Prayer to Saint Helena

Prayer to Saint Helena To despair of a man and never leave it, it is never far from being a selfish or meaningless action, it may be a desperate request, but it is done from love and the need to be reciprocated.

Many think that prayer is a waste of time, but the truth is that they are unaware of the power that this action has over us and what surrounds us.

Saint Helena was a woman like any other who suffered hardships on this earth in many areas and that is why no one better than her to raise our prayers, those in which the heart is involved, in which we ask for someone else from the point Romantic or couple view. 

Prayer to Saint Helena

Prayer to Saint Helena

Many know her as Santa Elena or like Elena of Constantinople but her real name is Flavia Julia Helena and she was a woman empress of Rome who was proclaimed Saint of the Catholic, Orthodox and Lutheran Church.

This saint was the one who brought the emperor into the world who gave freedom to the Christian people in what was the longest religious persecution in history.

Elena, being repudiated by her husband lived a life in holiness full of pain and suffering because of a love that was never reciprocated.

This torture of Santa Elena lasted fourteen years in which she lived abandoned and set aside while she saw her husband being happy with another woman under her roof.

She was a martyr who became an example of strength and help for many people who may find themselves in similar situations.

Prayer to Saint Helena to despair a man and never leave her 

Glorious Saint Helena, saint of lovers, I come to ask you to grant me with her great kindness, that (Name of individual) never leave me, do not look at any other woman, at work, in the street and wherever I keep thinking of myself, soul body and spirit of (...) come, because I call you, I change the Character, I have the power over you.

Santa Elena, powerful in love, do not give him peace of mind, that he does not leave his thoughts, that my name torments him and does not leave him alone, that he never again seeks other lips only mine, that all fleshly desire for another one dies Woman, only with me can I feel pleasure because I have it tied up.

Oh Saint Elena, you are going to help me conquer your heart again, tame your pride and character, stop inventing, (...) know that it belongs to me, lose patience if it is with the other, the illusion and Hope is in my love towards (...).


Did you like the powerful prayer of Saint Helena to despair a man and never leave her?

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Living under the same roof with a partner who does not give us any emotional stability is one of the strongest and most common plots that are lived in homes today.

Those relationships in which love and passion left the intimate bed of the relationship to now be a cold and unstable place where uncertainty and indecision is what prevails in all environments of the home, impregnating everything with bad energies They pollute the environment.

In these cases where prayer becomes our only escape It is where prayers to Saint Helena become powerful. 

Prayer of Saint Elena to think of me and call me

Oh glorious Saint Helena, that you went to Calvary and brought three nails.

One you gave it to your son Constantine, the other you threw it into the sea, so that the navigators have health, and the third one carries it in your precious hands.

Saint Elena, I (your name) ask you to give me this third nail, so that I can place it in the heart of (name of your beloved), so that I have no peace, no peace as long as I do not come to live, while Don't marry me and declare your sincere love.

Spirits of light that illuminate souls, illuminate the heart of (name of your beloved), so that he always remembers me, loving me, worshiping me and desiring me, and whatever he has gives me, driven by your powers, Saint Helena, may he be slave of my love.

That peace and harmony do not have until he comes to stay with me, and live with me, being my lover, affectionate and docile. Faithful to me like a dog, meek like a lamb and fast as a messenger, that (name of your beloved) come to me urgently, without any physical or spiritual force can stop him.

May his body, soul and spirit come because I call him and inspire and dominate him. As long as he does not come meek and passionate, surrendered to my love, his conscience will not give him peace. If he lied, if he betrayed me, let him apologize for making me suffer.

(Name of your beloved) Come because I call you, I command you, to return immediately to me (your name), by the powers of Saint Helena and our guardian angels.

So be it, and so it will be!

With faith all the prayers are powerful and the prayer for Saint Elena to think about me and call me is the same.

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Doing this and all the prayers from the heart is the best way since those feelings and concerns that we keep in the depths of our soul are exposed.

Ask him to think about me it is not a way to dominate the thoughts of another person but it is a way of maintain unity in the relationship.

The good energies that our being gives off after making a prayer will certainly help to improve the environment in our environment.

Asking Santa Elena to help us so that that special person cannot stop thinking about us to the point of having the need to engineer some approach even if it is through the telephone line is one of the prayers that are most often prayed today.

The home begins to fill with peace and little by little the situation begins to become the response we were waiting for. 

Prayer to Saint Helena to tie love

Oh noble Empress Santa Elena, today I come to you full of faith and hope, to help me recover (name of the person) that I love, you know the future and the present, I beg you to see my life, make ( ...) meditate and realize the error.

Blessed Saint Elena, for your infinite mercy, help me to get urgent relief in my heart, to recover the person I love, you know my feelings are pure and sincere, soften your heart so that you know how to value my love.

Saint Elena, an exemplary mother, a perfect Christian, (…) is not a person of resentment, enlighten her mind, make her reconsider, with love everything can be overcome, away from bad influences that disturb her mind so much, she was wrong, she left with The least indicated person, who returns home (...), we are waiting for you.

Oh Saint Elena of the cross, I know that you can do everything, you will not forsake me, listen to my voice, the voice of my prayers and beg for my request.


This sentence Saint Helena to tie a man is recommended in cases where one of the two people who are involved in the relationship think to abandon or express some doubts that begin to break the solid foundations of the relationship bringing discontent, fights, discomforts and conflicts in the home .

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That's what the mooring prayer is about, that the other person who is suddenly undecided, stays with us but not against his will but convinces himself that staying is the best option and thus change the idea of ​​leaving home . 

Do I need to light a candle to pray?

We recommend that light a white candle at the beginning or end of the prayer of Saint Helena To despair and tie love.

The candle is a sign of thanks. We are thanking this powerful saint for all her help in our lives,

Pray with much faith and love.

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