Prayer to get paid money

Prayer to get paid money As a spiritual weapon that we can use whenever we need it, it is of great importance since spiritual help so that we always have good relationships with friends and family is necessary, especially when there are financial issues involved. 

Lending money to someone requires confidence and that is why having the spiritual guidance to make our monetary decisions well is essential to ensure that the business is going to be on good terms and that friendship is not going to suffer any deterioration. 

Prayers can become that secret but highly powerful weapon to get out of difficult situations or those problems that we think are too complicated to leave unharmed. 

Prayer for money to be paid What is it for? 

Prayer to get paid money

With this sentence the reason is very clear but not only for get paid some money but for this to be canceled voluntarily and without the need to enter into major problems with the other person. It is used at times when the situation has become somewhat uncomfortable. 

It is not only limited to loan situations but when we are waiting for some payment of our work or something else.

Those labor payments that remain as detainees, we can have them released by making this powerful prayer. 

1) Prayer to recover money borrowed 

Senhor, meu pai, you who are all powerful, first of all, I thank you for the blessings that you give me day by day, peel life, peel saúde, nourished hair and dressed hair;

Approximate me from you as filho teu and humbly I Peço that this situation is so distressing for me, you help me to (it is said or nome complete da pessoa) pay me or dinheiro that eu de boa faith and generously lhe business.

Understanding always and being aware that it is always necessary to help Nossos irmãos em situções precárias, I wish you to relieve your coração e seu espírito so that you reflite and pay me this dinheiro that I need to be able to continue with a dignified, honorable life to be able to continue helping me semelhantes, assim mesmo to be able to follow their desígnios.

Tudo isso eu te peço em nome of Deus pai, Deus filho and Deus Espírito Santo.


It is important to pray this prayer so that they pay you money with faith.

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Business opportunities often come hand in hand with difficult situations.

We are in a society in which seeking one's own benefit seems to be the engine of most, often people request financial loans to take risks in businesses that do not always go well and end up carrying more debt and problems for themselves

In these situations where we need some money borrowed to be returned to us, we can turn to this powerful weapon with which we will surely see the answer in less time than we imagine. 

2) Prayer to get paid

Almighty and merciful God who granted in your piety the sanctification of José Gregorio de la Rivera, who was predestined by the martyr from the center of Golgotha ​​...

Then confirmed by the Vatican to be the guardian of your devotees' estates, the custodian of their money, their jewels and stones of good luck, with the gift of making them pay us the money they owe us. Knowing the virtues with which you have been invested, I come to you to ask you ...

(Make your request) Please me, José Gregorio de la Rivera.

Help me to reach from the Lord what I ask in this prayer for greater honor and glory of yours and for the benefit of my soul. Please San José Gregorio to make your name known and make more followers of your cause.

Whatever you do good for me, I promise to do it for others too. I will visit the seven churches and pray the psalms you indicated. I do not wish anyone badly, but simply recover my debt.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Saint Mary, protect us.


With this prayer to pay me and to recover borrowed money we will unleash the money that has been withheld from us under any circumstances.

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In the celestial regions important battles are fought and the financial area is one of the most problematic that the human being has since it involves physical needs, personal relationships and some circumstances that can be taken as complicated. 

3) Effective prayer to collect money

Almighty Lord;
Today I proclaim this prayer to heaven for you
Help me in these eternal hours in which
I have not obtained what I desire;
Today, and despite my charitable behavior,
I have turned my back and I could not recover
The money owed to me.
For this, oh heavenly father, I come to your aid
For you to free me from this bewilderment
And make the one whom I helped
At the time keep your word and I 
Solve the debt we agreed a while ago.
Only you can make me emerge victorious
From this encounter, since the balance of Justice
He leans in my favor.
I ask you to take part in the soul, conscience and moral
Of that subject and that, moved by your threads, himself
I paid the money borrowed without me having
Than insist more on it.
I leave this request in your sacred will and I hope
Grant me what I ask.

Taking charge of collections is not an easy thing. We must be aware of the needs from our neighbor when demanding the payment of a payment or quota of money that has been previously agreed.

This effective prayer to collect money, in addition to helping us make the process beneficial, will fill us with wisdom to use the right words when charging. 

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In addition to all this, remember that the word of God calls us not to do what we do not like to be done to us, it is a principle that is known as the golden rule and that we must bear in mind above all is this type of work. This and any other prayer that we can do will make us feel much closer to the Lord and that will fill us with sensitivity and humanity when making any collection. 

Is this prayer to be paid really powerful money?

For a sentence It is powerful what you have to do is believe from the heart because this is the only requirement that from the beginning of the creation of the world has been requested so that the prayers are effective and powerful The universe was created through words and that is why we must make our requests from the soul but with a lot of responsibility and aware of what we are asking for, they are falling into selfishness, always thinking of our fellow men rather than ourselves or Our own benefits. 

If we do this surely the prayers we make are highly powerful without the need to light candles or prepare special prayer environments. 

Make the most of the power of prayer. So they pay you money.

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