Always provides strength,
pushing away the sadness,
When something goes wrong
And it is the source of joys
when your days are good,
Friendship is essential!


They are outstretched arms
that keeps them together like this,
and gives them great value.
He will never ask you for anything
because it is always supported
on the basis of love.

It's a shining treasure
is a pearl, a diamond,
if she's really sincere.
Only if you have friends
you can be a faithful witness
Of the value of friendship!

Real brothers

Friends are brothers
that we choose,
offer us their hands
when we need them.

Doors that open to you
and the roads meet,
when they are needed
his arms outstretched.

They are the rays of the sun,
that give warmth and shelter
love grows stronger
When you have a friend!

What is a friend?

What is a friend?
What is a friend?
It is who helps you to continue,
when you think you are lost,
who encourage you to live
When you give up

Is the faithful brother
that accompanies you by the hand
it doesn't matter if the rain falls
o sun shines clear.

Friends are

Friends are to play
to share our sorrows,
friends help us,
to face our problems.

Friends are in good and bad
and they share with you every day of the week,
at school, your house or the park,
they are always there to cheer you up.

Short friendship poems

Some friendships last forever

Sometimes you find in life
a special friendship:
that someone who when entering your life
changes it completely.

That someone who makes you laugh incessantly;
that someone who makes you believe that in the world
there are really good things.

That someone who convinces you
that there is a ready door
for you to open.

That is an eternal friendship ...
When you are sad
And the world seems dark and empty
that eternal friendship lifts your spirits
and makes that dark and empty world
suddenly appear bright and full.

Your eternal friendship helps you
in difficult, sad moments,
and of great confusion.

If you walk away
your eternal friendship follows you.

If you lose your way
your eternal friendship guides you and makes you happy.

Your eternal friendship takes you by the hand
and tells you that everything will be fine.

If you find such friendship
you feel happy and full of joy
because you have nothing to worry about.

You have a friendship for life

since an eternal friendship has no end.

Friendship gazelle

Friendship is a flurry of luminous fish,
and drags you
towards a happy ocean of butterflies.

Friendship is a wail of bells
that invoke the scent of bodies
in a dawn garden of heliotropes.


Who is a friend, never
leave him in the lurch,
but don't ask for anything
nor do they expect everything from him:
always the most faithful friend
it is honest behavior.

Friendship poem

I cannot give you solutions for all the problems of
life, I don't even have answers for your doubts or fears,
but I can listen to you and share it with you.

I can not change your past nor your future.
But when you need me I will be with you.

I can't stop you from tripping.
I can only offer my hand to hold you
and don't fall

Your joys, your triumphs and your successes are not mine.
But I sincerely enjoy when I see you happy.

I do not judge the decisions you make in life.
I limit myself to supporting, stimulating and helping you if I
you ask.

I cannot draw you limits within which you must
act, but if I offer you the necessary space to
growing up.

I cannot avoid your sufferings when some pain
break my heart, but I can cry with you and collect
pieces to put it together again.

I can not tell you who you are, neither who you should be.
I can only love you as you are and be your friend.
These days I prayed for you ...

These days I began to remind my friends more
I am a happy person: I have more friends than I

That's what they tell me, they show me.
It is what I feel for all of them.
I see the sparkle in her eyes, the spontaneous smile and the
joy they feel when they see me.

And I also feel peace and joy when I see them and
when we speak, be it in joy or in the
serenity, these days I thought of my friends and friends,
among them, you appeared.

You were not up or down, or in the middle.
You did not start nor finish the list.
You were the number one nor the final number.

What I know is that you stood out for some quality that
transmitted and with which for a long time
ennoble my life.

And I do not claim to be the first, the
second or third on your list.
It is enough that you just love me like a friend.
Then I understood that we really are friends.

Thanks for being my friend.

Videos of short friendship poems

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