Prayer to Satan

Prayer to Satan. Of all the prayers that exist, we can say that the prayer to satan It is counted, for many, as one of the strangest there is and that is why people feel a certain laziness towards this prayer but the truth is that no prayer can be bad because they are simple spiritual acts that are done from the heart and as exit method for situations that, by our own means, would be impossible to achieve. 

Satan is associated with darkness, with dark forces or directly with evil.

All this is also part of the spiritual world that exists and we have to have knowledge since it is a reality from which you can not escape. 

Prayer to Satan. Who is Satan?

Prayer to Satan

We can get his story in the word of God where it is said that he was an angel from heaven, specifically the one who faced the worship of God all powerful and creator of all things.

The story tells that Luzbel, who was his name from the beginning, was full of pride and began to wish that all the worship that was done in heaven was also for him. Because of the latter it is believed that he was an angel of beautiful appearance.

All this triggered a battle in the heavens in which Satan turned out to be cast out with the demons who considered that he was right and since then he is associated with the world of darkness.

Satan is a being created by God who is filled with negative feelings and for that reason he got his punishment.

1) Prayer to Satan for love and dominate a person

"Juste amancebo, amancibo, just as you tamed the young man I want you to love me (say the name of the person)Do not leave it in a chair, in bed, or with a woman, who does not have a quiet time!

Lucifer, Lucifer, just as you drove the four thousand souls to hell, I want you to lead me to (say the person's name), if she is sleeping, do not leave her calm, her bed fill her with caltrops and her pillow fill her with Lucifer stones, no leave it alone!

With the devil's tail which is the longest there is, I want you to tie me to (say the person's name); in quiet meetings do not have, until it is completely united to me.

So be it."

Pray the prayer to Satan to dominate a person with great faith.

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Love is too important for people and that is why with this specific prayer we can get the help needed to find it or receive any kind of help so that love does not depart from our side at any time.

Long purposes of seven or nine days can be made and even to raise a special altar or give an offering, but all this must be done with faith in the heart. 

2) Prayer to Satan to ask for a favor

“Bearer of light, the wisest and most beautiful of the Angels, who were oppressed by God.

Oh, Angel of exile, who suffers injustice! And that, still expired, you renew the force and the hope of a lost town that does not have the right direction. Forgive all those beings who in the name of God commit heinous sins, oh great angel we liberate from hypocrisy.

Oh, you who know everything, great Angel Lucifer, who, in life, gives Hope and understands the injustices of God.

You who are the greatest humanist who fought against tyranny to make us men free from the knowledge and freedom that life represents.

No one else understands the human pain that you the fallen angel who suffers the punishment of the great slave.
Free us from evil, free us from oppression and give us the freedom for which you gave a just battle in the name of humanity and creation.

That he is not prostrated on an armchair judging the living and the dead, lead us under moralistic ideas like yours, become men of good and justice who can carry the light you give.
Do not forget about us the human beings that we are grateful for, we are for you, great Angel philanthropist.

You who with your great knowledge showed the riches of the great bearer of light and wisdom understanding, do not leave us at the mercy of slavery and injustice give us the knowledge to be able to free ourselves from the oppressive chains that God gave us and forced us to carry.

Grateful with you forever Great bringer of Light Lucifer. "

Nothing better than the prayers to ask someone who had access to the spiritual world some favor and in this Satan has an advantage.

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This sentence it can be done at any time that is needed no matter what is happening around us because it is a purely spiritual act in which, if we wish, we can use only our mind. 

3) Prayer to Satan to attract the loved one

“Like Caiaphas, satan, Fierabrás and the head of hell who dominate everyone, dominates (name of the person to tie) bring me that lamb, imprisoned under my left foot.

(Name of the person to tie up) the money in your hand and in my hand should not be missing, thirst neither you nor I will end, the gun and the knife will never hurt us, my enemies will not be able to columben me., I will win the fight with the powers of the miraculous black goat.

(Name of the person to tie up) with two I see you, with three I catch you. With Caiaphas, satan, Fierabrás. "

In those moments when the loved one has moved away from us, when distance or problems keep us apart from that person who has become our love, then we can raise this special prayer to make that love return to us in the moment. We wish it. 

4) Prayer to invoke Satan to have money

Powerful and Great Dark Angel, full of wisdom you are and you master what you want.

I ask you to intercede for me today and fill my life with money, I wish it rains before me.

You know what it is to suffer because of others, so I feel because money moves everything.

Give me this great desire and I will follow you to the end of the world if you ask me, I will be with you.

I will follow your steps and your path because I know that money will never be left by your side and I will be rich.

I know there are many closed roads for me and I cannot open them but I ask you for prosperity.

Fill my home with lots of money so that my children can live as kings under your power.

We will all follow your path because it is the path of success and that is what we want.

We beg you to let us be by your side and never turn away because you are Our King Praised Satan

Money is one of the biggest reasons of concern in the current population worldwide because we must recognize that almost everything is bought with money.

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In these moments where we are going through difficult economic times, raising a prayer asking for money to reach our hands can be the spiritual impulse that is needed to see some financial miracle that we are needing. 

We can ask for money, so that it reaches our hands, so that we can have clarity at the time of making negotiations or so that luck is on our side and we can get it anyway, all these prayers are valid. 

Can prayer hurt me?

No, the prayers by themselves they can't hurt us.

However, it is good to mention that these should be done with total seriousness and responsibility because what you are asking for can harm another person and in this sense we should be extremely careful to harm us to anyone with our requests.

We have to worry about knowing how to ask and also strengthen ourselves to accept the divine will and not make capricious or selfish prayers. 

Make the most of power of prayer to invoke Satan.

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