Prayer to call me

Prayer to call me and ask me for forgiveness is not a selfish act, as many superficial people see it.

It is, rather, an act of liberation and inner healing.

Sometimes we have people in our lives who always hurt us but for some reason and, oddly enough, we can't just let go.

However, that person ends up leaving in us a lot of wounds that have not yet healed and as long as it does not heal we will be eternally bound because it will be a stage of our life that has not yet been overcome.

This is why this prayer is important, a call where the forgiveness be the protagonist is an instant healer of wounds and, without a doubt, we will be ready to start again.

Starting a new life without finishing closing cycles is like trying to build a building on the ruins of another that didn't endure a storm because sooner or later, the new building will end up falling too. There is no sincere prayer that is made from selfish thinking.

Does the prayer to call me and ask for forgiveness always work?

Prayer to call me and ask for forgiveness

The sentences mentioned in this article always work. You just need to pray with faith.

We will show 4 different to different saints. You can pray all of them the same day, so you get even more strength.

If you want to end your suffering you must start praying right now. Only God's help will get me to call you quickly.

Don't waste any more time, confers the sentences below!

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Prayer to call me in 10 minutes. 

Lord, I am a faithful devotee, who is asking for help, asks you to grant him a call that can be important, which can define many things.

I want that call and that it be good, that it brings good news, San Expedito.

You, my patron saint, guides the person to make the decision for my good.


Ten minutes may be a possible time for that person to come to us, but remember that prayer can do everything. 

For even more desperate cases then even more desperate measures must be applied. The prayer of the call in ten minutes is applicable in cases of true urgency, where there is nothing more humanly possible to do and we only have to place all our faith in a prayer that, it should be noted, is powerful.

We know that truth is always the key and in this sentence it is the same. It can be done at any time and should only reflect faith and the need we have when praying

Prayer to look for me in 10 minutes  and ask me for forgiveness

Oh, beloved Saint Cyprian, with your goodness and your abundance in blessings to those who implore you, I ask for mercy, I beg you, oh, Heavenly, allow that being that I adore, to seek me with the soul and body, for I need his love, of your passion and company, oh, San Cipriano, powerful!

May the request come to your sacred simplicity, I need you to grant me the miracle that you seek in me your longing and your most perfect romance ...

Oh Lord, have him (say his name) look for me when he gets up from his bed and at bedtime again ... because it's all for me!

That he misses me, that he cannot make his life without my life ... oh, patron of the suffered faithful that we love and invoke again ... make the being that I adore, step back in his impulses and look for me, he writhes for having me his side and that his feet take him to the seat, where he finds me ...

Oh, miracle of the souls that close in laments, give me life, give me calm and give me everything that tells me, that the return of my beloved is very close ...

Benemérito San Cipriano, your blessing comes to me and with it, the miracle that I long for, my Father ...

Holy Father! Amen.

This prayer is extremely powerful and must be done in occasions of true emergency We cannot be selfish and ask without thinking of the other person.

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The tranquility of the heart often depends on another person, but if we look well within our hearts, it is very likely that we will find a bit of tranquility and hope to take some time and be able to raise a special prayer to the supreme being.

It is a prayer to call me and ask for forgiveness that can be done whenever there is a need to meet that special person.

It can be a child, a former partner, family member or some friend who we have not seen for a long time and who are already in need of that direct contact that can only be had when facing that person. 

Prayer of despair to call me 

Adored Father, I am afraid of being rejected… Please I beg you (PERSON'S NAME) to call me and tell me how you feel about me, to express all your feelings.

And so I can be happy not to be reciprocated. Give me strength to face it without pain, I know that at your side I can overcome and endure everything that comes. Never leave me Father, next to you I am stronger


When we constantly have a person in mind, we cannot avoid wanting to know about them at all times since the need is strong and we want to be in touch but we can't stand until we go home, so a phone call seems to be the best option.

This is precisely the purpose of this prayer of despair. It is called that because it is already the last resource we would be using and is XNUMX percent effective and powerful.

Prayers alone convey good energy and if this prayer we raise it with great faith then the results will be surprising.

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In our mouth we have a very great power, with it we can build or destroy. This is why this prayer should be done from sincerity and with full responsibility for what we are doing.

Always estimating others as superior to ourselves, as the word of God says. 

Prayer to San Antonio to call me 

Saint Anthony Today I come to you because I need your help ...

I want (PERSON'S NAME) to call me I am determined to tell you how I feel but only if he / she calls ...

I am afraid that I may be rejected but I need to know You are the only one capable of helping me with this matter San Antonio I wish to face this moment because I need to know if I am reciprocated And if I am not, I will be able to look at new horizons ...

This call means a lot to me. That's why I need it to happen as soon as possible. I'm scared but I know I can get over it. Amen.

Asking for a call is natural.

There can be many purposes that this call has, for example it can be to achieve a forgiveness necessary to move forward, to simply know how that other person is, to convey that he is still present at all times, in short, for many things.

The surprising thing is that the request remains the same: call me. 

If so, just ask, it's that simple. Without shame or fear but with the clearer and sincere intention of receiving that communication that we so long for.

Can I say the 4 sentences?

You can and should pray all the prayers.

They are all very powerful and if they are prayed all for the same person they will have a lot of power.

Always pray with faith the prayer to call me in 10 minutes and be very happy in love!

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