Prayer to find lost things

Prayer to find lost things It is very important because many times we find ourselves in situations complicated by some things that have been lost to us such as house keys or more important things like money. 

The truth is that having this prayer can help us not only to find what we had lost but to keep calm in the middle of the entire search process since it can be a tense moment where patience and calm are usually lacking but that Through prayer we can recover to think and act effectively. 

Prayer to find lost things What is the saint? 

Prayer to find lost things

San Antonio He is known by many as the saint of lost things because he himself, when he was alive, was a direct witness to some events that were very difficult for the human hand.

The life of this saint is a miracle from beginning to end and, for all this, he became the great helper of people facing problems of loss of some goods. 

Another of the prayers that can be made in these cases is to San Cucufato as this was a preacher of the gospel in remote places where almost no one dared to go.

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Prayers began to be deposited in him because, together with San Antonio, he became a powerful helper and his answers are so accurate and specific that they come to surprise. 

1) Prayer to San Antonio lost things

“Saint Anthony, glorious servant of God, famous for your merits and powerful miracles, help us find the lost things; give us your help in the trial, and enlighten our minds in the search for the will of God.

Help us to find again the life of grace that our sin destroyed, and lead us to the possession of the glory promised by the Savior.

We ask this for Christ our Lord.


This prayer can be done at any time or situation because San Antonio is always attentive to the requests of his people and if he is asking for a specific miracle the answer comes much faster.

Remember that prayers are powerful and that they become a secret weapon that we can use whenever we need because the only requirement is to have faith.

2) Prayer to find lost things San Cucufato

"I lost (say the lost), I want to recover it, and if I do not die before and with this knot I make your balls ato, San Cucufato, and tied is left, until (say the lost) to my hands I return. Amen"

San Cucufato is one of the most powerful saints to whom we can turn in moments of real despair and anguish when we do not find our belongings.

No matter how difficult what we are asking for, these are powerful prayers that can be done at any time. 

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3) Prayer to find lost or stolen things

“O Eternal God and Mighty Father, Lord of Heaven and earth, who through Jesus Christ, your Son, manifest yourself to the poor, the simple and the humble, we thank you because you filled blessed Saint Aparicio with your love, so that live with simplicity of heart aspiring to the goods of Heaven.

Grant that through his intercession we reach what we ask for, that his powerful hand will deliver to us as soon as possible what we have lost or been stolen from us:

(repeat what you want to recover)

Father we praise and bless you and we thank you because we know that you listen to us and that your mercy has no end, we beg you to heed our supplications and help us in those requested, so that, comforted in our sufferings, we contemplate the wonders of your power.

We also ask you to increase our faith and charity so that, following the example of prayer and devotion of the blessed Saint Aparicio, we praise you constantly.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."

This prayer to find lost or stolen things is very powerful.

The word of God teaches us how to pray, in his passages we see innumerable examples of faith where, with just one prayer, amazing miracles were obtained.

This is why we should not dismiss the prayer because she is very powerful. The only thing that is asked for a prayer to get the answer that is being asked is to do it with faith, believing that what we ask will be granted. 

There are those who are used to making prayer purposes for several days or a specific hour, but the truth is that this depends on what each one has arranged in their heart, because that is the most important thing. 

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Can I light a candle when I pray?

The issue of candles is of great importance and the answer to this question is a resounding yes.

Candles alone are not powerful but they do help to make the whole environment more conducive as well as being taken as offerings for our saints because using them requires an investment that, although minimal, is taken into account as an act of Faith and surrender

When can I pray the prayer to find lost things?

Prayers are to be done at any time of the day and where it is needed.

There is no specific time That is ideal, however, there are many who say that early morning prayer is powerful.

Being able to pray wherever and whenever prayer makes our best weapon, we can be in the car, at work, in our house or in some meeting and be praying with the mind and heart and that prayer to find lost things is just as powerful as what is done in the church.

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