Prayer to attract a man

Prayer to attract a man It may be highly criticized but it is highly effective and powerful.

It is a prayer that is not intended to be made exclusively by women, although these are the ones who use this weapon the most to fight for that love relationship that needs divine intervention. 

It should be noted that it is not necessary to expect the relationship to deteriorate in its entirety to make this prayer but it can be done from the first symptoms that things are not going well. 

Prayer to attract a fast man

"Holy Spirit, you who more than anyone know the strength of my soul ...

I ask you to attend to my request, that with your power you make me approach (name of the beloved), that that person feels all my virtues and falls attracted in front of them, I ask you, Holy God to bend his will and let his desire be be by my side

Look at me and feel all my love and devotion to him.

Beloved Holy Spirit, dominator of souls, I ask you to come to me, I ask for your fervent help to answer my prayer ...

I ask you that his love is no more indifferent to me, that he does not avoid me, that he is always ready to talk to me, that the energies conspire only in my favor ...

I ask you, may the man who loves you come to me and may our energy be only one, may your power be the one who joins me with that man I love so much.

For the divine redemption of my beloved Holy Heavenly Spirit, give me the energy necessary for that person to love me, you know our souls and today is the time for you to put them together ...

I promise you with my heart to love him, that (loved person) He will always be happy with me, that there will never be enough or sadness in his heart if it depends on me.

Today holy spirit I ask you with great fervor for your love and company. Amen"

Our desires must be that inner strength that leads us to intensely ask for that which burns as a living flame within us.

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Which that man come back fast To us it guarantees that the feelings of that man can be rescued in an easier way because we have not given time for his heart to be contaminated with agents that could impede or hinder the purpose we desire. 

It is not a whim or a desire born from pride but it is about rescuing a home, a family, a relationship that is in danger of ending forever.

If one of the two people still wants this relationship to continue, then everything is possible. 

Prayer to fall in love with a man with the mind

“The season of love is upon us.

The heart awakens again I claim my birthright and take sides with my own self-esteem, my innate ability to love and live in the embrace of love.

I have had problems with love in the past.

I have been disappointed.

My heart has been hurt. Once I was alone, angry, unhappy, sad and worried.

I used to believe that it was not possible to find true, lasting and touching love.

But I choose to cure this now.

I choose love and choose to find my true love.

I make a new choice to regain the innocence of my heart and reconnect with a deep and moving love. "

In these moments where we doubt our charms or where we have no physical contact with that man We can make this powerful prayer so that through the mental or spiritual connections that feeling of love begins to grow. 

It can also work in those long-distance relationships, keeping the mind of that man always thinking about us can help us a lot and can even make him fall hopelessly in love. 

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Prayer to despair of a man in seconds

“Powerful indecisive spirit, I ask you today to help me, despair turned into spirit, today I invoke you, spirit of Don Juan da Conquista come to my aid, spirit of love, come to me, spirit of Saint John the miner, run to my aid , powerful spirit of the four winds, paths and places.

Powerful and just spirit of Saint Mark of Leon, mighty and furious Saint Martha, Pious Spirit of Saint Helena From Jerusalem.

Spirit of San Salvador de Horta, Spirit of María Cabeza, enchanting Spirit of Salvador de Horta, spirits full of goodness and benevolence, today I ask for your help, I invoke you and order you to help me.

Master of the five senses, thoughts of judgment, will and living spirit, today I come to ask you, to help me master: (name of that person) I ask the saint of this day.

I ask the saint of the day on which this person was born and the day of the saint on which I was born.

My guardian angel, to his guardian angel.

I conjure this candle so that in his mind there is nothing that does not involve me, that his body needs me, that his sexual member only becomes excited with me, that his head only thinks of me, that his hands only want to touch my body, that his feet just want to walk to me, that your thought, judgment and will, be only for me.

Grant me spirits the power to master his will, that (name of the person) only think of me, want me and want only for him, or saints I only ask him to help me and give me his love because I deserve it. ”

This is a prayer that must be done responsibly and knowing that it is a sensitive issue that we are going to ask.

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Desperate a man and also to achieve it in just seconds requires that we put all our energies on what we ask and, most importantly, that we ask knowing that what we need can be obtained only by doing this prayer. 

Faith is powerful, for it depends on the effectiveness of this and all the prayers that we can do no matter what we are asking for.

Prayers to despair of a man in seconds if they work and are highly powerful.

It is not about magic or any curse that is applied, nor do we seek to dominate the conscience of the other person at our convenience, what we are asking is that this man can see all the qualities we have and go crazy for being with us.  

What is this prayer for?

Prayer to attract a man

This and all other prayers serve many things, one of them globally is to keep our faith alive.

In this specific case we can have some special requests. 

It is important to keep in mind that we can do this prayer to external entities such as the universe or some God but we can also do it to ourselves, to our inner being.

The important thing is to experience a special connection with the world spiritual which is where the real battles are fought.  

We can then ask for our love relationship, for that man who moved away from us and who does not want to return, we can ask for love to be reborn in his heart and want to return to that home he abandoned. 

Can I say all the prayers?

Yes, all the prayers that we want attract good energies to us and clean the spiritual environment that moves around us.

This is a benefit that we can begin to enjoy from the moment we begin to make our prayers.

It is recommended to pray daily and do it from the depths of the soul, following a special prayer or using our own words and with great faith.

Have faith in prayer to attract the love of a man.

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