Prayer to think of me

Prayer to think of me. We live with the need to feel loved and desired, this is, to some extent, normal. The fear of rejection has further increased that need and we often find ourselves in the search for some prayer so think of me Day and night, come back and call me.

This seems like a very desperate measure but nothing is further from reality.

Prayers are our most powerful spiritual weapon, so we should not doubt it and use it every time we meet any need, no matter how serious it may be.

Prayer will always be the solution and this applies to all areas of our life.

There are special legacies for everything and for this particular case there is also an equal of effective and powerful than the others.

Will the prayer that you think about me work?

Prayer to think of me

All the sentences placed in this article have been tested and have hundreds of testimonies of success.

They are all very powerful and possess incredible powers.

If you pray all of them with great faith and if you are in need, you can be sure that they will work.

God and the other saints help those who really need. If you are in need simply ask for God's help.

It will make you think of yourself, make you love, seek and despair, all day, day and night, at all times.

Prayer to the Holy Death to think of me

Subject to (say the name of the person) to my feelings and my body, body thoughts and soul of that person, come to me Night and day no matter the circumstances you will be by my side.

I ask you, in the name of Santa Muerte Lady I ask you to give me the force and total control, in order to have that person by my side, I ask you to always take care of me, and never stop fulfilling all those favors that I ask of you.

Until you want it, I ask you to take me to your presence. I call you, never forsake me and I ask you not to ignore me.

Making a love think of me is something a little difficult.

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That is why we have to pray to someone strong and with many powers in love.

Santa Muerte is the right entity to do so.

Prayer for you to think of me right now

I approach you so that you can relieve my heart and heal my wounds. You who have been next to the highest and proclaim love for the world I ask you to intercede for me, I ask for your help and mercy Oh my Archangel!

Help me to quench my hunger for love, help me to create emotional and real bonds. Make (say the name of the loved one) approach me with eyes of pure love.

Listen to the requests of my heart and do not forsake me in the waiting Archangel of love, prince of heaven.

You who are deserving of the love of the most high, seek peace in my heart Fill me with the satisfaction of being happy with this person that I have fallen in love with. I know that your goodness will touch your heart and come to me, as a servant of God that we are both , you will do the miracle.

Your love is infinite my Archangel, your greatness fills me and my gratitude will be eternal Touch his heart and you will heal mine instantly.

May goodness be with me and your love be with the world, Amen!

In this case, we will see the results of the prayer immediately even if we cannot confirm it and this is the powerful thing about this particular prayer, which invites us to believe that the miracle is done even though we do not see the result itself.

Some hold the belief that pray or ask with the intention of mastering desires or thoughts of other people is a selfish act on our part, but others believe that it is an act of love and that there are many points of view.

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For example in those cases where pride has interposed and allows a person not of his arm to twist, then one of this powerful prayer for my beloved to think of me can be very useful, but it is not that we are going to be hurting to everyone and then with a prayer we will try to make a blur and a new account.

The intention is to create a need for an approach to occur, not to bend the other person to decide and do what I want. 

Prayer to look for me desperately

“Look for me now, at this precise moment (you mention the person's name) I want you to look for me, from wherever you are.

Lord, from this moment I ask you to (name of the person) put your thoughts only on me, that I cannot think of anything other than me, that your concentration is only dedicated to me.

That in this way I understand that you need me in your life and that you should not spend another day without my love. Make this moment (person's name) forget your pride, call me, look for me desperately and want to have me by your side for the rest of your days.

By the power of God, I invoke his three angels. MIGUEL, RAFAEL, GABRIEL, so that they put their hands on (name of the person) and cannot get a second out of their mind.

May his heart, body, soul and spirit belong to me alone and only to me, that he only thinks and desires me, that he may turn away all those who wish to approach intentionally badly.

In the name of Jesus, amen."

Prayer is effective for all the needs we may have as people and feeling wanted to the point of despair is, often, a need that we try to satisfy at all times.

Pray to ask that the other person, the current couple, or some ex who has recently abandoned me, feel like looking for us is the healthiest way to provoke it.

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It is much more recommended pray to look for that person and expose ourselves to a painful rejection

Prayers can be much more than words, everything is in the faith with which we make our prayers.

Prayer to think of me and come back

“In the great power of God, I invoke you spirit of despair, spirit of dominion, uneasy.

I invoke you to help me dominate (name of the person) and control their 5 senses, so that this way I can not get out of their mind a second.

I invoke you, so that you may be my guide in this path that I wish to travel, so that (name of the person) belongs only to me, so that you may move away from all those who wish to approach with intentions that go beyond a friendship or who wish get him away from me

I invoke you, to be your only thought during the day and night, so that you want to look for me and be by my side.

In your name, great spirit. Amen."

Asking for spiritual help to get the return of someone who has left us is a practice that has been going on for many years.

Le llaman la prayer of despair y es más poderosa de lo que te imaginas.

These prayers can be done at any time of the day, what you have to keep in mind is what you really want.

Since prayer has to be done with clear ideas to avoid asking for something we don't really want at all.

Can I say the 3 sentences?

Many people don't know if they can pray more than one sentence. In this case, we can say yes.

Pray all the prayers you want, but only do it on different days.

Never pray a prayer for the same purpose the same day.

Try to leave the space of 1 day between each prayer to think about me and dream me all day and now.

Faith is the most important thing in all prayers. If he has faith and always prays to believe that everything will give way, all the prayers will work.

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