Prayer of Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Prayer to Saint Ignatius of Loyola It is very powerful since since he was on this earth the main thing for him was always to believe and help others.

This is why he achieved great things besides being a fervent believer of the word of God and practicing Christian doctrine. It was that powerful faith that always had what helped him until his last breath to do the will of the Lord.

Now he is a beatified and canonized saint by the Catholic Church because of the great miracles he was granting even after he left this land.

A servant of the word of the creative God who today becomes our ally to help us out of bad situations.

Whatever the need we are going through, surely San Ignacio de Loyola has the help in his hands to provide it to us.  

Prayer of Saint Ignatius of Loyola Who is it? 

Prayer of Saint Ignatius of Loyola

History tells us that Ignacio de Loyola was born in the year 1491. He made a military career as was the custom of his family. However, he suffered an injury that prevented him from continuing his military studies and in this way he began to be a faithful believer of the Christian faith. 

Started doing some spiritual retreats and decided to add some more exercises to the training and it was when he began to be criticized by others who followed a single training model. After many processes that had to go through began with the Jesus company which is an organism that up today works in everything the world

Died in Roma in the year 1556 and he was beatified in the year 1609 and then canonized in 1922. He was awarded on July 31 to celebrate his birth and is remembered throughout the world.     

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Prayer of Saint Ignatius of Loyola to alienate people

Oh! Most Holy Virgin, exalted and heavenly mother, who inspired with your maternal light Saint Ignatius of Loyola, to follow the path of priestly service, to dedicate his life with his spirituality to serve, as a work and an example, to humanity , I ask you, humbly, forgive my faults and allow me, by the great devotion that I profess to you, that Saint Ignatius of Loyola protect me, with the force of faith, removing from my environment people who only want to bring me harm, I beg you to keep them from my side and let them know that it is better for them to do good. Amen.

If you want to move people awayThis is the Prayer of Saint Ignatius of Loyola correct.

Having passed San Ignacio de Loyola through multiple persecutions because of his faith, he became a survivor.

Strong, fighter and, to this day, an example of holiness despite the many situations. He can help us stand firm in difficult situations.

Either to drive away annoying people, bad energies, bad situations or anything that is stealing our peace.

You just have to believe that he has the power to advocate for us in front of the heavenly father and so that situation or person moves away from our lives completely. 

Prayer to Saint Ignatius of Loyola against enemies 

Most Holy Father Saint Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus; chosen among thousands to spread the glory of God to the four corners of the world; most eminent man in all kinds of virtues ...

But especially in the purity of intention with which you always yearned for the greater glory of God; distinguished hero of penance, humility and prudence; indefatigable, constant, most devoted, most prodigious; of most excellent charity towards God, of most lively faith and most robust hope ...

I rejoice, my beloved Father, to see you enriched with so many and so eminent prerogatives, and I beg you to reach all your children that spirit that encouraged you, and to me such an upright intention, that even in the least things I seek purely the divine glory, in imitation of yours, and by this means I managed to be of your company in glory.


Pray the prayer of Saint Ignatius of Loyola against the enemies with great faith.

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The enemies existed from the beginning of the creation and San Ignacio de Loyola had them and came out winner of all the situations he went through, none of them easy.

This is why I ask him especially in a sentence against the enemies Saint Ignatius of Loyola can help us solve many situations that humanly can be difficult to overcome.

The sentences made with faith are powerful and when the purposes are good and the prayer springs like a cry from the needy soul there is nothing that can be brought to us.  

Prayer of protection 

Glorious Saint Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus and special lawyer and protector of mine!

Since you are so high in Heaven for having done your works to the greater honor and glory of God, fighting the enemies of the Church, defending our holy faith, expanding it through your children throughout the world ...

Reach me of the divine piety, for the infinite merits of Jesus Christ, and the intercession of his glorious Mother, whole forgiveness of my sins, effective help to love God and serve him with every effort from now on, firmness and constancy in the path of virtue, and the joy of dying in his friendship and grace, to see him, love him, enjoy him and glorify him in your company for all centuries.


Did you like San Ignacio de Loyola's prayer of protection?

He knew how to keep and protect faith and his beliefs even in the worst moments and this makes him a protector of the Christian church.

To him we can raise our prayers to ask for protection in difficult times either for us or for our family in general. 

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All those situations that cause us restlessness must be left in front of his presence so that he can help us. 

To ward off bad neighbors 

Saint Ignatius of Loyola, a faithful saint of the Catholic faith, who protected her from the crooked rhetoric, from apostasy and from the hypocritical heresy, which over Catholicism was erected, I beg you away from me, as you and your faithful Jesuit disciples turned away who promoted their brokenness over the church, I beg you, remove from my side the people of bad living, drive away the bad neighbors, remove my enemies from my path, Saint Ignatius of Loyola, holy devotee of Jesus Christ, to your goodness and Grace I submit. Amen.

If you want to drive away bad neighbors, you have to say the prayer to Saint Ignatius of Loyola.

The neighbors, many times, become our family since in many situations they are the closest we have.

This can be a good thing, because having someone close to you is never there, but when they are bad neighbors, everything becomes complicated. They are those people who become our enemies and who at all times are making our lives impossible.

Pray, that should always be our only defense even in those situations that we don't know well what to do.

St. Ignatius of Loyola can you help us ward off those bad neighbors that have come to alter the tranquility of our lives and of all those around us.

Bad influences that fill the entire community with negative energies that we must move away before they cause more damage to the entire harmony of the environment.

We must ask them to move away without causing any damage, without leaving their influences and taking away all the negative energies, powerful prayer that will help us at all times. 

Can I say the 4 sentences?

You can and you must.

You just need to have faith in your heart. Faith is going to make all of them work.

We have to always believe in the power of St. Ignatius of Loyola prayer to ward off people and enemies.

Thus, you can be sure that you will always have divine help.

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