Prayer to San Ramón Nonato

Prayer to San Ramón Nonato It is the best weapon of pregnant women because it is known as one of the saints who especially help those who are pregnant.

Of course he can be asked for other things that he, regardless of the situation, will intercede on our behalf.

Prayers are very powerful, we cannot underestimate their power.

Some have lost faith and it is because of how the world is today but the only hope we have does not have to be lost.

Through the sentence we can make everything better and when there are strong situations in life, we can take refuge in it to get the strength and continue the path.

Prayer to Saint Ramón Nonato Who is he?

Prayer to San Ramón Nonato

The nickname non natus, which means unborn.

It was granted because the mother lost her life before San Ramón saw the light of the new world that would receive her. This is one of the reasons why she has become one of the saints for pregnant women. 

His story goes back to the year 1200 when it was time to be born, after he became an adult his unwavering faith took him to Africa where he helped many as a captive rescuer.

Your main mission was to surrender on behalf of some prisoners They were in very bad condition.

After suffering mistreatment the same magistrate ordered a better deal with the idea of ​​getting the planned rescue. 

However, San Ramón Nonato was responsible for following preaching and helping those who needed it and as soon as the magistrate sentenced him to death, a sentence that was avoided because they paid his ransom and was released. 

Prayer to San Ramón Nonato to shut up mouths 

Saint Ramon Nonato for the power you have and that God has given you grant me what I ask you to put a lock in the mouth to those who want to do me wrong.

(Mention the name of the person / s)

People who speak against me or have me bad will, want to put me in bad, I light this candle for you to shut your mouths.

And you fulfill what I ask of you, because you preached with the word of God, it was imposed as martyrdom to carry a lock in your mouth on.

Listen to my prayer Saint Ramon Nonato to silence mouths and intercede before God the Father for those who speak ill of me cease in their attempt God all mighty has granted you.

The burning desire to free slaves, always stop me from bad tongues, from enemies, from betrayals.

Of those who want to harm me, make me live in peace and distanced from all those who stalk and torment me.

That because of envy, evil or resentment, I want some evil from those who want to discredit me with their slander, San Ramón Nonato.

With your great goodness, do not leave my request unattended I beg you for Our Lord Jesus Christ.


If you want to shut up mouths, this is the correct San Ramón Nonato prayer.

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The word of God warns about how dangerous it is it can be the human language, comments can often kill more than a gun.

This is why in the Catholic Church and universal of Christ we believe that San Ramón Nonatos can help us to silence those mouths that are open causing us badly in a great way.

This is a peaceful measure in the face of this damaging action because we do not resort to direct revenge, but we ask that it be the saint who is responsible for shutting up those who are hurting us.

San Ramón Nonato prayer against gossip 

Oh, famous Saint Ramon Nonato, you who, by instructing the word of God, assigned you as torture to carry a lock on the subject's mouth.

Hear my ejaculation and intervene before God our Lord so that those who talk badly about me End their attempt and I will be protected from any bad and harmful message or purpose ...

Please, my Supreme God, who granted Saint Ramon Nonato the ardent ambition to free slaves, demanding you for his mediation.

May you always withdraw me from submission, from sin that separates me from you, and that I succeed in existing in peace and lagging behind all those who spy on me and afflict me.

That he manages to be forever separated from the opposites who, for whatever, perversity or resentment, wish me some evil.

Or they want to denigrate me with their dishonors.

God the doer, I recognize that you with your great mercy, and by the intervention of Saint Ramon Nonato, you will not leave my application despised.

I beg you, through your creation, Jesus Christ, our beloved Lord, who is and reigns with you in the whole of the Holy Spirit Saint Ramon Nonato.

You who live very close to God ask him for my difficulties, that I never lack your protection and defense, that your famous diplomacy assist me in every bad minute and difficult context.


Gossip is an evil that can often damage a family, a friendship or the work environment. Many discomfort and damage so subtly so much that we do not realize until the evil is done.

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The prayer for Saint Ramon Nonato against gossip It helps you to be protected from this evil.

We can ask for us or for a friend or partner who is in a situation of vulnerability.

The important thing about this prayer and all in general, it is the faith with which it is madeWe must trust that if we ask, then the divine response will always reach us, no matter how serious the situation we have.

For pregnant women 

Oh San Ramón Nonato prodigious.

To you I come moved by the great kindness with which you treat your devotees.

Accept, My Holy One, these prayers that I very willingly offer you, in memory of your prayers so meritorious, that they reached from God who has made you a special patron of pregnant women.

Here it is, My Holy One, one of them who becomes humble under your protection and protection, pleading to you that just as your patience was always kept undefeated in all those eight months in which you were so uniquely martyred with the padlock.

And other pains that you spent inside the dark dungeon and in the ninth month you left all those prisons free, so Holy and my lawyer, I humbly ask you to reach me from my God and Lord ...

That the creature that is enclosed in my entrails be preserved in life and health for eight months, in the ninth go free in the light of this world, making you, my Holy One, that as well as the day that your soul came out On your body was a Sunday day, which is a day of joy and joy, so that the day of my birth is of all contentment and joy, with all those circumstances that you know that best suit the greater glory of God and you and my salvation soul and that of my son.


La prayer for pregnant women de San Ramón Nonato is one of the best you can pray.

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Faithful protector of the most needy, San Ramón Nonatos unknown as a great helper or rescuer of pregnant women.

We know that being pregnant another life is a situation that makes the person vulnerable.

In any case of emergencyIf there is a high-risk pregnancy or any other problem, this saint becomes a great refuge.

Throughout the gestation process it is recommended to make an occasion to San Ramón Nonato for pregnant women daily that the Catholic church has specially prepared for this important moment in the life of every human being.

The only requirement is the faith with which it is requested.  

Is this saint powerful?

Many believers who claim to have received help from this saint at some point when they needed it.

Since he was on earth, he has been concerned with helping the needy regardless of losing or compromising their own health or freedom in the process.

What he always cared about was helping and maintaining faith in every person he met.

This remains the same today, even when many years have passed since his death, San Ramón Nonato continues to provide timely assistance to those in situations of physical or spiritual risk.

However, faith is the secret that makes each prayer powerful, the Holy Bible encourages us to ask at times when we need help and also to thank the favors granted. 

The most important is pray the prayer San Ramón Nonato with faith!

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