Prayer to dream with me

Prayer to dream with me. It may look like a selfish act but the truth is that this can be a of the prayers most sincere we can do in our lives.

Getting into the dreams of another person can be a sensitive issue if it is not done in a responsible way, that is why we must know everything that this sentence implies before doing it so that we can act responsibly. 

What is this Prayer to dream with me?

Prayer to dream with me

The true purpose is quite clear, to get that person to dream about you, that not even in dreams can you forget about yourself.

Se you can apply in those cases of distance relationship In done, the other person may be vulnerable or easier to forget about you. 

They say that dreams are powerful and that is why we ask especially for staying in them for a long time in order to strengthen feelings.

This prayer can be done at all times and in all places.

It doesn't matter if that person has a long time without seeing us or talking to us, the really important thing is that he thinks and dreams of us at all times. 

Prayer to dream with me tonight

Dream with me today, my dear,
Well, our souls are destined to live together!
Dream with me today, eternal lover, for I am
Everything you have searched for;
I conjure the forces of destiny to implant
In your nocturnal thought my figure, my essence
And my voice for these to act as
Presence in you tonight.
Together we will fly through unknown meadows;
Together we will sail through distant seas;
We will just enjoy in tropical forests;
Your imagination will be the limit but where
That you do it, it will always be you and me.
May these words come to your mind and that
They dissolve inside you to
That I never escape from your body
Not even when you close your eyes
To rest.

Take advantage of the power of prayer to dream with me tonight.

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It is a more specific form of prayer because we ask to appear in your dreams of that same night in which we pray.

This just makes it all more powerful and effective.

Most likely, after that night we learned about the dream he had as a person with us since he would most likely try to get in touch with us because dreams tend to be very intense. 

Prayer to think of me and dream me

Call me now, now right now ...

(Mention the person's name)

At this time, anywhere. In this moment you will put your concentration and your thoughts back on me ...

(Mention your name)

You understand that you can not live without me. At this moment you will begin to discard your pride. You are willing to call me in this moment. Right now you are thinking of me ...

(Mention your name)

Are you going to try to resist? Do not resist. If you…

(Mentions the person's name) Don't call me now, you're going to call me later. But now you can be sure that you will call me.

You understand that you are in love with me and you cannot be without my presence. At this moment you think of me ...

(Mention your name) I invoke the three angels, Miguel, Gabriel and Rafael, to illuminate your heart ...

(Mention the person's name) and undo any questions. What Michael will expel away from you is the spirit of evil and all the influences of evil.

Gabriel announces to you ... (Mentions the person's name) My name, let the word "Love" blow into your ear and remember me ...

(Mention your name) Rafael to use the healing balm to heal the mistrust that has developed in your heart, and to keep the scar of "Love" and desire towards me open ...

(Mention your name).

So be it!

Get into the thoughts of another person and affect them so that even asleep keep dreaming of us It seems like a request that is too self-centered or twisted and some may think that we are invaders because of entering someone's sub-conscience without their permission, but the truth is that we are only asking for a miracle, using spiritual weapons in our favor. 

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We have to be sure, certainty of faith that this sentence will do the desired effect without causing discomfort or some unwanted inconvenience and for this nothing better than keeping the heart healthy from bad desires and negative energies. 

Prayer to the Holy Death to dream with me

By the powers of Santa Muerte and the three souls that Santa Muerte watches JOGF Will come now By the powers of Santa Muerte and the three souls that Santa Muerte watches JOGF Will now come behind my YJDC.

He will come crawling and in love full of love; of desire to return and apologize for lying and asking me in courtship and later in wedding as quickly as possible.

Santa Muerte, I YJDC will have that power that JOGF forgets and leaves at once any woman who may be in his head and re-assume and declare for all to see.

Santa Muerte keep JOGF away from any woman, that it may be in his head that he looks for me at my YJDC at all times today now and always wanting to be by my side, that he has the certainty that I am the perfect woman for him, that JOGF I cannot live without my YJDC and that JOGF always has my image in its thoughts, in all moments of its life ...

Now where I am with whom I am, JOGF will look for me because his thinking is in my YJDC ..

And when you go to bed that you dream of me and when you wake up that you think of me and want me, when you eat think of me, when you step that you think of me, in all moments of your life think of my YJDC….

So be it!

This prayer to the holy death to dream with me is one of the best known.

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Highly powerful and miracles Well, to date there are many miracles that are testified around the world of requests answered on this issue.

Powerful help so that special person does not stop dreaming about you.

Santa Muerte can become our ally, one that can also help us in some other love situations in which we may have lost hope. 

Prayer so I can't sleep thinking about me

When I finish saying these words,
Oh beloved, you will be enthralled and dream of me!
For now, because of misfortune, your soul and mine
They don't lie together yet, but only the intervention is needed
Of the forces of destiny so that this changes for good.
You will dream of me deeply,
And there we will love each other like no other !;
Our ties will be finished joining
And upon waking you will be deeply in love
From who has waited for you for so long.
Listen to these words, dear, they will be the ones who will water
The love that will bloom in both from now on.
May the forces that always accompany me pick them up and 
Take your abode and, when you close your eyes,
Spray it on your face and project my image
In your first dream tonight.

This type of prayer is effective, because thoughts become waves that like the sea, do not stop coming and going, all this with the sole purpose that this person does not forget us.

For some reason, we may find ourselves far away and have that need to cause something in the loved one, to remain present at all times because it is in those situations where this prayer specifically becomes our only way out.

Learning to use these spiritual weapons takes time, but the most important thing is to remain with strong and unwavering faith.  

Can I say all the prayers?

The answer is a resounding yes.

All prayers are arranged for us to appropriate each of them and make them effective in each of the situations that may arise in life.

No matter how difficult what we ask, we must be confident that if we ask with faith then everything can be achieved even if it does not seem so.

Did you like the prayer to dream about me?

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