Prayer to calm and reassure a person

Prayer to calm and reassure a person It is important since we do not know at what time we may have the need to do it. 

Many times we walk around or are with the family and we find situations in which we need to calm someone who is altered or who is simply going through a spiritual need where a prayer is the only measure that can be applied to reassure her, because That is when this prayer becomes important. 

Prayer to calm and reassure a person

It doesn't matter if it's a stranger, the sentences They are highly powerful and can be done anywhere.

Be where we are always prayer can become our only weapon that we can use whenever we have faith.

1) Prayer to reassure an aggressive person

“My Lord, my soul is troubled; anguish, fear and panic take over me. 

I know that this happens because of my lack of faith, the lack of abandonment in your holy hands and not fully trusting in your infinite power. Forgive me, Lord, and increase my faith. Do not look at my misery and my self-centeredness.

I know that I am terrified, because I insist, because of my misery, on remaining counting on my miserable forces, my miserable ones, with my methods and my resources. Forgive me, Lord, and save me, oh my God.

Give me the grace of faith, Lord; It gives me the grace to trust the Lord without measures, without looking at danger, but looking only at You, Lord; Help me, oh God!

I feel alone and abandoned, and there is no one who can help me, except the Lord. 

I abandon myself in your hands, Lord, in them I place the reins of my life, the direction of my walk, and I leave the results in your hands. I believe in you Lord, but increase my faith. 

I know that the risen Lord walks by my side, but likewise I still fear, because I cannot completely abandon myself in Your hands. Help my weakness, Lord. 


This prayer to calm and reassure a person is really powerful!

In these times it can be very common to see people upset They seem to be waiting for any situation to explode in aggression.

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Surely we have encountered situations where aggressiveness can be seen as a latent threat to our lives or to the other people around us and it is in those moments when prayer becomes the perfect refuge where aggressiveness has no part. 

2) Prayer to reassure an angry person

"Great San Miguel
Powerful captain of the armies of the Lord
You who have overcome evil many times 
And you will beat it whenever you want
Get away from me all wrong
Every enemy that attempts against my integrity
And calm those who still remain in my life 
Grant them peace and calm 
Show them the way to go

Anger is one of the emotions that we humans have and that is difficult to control, especially in those moments of anger where we do not ask for what we do or what we say.

We can being exposed to angry people constantly and that anger can explode at any moment, without us seeing it coming and without being able to do anything to avoid it. 

However, when we have knowledge of the spiritual world around us, we can have dominion over these situations by simply raising a sentence. The person who feels anger can feel in his body how everything is happening and it is God who begins to take control of his actions so that anger no longer dominates him.  

3) Prayer to calm the anguish and anger of the couple

"Dear angels, heavenly, divine and powerful beings by the work of God 
You who are love and give love
They were born to do their duty and so far they have not failed 
Help me overcome this problem.
Help me that he / She understands me
Understand my problems, for me to understand yours 
Understand my hardships, to understand yours 
Let him give in and talk to me, for me to give in and love him 
Help us overcome this serious problem 
Dear angels, you are my light 
My guide, and my hope 
You are my solution"

This prayer to calm the anguish and anger of the couple can be used at all times and circumstances.

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For example, a person who is going through too much physical or soul pain may calm down after receiving one of these prayers.

Remember that in moments of anguish or when the human body and mind is disturbed in an extraordinary way, prayer is a resource that we can use and that we know to be effective at all times and places. 

4) Prayer to calm an annoying person

"Dear Lord, I place the anger and bitterness that I too often harbor in my heart at Your feet and pray that in Your grace You expose all that is causing the bitter poison that lodges in my heart so often to the surface, And free me from it 
Lord, I confess all my anger and bitterness and I know that when I allow this to surface in my heart, it breaks the communion we have together.
 I know that when I confess my anger, you are faithful and just to forgive the outbursts of anger in my heart and to cleanse me from all evil, for which I praise your name. 
But, Lord, I wish you to release me from this contamination within my heart so that the root of anger will leave us inside, and I ask you to examine me and take out everything that is not pleasing to your eyes. 
Thank you in the name of Jesus, 

Many times the discomforts of day to day accumulate in the body and spirit until a moment arrives that seems to pass the limits and everything explodes, we lose control of ourselves and can commit any madness. 

In the middle of those moments the prayers are important because we can make use of them at the moment that we need it and no matter who is around us. Prayers are spiritual tools that will always be available to us. 

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When can I pray the prayers?

The sentences can be done whenever needed.

There are those who usually set aside a special daily amount to pray, but in these cases where the prayers are needed, they can be done since they become our only resource that we can use 

We may pray in family or at work with friends, but it is good to have a moment alone to pray because that is where our heart opens before the presence of the Lord and we can talk to him.

It doesn't matter if we are using candles, if we play some soft or spiritual music, we do it silently or loudly, the important thing is that the prayer be real, come from the depths of our heart and be done with faith, knowing that God is listening to us and is willing to answer what we are asking for. 

Take advantage of the power of prayer to calm and reassure a person. Stay with God.

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