Prayer to Saint Cyprian

Prayer to Saint Cyprian. He is known for having many heavenly powers. Do the prayer to St. Cyprian for protection, tying tame and dominate can help us in many situations of life.

Especially in those cases where we think there is no solution. Specialist in solving problems of couples where one of the parties decides to leave the bed for whatever reason.

However, their powers can help us feel protected or prosper. The prayers they are always powerful and when you put in them all the faith that you have the miracle does not take long to reach us.

Now, it is a secret that will bring us extra benefits in knowing to which Saint the prayer should be directed.

Each one is more or less effective depending on the case for which we are asking for help.

In this case San Cipriano is powerful and can help us in cases that we want to tame and dominate someone or some situation.

Purpose of the St. Cyprian prayer

Prayer to Saint Cyprian

San Cipriano helps people in practically everything in their lives.

Throughout this article we will show at least 4 sentences for different purposes.

The prayers will serve to:

  1. To call me;
  2. For protection;
  3. Tie, tame and dominate love;
  4. The money and prosperity.

Basically, these prayers will serve all aspects of your life, from money to love.

To have the best results you only need to pray with faith and always believing in the powers of St. Cyprian.

Prayer to St. Cyprian to call me 

Saint Cyprian, blessed among the saints, I beg your favor.

Make (...) feel that you need me close, that you can not stand my absence and call me. Make my phone ring and I can hear the voice of (...) on the other side.

Saint Cyprian, almighty benefactor, grant me this simple desire, listen to the soft voice of (...) And be able to feel it, enjoy it and worship it once more. San Cipriano, convinces (...) to call me, wherever I am and right now.

Make me dial my phone because you want to listen to me and laugh or cry next to me.

Beloved San Cripriano, in your immensity I thank you and as a humble servant I will spread your glory wherever I go.

So be it. And so it will be.

This prayer can be done in several cases, either to make a reconciliation with that person or to start a relationship.

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It is that even to specify a business this sentence is effective.

It is important that the name of the person we want to call us and the purposes we want the call in question to be said.

If we still do not have that clear, we may first have to plan because the prayer is too powerful and it is good to do it when everything is clear so as not to ask wrongly.

Lighting candles or not to do it by the time this prayer is done depends on the person, what is recommended is that you take a time to concentrate on the prayer.

We cannot pray when the mind is in something else, we must focus on the requests that are made to be able to ask for what is desired.  

Prayer to St. Cyprian for protection 

Virtuosísimo San Cipriano, Bishop of Corinth, I ask you for the love that our Lord Jesus Christ professes for you, free me from the attacks of the evil enemy, make him not be angry with me.

Save me from sudden death, storms, lightning, fires, and inconvenient neighbors. If I fall in prison, console me and help me out of it with honor, with my head held high.

Of the envious and malicious people, take me away.

And with your garments cover me in all the dangers that arise before me, since through your intercession I humbly ask the Holy Trinity, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.


This is one of the frequent concerns in the human being, whether for ask for protection for us or for a family member, San Cipriano is the Saint who can grant us this request.

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Powerful protector in all cases. 

The prayer of Saint Cyprian for protection must first be done recognizing the power of Saint Cyprian to protect us, then protection should be requested as specific as possible, without so many detours.

Now, in the last step, thanks are given for the miracle of protection as a sign of faith. In this way we seal the powerful prayer to achieve protection at all times.

Prayer to St. Cyprian to tie, tame and dominate

“Your great power, oh, great Saint Cyprian, apostle of those who suffer for love, may your incomparable power do for me, what I long for today.

Do in the name of my devotion for your name, oh! Miraculous saint of mine and of those in need, that (say the name of who you want) to turn to me, body and soul and that no one is for him / her more than me.

That he needs me and looks through my eyes and looks for me everywhere even if he knows that he is not there, that he despairs for me, for always being by my side and that he embraces himself in the hope of being in my bed, at my table and in my dreams.

Oh, mighty apostle, you were a sorcerer in your miracles and holy in your holiness, do not abandon me now!

I need your Light, immaculate light, miraculous Light, to drive this being crazy that devours me the hope of being his forever and ever.

Let him approach today to give me his slavery in faithful feelings and sweet and tender soul, oh! Lord that you hear everything, do not leave me in this instance with this anguish of feeling helpless / or without his love and without his warmth.

That comes to my dreams and my reality with promises to fulfill and with wishes that I will make come true. Saint Cyprian, listen to me, in the heat of this prayer, my plea goes!

Bring me to that being that I love, right now bring it to me because I faint without his presence, please, miraculous saint ... listen to my prayer, together with your Justina companion and integral woman, who with you accompanies your mission so sacred to all those who we ask ...

Oh glorious, listen to me!… Amen. ”

Getting this triple effect on a person is almost a miraculous issue.

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This is why there is a special prayer for achieve it effectively and lastingly.

Now you have to be very aware of your intentions, keep someone by your side for the force or making him do what we want is not the best thing for the long-term health of the couple.

However, these prayers so powerful that we have to do it very sincerely.

It's perfect for tie up, tame and dominate A man, boyfriend or acquaintance. It works with anyone.

For the money

Dear and beloved Saint Cyprian, of your holy goodness I am convinced as well as of your fervor and devotion to Justice and our lord.

From bad luck, and misfortune, deliver me. Give me your blessing and improve my situation. I do not ask for a lottery, or immediate money to arrive in a day.

A decent job is enough for me to earn money for my family.

Oh Saint Cyprian, with this humble request I hope to obtain your blessing to change my destiny and that of mine.


In a world that is increasingly in crisis, money becomes miraculous to have it and dispose of it at will.

That is why we must pray the prayer to St. Cyprian for money.

Asking that money is always flowing into our hands is a good option to ensure success in all the businesses we undertake.

Pray and ask San Cipriano for the miracle of money and work so that the miracle arrives as soon as possible, remember that it is not only to pray but to do what is possible to achieve what we want. 

Can I say the prayers all together?

The truth is that many people need help with various things in their lives. When this happens, all the sentences in this article must be prayed.

You can pray all, but not the same day. We recommend that you leave 1 day of rest between each prayer.

It is important not to pray to the same saint several different things on the same day, otherwise he may not attend any of the requests.

Therefore, pray the prayer of St. Cyprian to tie, tame, dominate and for protection on different days.

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