Prayer so that everything goes well

Prayer so that everything goes well at work or in a trial it is a true act of faith.

Many times it is believed that it is a desperate act or that it shows weakness or inability to do things on our own, but this is not true in the least.

The need for divine support shows that we are spiritual beings and we want everyone to be in the matter that concerns us or because we are going to start a new business. 

The most advisable thing is to do this prayer about three times a day, you can extend it the days you want.

It may be enough with just three days or the request you have may require a few more days.

The truth is that the only requirement for prayer to be effective is the faith with which it is made. 

Prayer for everything to go well - Purpose

Prayer so that everything goes well

The purpose of this sentence is quite clear and can be used in all possible cases.

Many times we are starting a new project in which we are not one hundred percent sure but we still want to try, because in those cases this sentence is important.

Asking God for direction in the things we do or for him to help us do things right and right is important. 

New ventures can also be in the field of studies, where God's favor is always beneficial.

Or we can ask that the supreme being help us to continue in a relationship that is suddenly taking unwanted nuances.

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In fon, that prayer so that everything goes well can be applied in many cases.

It can be done with the whole family and in this way, being all together asking for the same purpose, prayer becomes even more powerful.

Remember that the word of God says that if two or three agree and ask God he will grant the requests made.

Prayer so that everything goes well at work 

“My God, I ask that when you enter my work your essence is present, I invoke your presence to thank you for this new day you give me. I ask that it be a day of peace and be full of your grace, your mercy, your love and everything happens according to your perfect plan.

Today, I ask that all my projects be carried out, my ideas are carried out and even the smallest achievements in my life and career are part of your glorious testimony.

Lord Jesus, bless my work, my bosses, my clients, my colleagues and all the people who make this company prosper.

Heavenly Father, renew my will and my strength to do my job in the best way.

This day, I wish a kind heart to always serve my clients and colleagues with kindness. Lord, give me a smiling mouth, an optimistic mind and eyes that value everything they see around you.

Eliminate offensive words from me and make me a good person.

Give me two hands to work always honoring my family, give me enthusiasm to get up day by day with a smile.

Lord, guide me in every moment that I feel I lose the north, be my strength and my courage, give me a heart as brave as yours.

Heavenly Father God, make this day and every work day the best of all, take me from your hand.

There are work environments or new work challenges that undoubtedly require extra help in prayer.

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Ask for everything goes well at work It is a prayer that it can be done every day, before leaving the house.

A good tradition that we can implement at home is to pray one prayer a day before leaving everyone at home in the mornings.

In this way we help the little ones or those who are weak in faith to trust more in the power of prayer. 

Prayer so that everything goes well in a trial

“Blessed Judge, son of Mary, may my body not be dazzled or my blood shed. Wherever I go, your hands hold me.

Those who want to see me badly have eyes and do not see me, if they have weapons they do not hurt me, and with injustices they do not lead me.

With the mantle that was covered Jesus now I am wrapped, so that I can neither be hurt nor killed, and to the defeat of the prison I will not submit. By the intersection of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


Facing a legal trial is a time of much attention and concern in which a prayer for everything to go well can be very helpful.

To be able to channel the negative energies and be able to appropriate the positive ones in an environment where everything that is said and done is taken into account at extreme levels can be our only salvation.

You can pray before and during the judgmentIt is an act that will help us keep the peace and make good decisions. 

Prayer so that everything goes well in an operation

Oh Jesus, You are the true Word, You are the Life, the Light, You are our way, Jesus, my beloved Lord, who said: "Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you," for the intercession of Mary Your Blessed Mother, I call, I seek, I ask you with all hope that you grant me what I urgently need: (Say what you want to achieve). Pray three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys and three Glories. 

O Jesus, You are the Son of the living God, You are God's faithful witness in the worldYou are God with us, Jesus Lord of Lords, who said "Whatever you ask the Father in My Name he will grant you" through the intercession of Mary, Your Blessed Mother, I humbly and with all my heart plead with your Father in immense faith Your Name that you grant me this favor that is so difficult for me to obtain by my weak means: (Repeat with great hope what you want to get). Pray three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys and three Glories. 

Oh Jesus, You are the Son of Mary, You are the conqueror of evil and deathYou are the beginning and the end, Jesus King of Kings, who said: "Heaven and Earth will pass, but my word will not pass" through the intercession of Mary, Your Blessed Mother, I feel total confidence that my desperate plea will be granted: (Say the request again with immense devotion).

Before entering the operating room there is always the fear present of not knowing what might happen, that is why making a prayer so that the operation and the whole process are good is vital.

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The most advisable is make this prayer with the patient before entering the operating room, you must ask positively and be direct with what we want to see.

In the end, it is good to thank, in this way good energies are transmitted that are important in all health processes.

How long does the prayer take to work?

Prayers do not have definite times.

Normally, depending on the situation, it may take a few minutes or even a few hours in operation.

The important thing is that you are sure that you will run well.

Thus, the prayer so that everything goes well at work, judgment and operation will work quickly and effective.

Go with God.

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