Prayer to bless food

Prayer to bless food It is a tradition that remains valid until today in all families.

It is part of the training of children and is something that even in schools is implemented as teaching.

The importance of doing this prayer lies in being grateful, in valuing the food we have to consume and in asking for those who do not have it.

It is a gesture of thanks to God who is the one who gives us the strength to go to work, to buy food, gives us the wisdom to prepare them and the blessing of having a family to share them.

In cases where there is no family at the table, we still have to be grateful because there are people who cannot eat, which is not because they do not have, but because they cannot for health reasons or other circumstances, this has to make us feel grateful and one One of the gestures that demonstrate this is to say a little prayer before eating. 

Prayer to bless food Is it strong?

Prayer to bless food

All prayers are powerful as long as they are done believing in their power.

Blessing food is an act of faith in which we not only thank but also ask for food to fall well in our body, to yield, so that they do not stop being at our table and to provide us with the nutritional benefits that Bring each one of them.

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 In turn we can also ask for those who are in need and do not have food on their table, which can only eat small bites of food, we ask for those who do not have to give their children, for those who are hungry and do not have the resources to satiate it.

Prayer to bless food and food is strong since there is faith.

As you can see, it is not just giving thanks for food, it is an act of faith and love for others where we put ourselves in the place of the other and ask for their needs.

When a prayer is made aware of the need of another and we ask for our equals we are demonstrating the love of God in our lives.

Prayer to bless food

Lord God; media so that in this Table there is a fraternal exchange between the guests;

Advocate for the food you provided us today to be of just profit;

Let him who has not yet eaten Try the fruit of your beautiful creation.

We love you God the Father, and we thank you infinitely for sharing that today you provide us.


We can start the prayer by giving thanks for the opportunity God gives us to be able to feed ourselves correctly.

Then we can ask for that person who has taken the trouble to prepare the food so that we can consume it, for the one who helped in the whole process so that these foods reach our table.

We ask for those who do not have and ask for the daily bread to be deposited in the hand of each person and, finally, we thank again the miracle of life.

Prayer to give thanks for food 

Holy Father; today we ask you

May you join us at this table and bless the bread that we will taste in a moment; It means that these are the fruit of our health And do not forsake the one who now struggles to get a bite.

We praise you, Lord, and our grace is short for How lucky we are for these foods!

Tell us of your love and light the way that leads to your room.


Gratitude is a virtue that very few demonstrate today, we live in a world that is going at high speed and very few stop to give thanks.

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In the word of God there is a story that tells the story of some lepers to whom Jesus granted the miracle of healing and only one remained to give thanks.

Many times this happens in our lives.

We only care about eating, feeding ourselves but not giving thanks and it is something that has to be a necessity in our lives.

Prayer of food 

Bless this day, beloved father, To everyone who is at this table;

Bless him who has prepared food; Bless the one who has allowed them to be here; Bless, in addition, the one who has cultivated each of these.

Holy Father! For the fortune you give us today, we are fervently grateful and with an infinite tenderness of worship and praise for the bread that you placed on this table today.


The best example of prayer for food is seen in the same Jesus of Nazareth who thanked for the food they consumed.

There are miracles that are waiting for a sentence to reach us and the miracle of daily food can be one of them.

In these moments that seem to be so difficult to thank through a prayer the privilege of having the food we need is an act of faith and love of God.

Should I pray all the prayers?

You only need to pray a prayer to bless the food once before each meal. What you can do is pray a different prayer at each meal.

It can vary from day to day, week to week or even month to month.

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Always remember that the important thing is to have faith in God Our Lord. Faith and belief are the basis of any prayer.

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