Prayer to the Holy Child of Atocha

Prayer to the Holy Child of Atocha. Those of us who have faithfully believed and practiced in Catholicism have done even once in a lifetime the prayer to the Holy Child of Atocha especially in countries like Venezuela, Spain, Colombia, Honduras, the Philippines, the United States and in Mexico being the latter where it is venerated with more power and where it has some sanctuaries where it is honored daily and receives thousands of visitors every year. 

Prayer to the Holy Child of Atocha

It is one of the advocations of the child Jesus who has become very popular due to the many miracles that are known and attributed to him. 

Prayer to the Holy Child of Atocha Who is it?

The city of Atocha is located in Spain and it is known that the thirteenth century was completely invaded by Muslims.

They imprisoned all who practiced the Christian faith without food or drink as a method of severe punishment for their beliefs. 

At that time only twelve-year-old children were allowed to feed the prisoners and it was there that the Holy Child of Atocha made his appearance. 

The prisoners began receive a child's visit who came to them daily with a basket of food from where everyone ate until they satiated.

The surprising thing was that the food did not run out and the basket always had something for them.

The boy wore simple clothes like a pilgrim but seeing the miracle of the multiplication of food believers knew that it was the same child Jesus who came to feed them.  

Prayer to the Holy Child of Atocha to open roads

Merciful and kind Infante de Atocha, I come before you to tell you how much I love and need you, I want you to turn your merciful eyes towards me and see the despair and affliction that overwhelms me, I have done everything within my reach but my problems are serious and I have not found a solution, You who are so miraculous do not depart from me: I ardently ask you to send me your assistance, I ask for urgent comfort and help Continue reading Most Holy and Holy Child of Atocha, protector of all men, protection of the helpless, divine healer of any disease.

Powerful Holy Child: I greet you, I praise you on this day and I offer you these prayers: (three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys and three Glories), in memory of the day you made embodied in the very pure and immaculate entrails of your sweet and loving Mother, from the holy city of Jerusalem to Bethlehem.

For the faith that I have in you, listen to my prayers, for the trust that I place in you, grant me what I humbly request: (ask for what you want to achieve).

I, who love you above all things, want to praise you endlessly, along with the choirs of Cherubim and Seraphim, adorned with perfect wisdom. I hope, most precious Holy Child of Atocha, happy answer to my supplication.

I know that I will not be disconsolate about you, and that you will also grant me a good death, so that I may accompany you in the Bethlehem of Glory.


He, connoisseur of all mysteries and being cunning in great ways gives us the miracle of showing us the paths at all times so that we can travel through them with total confidence and security.

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Those passes that seem wrong or impossible to cross, it is certain that with the help of the Holy Child of Atocha you can pass

Prayer can make our paths open in the financial sphere, in studies, with the family or for those plans or goals we wish to achieve.

Prayer to the Holy Child of Atocha for protection

Wise child Jesus of Atocha, general protector of all men, general protection of the helpless, divine doctor of any disease.

Most powerful child, I greet you, I praise you on this day and I offer you these three Our Fathers, Hail Mary with glory, in memory of that journey you made, incarnated in the purest entrails of your most lovely mother, from that holy city of Jerusalem until arriving to nativity scene.

For these memories that I make on this day I ask you to grant me what I beg ...

For which I present these merits and accompany them with those of the choir of cherubs and seraphim, who are adorned with wisdom, for which I hope, child of Atocha, happy dispatch in what I beg you and I claim, and I am certain that I will not leave heartbroken about you, and I will achieve a good death, to come to accompany you in the nativity scene of glory.


(Here the request is made and three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys and Glory are prayed)

Protector of those who believe in him despite the circumstances.

As well as helped and protected people who saw it appear for the first time will also do with us.

He may no longer appear in the form of a child or see him physically approaching us but the miracle will always be done when we ask in faith and with certainty that he hears us and comes to our call for help. 

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Miraculous prayer for health

Oh dear and sweet Holy Child of Health !, my beloved Child, my great comfort: I come to your presence overwhelmed by the suffering caused by my illness, and moved by the greatest confidence to implore your divine help.

I know that when you were in this world you felt sorry for everyone who suffered, especially those who were tormented by pain.

For the infinite love you had to give, you healed them of their ills and sorrows, and your miracles were the palpable demonstration of your goodness, eternal love and mercy.

Therefore, oh dear Child of Health !, my beloved Child, my great comfort, I humbly ask you to grant me the necessary strength to endure pain, relief and comfort in the most difficult moments and, above all, grace very special, to recover my vigor, my energy, my health, if it suits the good of my soul.

With it I can praise you, thank you and adore you throughout my life.


Harness the power of this miraculous prayer to the Santo Niño de Atocha for health.

There is no difficulty in which the Holy Child of Atocha does not can give your powerful help.

Remember that we are talking about the same Lord Jesus Christ who died for us on the cross of that ordeal and then rose again on the third day, the same one that appears in the sacred scriptures.

There is no disease that he himself has not suffered since he carried our diseases in the crusades, that is the faith we have when we this sentence requesting a divine miracle for our health.

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Is the Santo Niño de Atocha very strong?

The story of Jesus since I arrived in the womb of the Virgin Mary was miraculous and powerful.

Believing that this power has already been lost is an act of lack of faith that often comes to us as a product of darts that the same enemy plants in our mind in order to make us doubt.

Although many years of death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we believe in his miraculous power. 

The invocation of the Holy Child of Atocha is a sign that his power is great and that he still remembers us who believe faithfully in him. Let us continue to believe and pray with faith and he will always continue to help us and answer our requests with infinite love.

I hope you liked the Holy Child of Atocha prayer.

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