Prayer to San Marcos de León that comes

Prayer to San Marcos de León that comes It is highly effective.

Let us remember that the spiritual world is more real than we can imagine and, to fight in it, we also need spiritual tools that will make us obtain the victory or that miracle that we need so much. 

The positive energies that are unleashed in the environment after making a prayer can often be felt and that is of great importance since maintaining a home full of harmony helps to maintain order and good vibes in all the environments of our home. 

Prayer to Saint Mark of Leon, come and come What is prayer for? 

Prayer to San Marcos de León that comes

No there are prayers selfish, even if they seem so.

To ask that this person does not move away from us at all or that, no matter where he is, he arrives again as a meek lamb is to trust that San Marcos de León will put the desire in the heart of this special person to come see us as quickly as possible. 

It is important to clarify that this prayer is not only made for love cases because we can be talking about a friend or relative who has disappeared or who simply walked away from us for no apparent reason.

Prayer to San Marcos de León that comes

Oh Saint Mark of Leon

You who dominated the biggest beasts in the world

Lions and snakes, and everything that crossed your path

I ask you to untie and disarm the heart of (name of person) to come to my feet

Let him come, let him come, without anything or anyone stopping him

Let him run, run without anyone helping him

I ask that your paths be shortened and your steps be lengthened

And that comes before me with his bent spirit

Tame like a little lamb, and round at my feet.

Do not sleep, do not eat, and despair for my cause.

Oh San Marcos de León, grant me this favor.


If you want to have more power, you need to pray the prayer of dominion after that of St. Mark of Leon that Come Come.

While other people seek to achieve their goals by resorting to wizards or fraudulent tricks, there are a large number of believers who are still tied to the Christian faith and who continue to rely on the power of prayers. 

No matter if it is to attract a friend, co-worker, boss, neighbor, family member or partner, this sentence is equally powerful in any case in which it is used.

Complementary prayer ...

If you want to get the most power, you have to say a prayer of the domain.

The prayer must be prayed followed by the other. In this way you will be able to have more strength in prayer.

Pray with great faith and at the end light 3 red candles. The candles are to thank San Marcos de León.

In the name of God I invoke you, spirit of dominion
Spirit of St. Cyprian, and of despair
Don Juan of the roads, spirit of Juan miner
Of the streets, paths, and places, spirit of the four winds
Spirit of Saint Mark of Leon
I make this prayer to san marcos de león come come
I conjure you to help me master the five senses
The thought, judgment, and will of (Name of individual)
That I can't eat or sleep, that I can't drink or walk
May your thought be only put in me
Until under my feet come to stop
Make him come repentant and humble
Treating me with the respect we all deserve
With 2 I see you, with 3 I tie you, the blood I drink and the heart I give you
My eyes blind you and my will is yours
So be it, so be it, amen

Is this prayer powerful?

Prayers are powerful in a great way if they are done with faith, this is the secret, the special ingredient that guarantees the effectiveness of a prayer.

In the sacred scriptures God teaches us that we can ask him in the name of his son Jesus Christ that he will grant us our requests.

There is nothing in the world that we cannot achieve with a prayer from San Marcos de León that comes.

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