Prayer to separate two people

Prayer to separate two people a San Alejo Rapido applies in those situations in which our family, our emotional and sentimental stability or the well-being of our children or partner are compromised.

For example, in a specific case in which our partner is being sought for activities that we believe will not benefit, but on the contrary, will harm him, then this sentence is valid.

In the cases in which it is most used, it is to separate our former partner from a current partner who intends to recover the relationship that was had or to prevent our partner from leaving us for someone else. 

Does the prayer to separate two people fast always work?

Prayer to separate two people

Love is a very complicated thing.

If the love between these two people is not authentic, the prayer will work.

Any weak love, without feeling or passion is easily broken through these prayers.

They end up with indecisions, with thoughts of love and with all the links between the two people.

Only couples with predestined love will survive them.

Otherwise, you will be able to separate lovers, boyfriends and married in a few days of prayer.

Prayer to San Alejo to separate two people definitely

You who have the domain of apart.

Everything infernal that surrounds the elect of the Lord, I ask you to withdraw (The first person is named) from (The following name is said) Withdraw, St. Alejo, to (The name is repeated).

Of his passage and his life So that he does not believe us more harm. I ask you, San Alejo, that as well as I manage to reach his life.

Similarly leave.

That they do not manage to collaborate with each other, That they do not reach to be together, Neither at a picnic table, Neither in a chair to rest, Nor in a lounge to sympathize, Or in a bed to sleep Without feeling bounce, disgust and repulsion, And mainly I ask you.

That they cannot be attached to trust. San Alejo, set them conclusively.

Formidable San Alejo, as a prodigious blessed I ask you to grant me my request As quickly as possible, And for my partner to return now That he may come home with his family.

I thank you for hearing me, exemplary San Alejo, and I give my word to spread your prayer if you grant me to re-couple our family.

May the soul that I ask you to separate Do not return to arise in my life Amen.

There are cases in which we simply cannot see two people together, for whatever reason and we want them to separate, to achieve this safely and effectively there is nothing better than praying to Saint Alejo.

In this sentence you should have the name of the two people that we want to be separated since you have to say them in the middle of the sentence. 

It is a very specific prayer in which the two people in question are not tolerated, do not wish to share some time in the company of the other, so that the presence of the couple is disturbed, so that they have no desire to meet again and from one moment to the next, they abhor themselves to the point of reaching separation.

This prayer is highly powerful., so it is not sought to separate the couple for a period of time but rather that the separation is definitively.

Prayer to separate lovers definitely

Oh, Santa Muerte I come to you to implore you to help me, I am disappointed in life, I gave my best years to a man I love separated from me to leave with another woman punishes that woman who is hurting me, He wants to destroy my marriage away from (name of that person) so that he returns to me forever.

Santa Muerte, make (name of that person) begin to hate him and distrust him, realize that they are using him, all he wants is his money and fun is with him for interest, I ask you to separate my beloved from everything what separates him from me the tears shed for me because of another, they become hard sufferings for her.

Oh, White Girl use your powers to get the other woman out of the game, Santa Muerte I ask you to bring (name of that person) at this moment in front of me bring me back meek as a little lamb, forget the name of the another woman make me dessert on my feet and ask for forgiveness.

Oh, Santa Muerte make that (name of that person) not resist my desires make in your mind just think again of me begging for mercy, sorry imploring me love that we can be happy again as before do not leave me alone Santa Muerte .


Lovers are known to be a third party intruder in a stable relationship and they are a terrible problem that has to be dealt with intelligently.

One of those ways is to make a special prayer with which the desired objective can be achieved without having to fall into confrontation.

This prayer to separate two people (lovers) has won a lot of devotees thanks to its effectiveness.

Once you have clear ideas, proceed to pray, can be done at any time, no matter where you are, what is recommended is that it be done with great sincerity and, as in all cases of prayers, with great faith. 

Prayer for two people to fight and hate each other 

Saint Cyprian, you who are the most powerful of all the powerful, please I need your help, your love, we are both made to live close to each other, I ask you to please move away from 1 to 2, I need your powers be used to separate these two people.

Do not want to see, stay well away from each other. I know that you are able to dominate love and know that there are people who were not born to live like each other, have the certainty that they should not be together, I swear.

Oh mighty Saint Cyprian, you are the most powerful of the mighty, I ask you to use your willpower, so that these people separate, they cannot go on together, they don't suffer anymore, I know they need to be separated, this couple is not a example of happiness.

I pray this prayer to separate those people who are not happy, I know that he can be happier with me, I also know that this prayer will work correctly, so be it.

We do not bet on hate, we are peaceful people who believe in dialogue at all times as a method to solve problems regardless of who or why they are. 

Now, in this sense, these sentences are made with the intention of create enmity in those cases where negative energies flow Contaminating a good person. 

We are energy and that is why we must always take care of those around us and even pollute the environment of our home.

If this prayer for two people to fight and hate each other we do in the company of a family member is much better, since positive energies will take more strength at home attracting the answer to our prayer. 

Final Separation Prayer

I offer these words to people ...

That now they are around my mind, so that, just when I finish them, there is only mutual resentment and they cannot live together again.

May the struggle be a part of their lives from now on and, When the decisive hour arrives, separate to never come together.

That what they create friendship today is nothing more than a ghost in disguise And may their way go In the opposite direction in the future So they won't meet again.

May they sink this into or deeper of their Souls and obtain what I ask through faith.


In this case we are not asking for enmity or for a momentary break.

In this specific sentence we need to achieve a definitive separation

It can be applied in many cases both in romantic relationships and in those of pure and sincere friendship.

There are people who, although they give the impression of having good intentions, always bring with them a mountain of bad energies or hidden intentions that are not good at all.

In these prayers this prayer becomes our only and effective way out.

Can I pray the prayer to separate two people to anyone?

You can pray to anyone without limitations.

But only use prayer when it is really necessary. Do not try to separate couples without motives for it.

These rituals are very strong and should not be used for any purpose.

Only use prayer to separate two people definitively and of definitive quick separation in cases of real need.

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