faithful helper in these moments where there are so many anxieties and fears. 

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3) Prayer for pregnant women about to give birth

“Virgin Mary, now that I am going to be a Mother as you were, give me a heart similar to yours, firm in its affections and unshakeable in its fidelity. An affectionate heart that radiates serene tenderness and does not refuse to give itself to others.

A heart ... delicate able to put love in the small details and humble services. A chaste heart without being spotted with clumsiness, wide open, that is enjoyed with the joy of others. A sweet and good heart that does not condemn anyone and never tires of forgiving and loving.

Oh God, you admirably manifested your love for your servant Saint Ramon Nonato, bringing him to life in a marvelous way and you constituted him as protector of those of us who are going to be mothers; by your merits and intercession I beg you that the new life that you have germinated in me come happily to increase the number of your children. 

For Christ Our Lord.


Prayer for pregnant women about to give birth is very powerful.

When a woman is pregnant, the time of birth, although planned, may end up surprising the entire family and that is why we must always keep in mind this special prayer for the time of delivery.

For the mother it is reason for confidence and tranquility have a sentence that can be repeated During the birth process or the family may be doing this prayer while they have to wait. 

We can ask for the delivery to be fast, that it is painless that everything goes well and endless requests that will be according to the need of each but with great faith that the answer will come.  

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4) Prayer before delivery (go well)

"Lord, Father Almighty! The family is the oldest institution of humanity, it is as old as man himself.

But, because this is your own institution and the only means by which man can come to this world and develop to the fullest perfection, the forces of evil are attacking it, causing men to despise this basic unit of civilization. Christian

In their suicidal fury they try to strike a fatal blow to the families. Allow us to succeed in that dark task, Lord, in those destructive designs on the Christian family.

Through the glorious intercession of your servant Saint Ramon Nonato, defense lawyer in heaven for the happiness, well-being and peace of Christian families, we ask you to listen to our prayers.
By the merit of this great saint, our patron, grant us that homes can always be modeled following the Holy Family of Nazareth.

Do not let the enemy of Christian family life triumph in their sacrilegious attacks, but rather, convert them to the truth for the glory of your holy name. 


The world Spiritual is a reality that we must be aware of at all times. Preparing everything for the moment of delivery also includes our spiritual life because it is where the emotions or feelings reside that can make us feel bad or desperate in the middle of a moment as delicate, dangerous and miraculous as the birth of a new life. 

Before the birth we can make prayers with the family, with the baby's parents and with friends who feel like joining a prayer that can make a difference for good in the middle of a birth. Prayers are powerful if they are done with faith and from the heart and there is no more sincere prayer than that of a father or mother for their children. 

Always have faith in the prayer to ask and to have a good delivery without complications.

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