Prayer to the soul alone to make a person come

Prayer to the soul alone to make a person come It can become that secret weapon that helps us in those moments where no one else can.

In those moments that we wish with all our soul to see that person but we do not know what or how to do so that it is she who decides for herself to come to see us, this is a prayer that can be useful to us at that moment. 

Prayer to the soul alone to make a person come What is it for?

Prayer to the soul alone to make a person come

It serves so much to make that person come meet us as to make him communicate with us.

The need that is created in that person to see us is growing until coming to visit us is inevitable.

A powerful tool that we can use with faith anytime we want, regardless of whether it is every day. 

Prayer to the soul alone to make a person come

Anima Sola, my blessed saint, I beg you with great faith to make this person ...

(full name of the person)

I returned to my arms, that from today I feel that we are still joined by bonds of love, I implore you, your great power to return with an open heart towards me and that nothing moves you away from my side, that you continue loving me in soul, body and spirit , from now and forever.

I implore you in this prayer to the soul alone to make a person come, Anima Alone, lend me your help.

I beg you, with all my faith, Anima Alone, to do, with your miraculous gift, that the being I love so much returns to my side, with a heart full of love and understanding, for that.

Cheer up Alone, I consecrate this prayer to you, which has moved away from me, I beg you, do not forget me, that I am always in your mind.

And I promise that as soon as this person returns, I will do the following for you, thank you.


Remember that there is no specific environment, day or situation to do this prayer.

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It can be done at any time or place.

If you want to light a candle or do a little more atmosphere before praying, that's fine, but that won't make the prayer less or more powerful.

Special to do in cases where there is a missing or abducted family member and even applies to some pets.

The power and effectiveness of this prayer are amazing no matter how difficult the miracle is. 

When can I pray?

We must pray every day. We have to have faith in the prayers and believe.

If we do not have faith we will not be taken care of.

You think it will run well. That someone is going to hear you and help in your request.

Just pray once a day, with faith and strength. In a short time your order will be taken care of and you will be happy.

If you want, light a white candle or a red candle to thank.

Candles serve to offer to those entities that help us in our orders.

It is a simple thing, but very effective.

Is this prayer powerful? 

The world Spiritual is a reality that we are surrounded by and the fact that we do not want to take it seriously does not mean that it does not exist, that is why making those spiritual tools our own is increasingly powerful.

Our prayers made from the soul comes with a special power because nothing like sincerity when speaking with a spiritual being. 

That is one rule that meets all the prayers that are made in life, whoever it is, they should always be done with faith because it is the only requirement that ensures that prayer will get an answer.

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Pray the prayer to the soul alone to make a person come with faith. Everything will be fine.

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