Prayer to the Holy Death to think of me

Prayer to the Holy Death to think of me is to grant the right to this Saint to enter our relationship to give us the help we need.

It should be noted that this is a prayer that is not only done in the case of former partners but can be done at all times to get this person to keep us in mind in their thoughts all the time. 

It is a powerful prayer that we must do carefully because the results are surprising and can be noticed from the moment we stopped making the prayer. 

Prayer to the Holy Death to think of me

Lost I am, aimlessly, without courage and without love.

Lost I feel, but I hope to find myself. As I cry out to you, my faith is revived.

I come to you because I want to recover my being. I have walked on dark roads, found looks that judge my luck.

Moments that have made me fall and although I had risen, today I am on the ground without being able to stop.

Blessed death, have mercy on me and turn to my help.

Blessed death bring me back the mood of life, complete this being that is halfway.

Blessed, cut the chains that bind me and give me back the wings that made me fly.

Only in you I trust, only to you I pray, only I need you to recover.

Return me to the path of life, where my eyes can see light.

Where my ears listen to the music and my skin feels the touch of the wind that accompanies me.

Give me back, bring me back that I don't want to go far. I want to come back to life.

I know you listen to me, I beg you, change my life, I promise (make a promise) as thanks to this favor.

So be it.

This is one prayer flowing from the heart Well, many times one of the people involved in the relationship may feel that it is not enough ...

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That things are not going as they should or that some extra fuel is needed and that is where it is sentence It becomes the most powerful weapon we can have. 

When can I pray the prayer to the holy death to think of me?

Do you want to know when you can pray?

Whenever we feel the need We can do this prayer with tranquility and confidence.

No matter where we are, it only takes faith and from the soul. 

It doesn't matter the day or the time. The important thing is to have faith.

Does prayer work fast?

The prayers themselves do not have a specific time to be answered but this time there are thousands of believers who ensure that the prayers that raise the Holy Death are answered in a short time.

This can depend on many factors such as faith or the severity of the need that is being crossed, however it is difficult to ensure something like that, so we have to believe that actions are answered in the perfect time, not before or after. 

What is this prayer for?

Prayer to the Holy Death to think of me

Prayer to think of me serves to be present in the thoughts of another person.

It can be used in all circumstances that may arise and even for relationships that have nothing to do with love.

It is a powerful prayer that must be done with responsibility because it must have a purpose or a goal to achieve since we should not only occupy the thoughts of someone else if we do not already have planned what we will do next since it is really effective. 

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It always grows in the powers of prayer to the Holy Death to think of me.

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