Prayer to San Alejo

Prayer to San Alejo it is done when we need to put some distance between us and another person because when it was up to him to make the decision to move away he did so without looking back.

A prayer that fills us with strength and gives us a sense of detachment from those who do not do us good or who transmit negative energies. 

In the same way this prayer can be done to remove some negative friendship from a very close relative.

It is a tool that helps us maintain order at home and that our faith increases day by day

Who is San Alejo? 

Prayer to San Alejo

San Alejo, who in life was a defender of the Christian faith. He lived worried about teaching others the fundamental principles of faith. Suffered and rejected by some but the great teacher of others.

There is no known exact date of his birth and today he is known to be one of the Saints who help us solve difficult personal situations.

A man who was able to leave wealth and family for the sake of Christ, his unshakeable faith sustained him as he walked the streets without a roof or sustenance but with the firm purpose of expanding the kingdom of God by preaching his word to all the world

Was devoted especially to children, to teach them the word of God in exchange for a bite of food. An example to follow in terms of love and dedication to faith.

Prayer to Saint Alexius to drive a person away 

Oh blessed Saint Alexius
Very precious example of love
That you served everyone you could without expecting anything in return
We come to bless you
And show you our devotion
Because with your humility, and surrender, you earned the love of God
Oh blessed Saint Alexius
Today I come to ask you a favor
That you take away from me an undesirable person, which causes me a lot of pain
Just as you walked away from your parents
To be able to grow spiritually
Get out of my life to (name of person), so you can live in peace
Oh blessed Saint Alexius
Teach me a little bit of the love you gave your neighbor
In order to learn to tolerate
To people who are undesirable, and we cannot take apart
Oh blessed Saint Alexius
You who are at the right hand of God
I ask you to intercede for me in front of your eyes
To find grace in front of me
Making me a better person
And so I can bless my life
And make me a little happier
Because sharing with this person is a true living
I thank you San Alejo blessed
For listening to my prayers
And offer me your unconditional support ..

Did you like the San Alejo prayer to drive a person away?

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Getting away from a person can be, in some cases, a complicated action to carry out and there are situations that lead us to be close to those people we do not want.

This is why this prayer is so powerful because it helps us to be that person who leaves us voluntarily.

It works if we do it to benefit us as in the case of a family member, such as a child, who often makes friendships that are not good and, before the damage is irreparable, it is best to ask San Alejo to keep that person.

Prayer of San Alejo to separate people and lovers 

San Alejo, you who have the power to ward off all the evil that surrounds the chosen ones of the Lord, I ask you also to stay away from ... (Mention your partner's name)

From ... (Mentions the name of her lover) I call you, I invoke you to take you away, to ... (Mention the name of her lover) Take her (or) to the region of oblivion, May she never cross again in the path of… (Mention your partner's name).

As streams of water run, so run to ... (Mention your partner's name) From ... (Mention your lover's name) Forever.

Just as it came ... (Mention the name of his lover) To the life of ... (Mention the name of your partner) That he also withdraws from his life immediately.

That they cannot be together or in the living room, or in the dining room, or at the table to eat, that they cannot have privacy without feeling disgust and disgust for each other.

I ask you San Alejo, if they find that they do not see each other, if they speak ... (Mention the name of your partner) And ... (Mention the name of your lover) that they do not understand each other more and that the separation is definitive and forever. I ask the spirit of the road to cut all the routes of ... (Mention the name of your partner) Towards ... (Mention the name of your lover).

Thank you San Alejo for attending my order.

I ask you to return my partner to my repentant side, and I promise to spread this prayer and thank you for the favor granted!

Pray the prayer of San Alejo to separate two people with great faith.

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In couples' relationships, third parties always get left over. San Alejo helps us maintain harmony in the intimacy of the couple without being altered by third parties. 

He knows the true value of family and that is why he helps us to remove those people who threaten to destroy our home.

It doesn't matter if it's a simple friendship or already happened to be a relationship of lovers, this prayer is powerful and effective.

To ward off enemies

Most glorious Saint Alejo, first king of Alexandria, do not forsake me at night or day, I also beg you to watch over me and turn me away from enemies that come in bad faith against me.

Deliver me and keep me away from the power of the devil, from evil men, from ferocious animals and from witches and sorceries. San Alejo, San Alejo, San Alejo, three times I have to call you.

Every time I am offered, so that you free me from all evil.

Three crosses I offer you, which is a sign of a good Christian, to punish the criminal hand, to the villain who wants to do me wrong.

This will break the tongue of those who want to talk about me.

I beg your mighty San Alejo, that you do not abandon the surroundings of my house and that everything that is at my feet be of my obligation. Amen. Jesus.

San Alejo de León, if any person wanted to betray me, may God let his wings fall from my heart and come humble to me, as Jesus came at the foot of the cross.


If you want to ward off enemies, this is the correct prayer to Saint Alexius.

There are those who think that the enemies must be close to watch them, but there are enemies that it is better to have them away, this in case the enmity is direct.

But there are more serious cases of people who are made go through friends but in reality they are enemies.

In these cases the prayer to San Alejo helps us to drive them away from us naturally and without problems.

He knows what it is to have my closest enemies and that is why he became a Saint, for helping people find peace despite the different difficult situations we are exposed to. Getting away from family and friends is not an easy thing but often it is strictly necessary.

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For the love 

San Alejo, you who get it all, You who manage to see everything, it is quite frank For you to distinguish my spirit and recognize That my existence needs love, My Sacred, help me to rescue love, My partner abandoned me and for another / or replaced me, make the chemistry between them tear, make them be kept apart.

San Alejo, make your different love, Deviate from him / her, return to me, That you do not achieve without me or dream, That at your side is not a pleasant person, That it is me who exists in your life, In your entity, in your imagination and in your fantasies.

That love that belonged to me, that it still is, That the stranger withdraw from his life, That individual who stood between him / her and me, Have him be excluded by his will, San Alejo, That love concerns me.

I request that he / she not be able to be with her / him, That his life is nothing more mine, and so I get back, That my love comes, San Alejo, I require it, Well he / she the most important.

Ausculta my prayers and my pleas, and intervenes for me.


This prayer to Saint Alexander for love is very strong!

The need to love and be loved has always been the most powerful motive of the sentences. Being able to find love and form a home, a family full of harmony and seeing children grow up is an extremely beautiful life experience that all people deserve to live.

However, he tells some more than others and this is due to the evil intentions that now seem to abound in the hearts. 

San Alejo, when he was on earth he was able to live this kind of love because he had a family before surrendering himself fully to the cause of God.

But love did not get there but it grew and transformed into power that until today does amazing miracles.

Asking him for a miracle to find true love is an act of faith that will always have a quick response because everything we ask the father in the name of Jesus, the father will grant us.

Take advantage the power of all the prayers of San Alejo!

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