Prayer to Santa Muerte for work

Prayer to Santa Muerte for work It is highly powerful.

It works so much if you are looking for a job as if what you need is to solve some problem that is being presented to you in your work environment.

The negative energies that we feel, at times, in our workplace are evil and can affect our colleagues, bosses and ourselves directly or indirectly.

Prayer to Santa Muerte for work

My dear and beloved Blessed Death, I beg you with these words because I need your help.

At work I find myself going through problems that make me doubt my permanence.

I have been prey to the devouring and envious eagles that want to see me down.

I am going through a bad time that I want to change, I need a job where there is no envy, where my skills are recognized and can stand out to be better. To give my family the comfort they require.

I ask you to keep my job, and if it can't be. Help me get a better one. I ask for the day I have to go to an interview.

I want to achieve my professional goals to feel full.

I want a better job, a better salary, that my professional goal doesn't have a limit.

I seek to stand out to be better. That's why I come to you, your kindness and power is infinite that I leave my problems in your hands. Thank you, I thank you infinitely, I am your faithful believer.

So be it.

This sentence is applied at those times when we go to a job interview, when we are about to apply for the job we have always wanted, to ask that helps us get a promotion or increase in our salary, if you are going through a difficult time in the workplace with a partner, boss, client or employee.

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Anyway, this prayer will help you to everything that has to do with the entire workplace

Is holy death powerful?

Prayer to Santa Muerte for work

It has been highly revered for many years, especially by the Mexican people.

Believers are increasingly more and this only shows the power of Holy Death.

There are those who consider that it is an evil spirit but this is totally without bases when we see the miracles and the help that this Holy has given to all who come to her in search of direction and help. 

Is it dangerous to say this prayer?

The sentences in themselves they are nothing dangerous.

However, it is good to do them with total responsibility because many times we ask for something that does not suit us either for us, a friend or family member.

Prayers are a sensitive issue because we are entering a hundred percent spiritual ground in which we must know how to move because the negative is lurking in search of the weak in faith. 

When can I pray the prayer to the holy death for work?

At any time, this prayer becomes our secret weapon at all times no matter where we are.

Many advise making an altar or preparing the pre-prayer environment and this can help us focus on what we are doing.

However, it is important that we know that if we do not have this the same, prayer is effective and powerful because it is done with faith that it is the only requirement that we have to fulfill in a mandatory way. 

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