Prayer to Saint Martin of Porres

Prayer to Saint Martin of Porres, is a powerful weapon in the hands of people who maintain a strong and healthy faith. The prayer San Martin de Porres It represents salvation in many medical cases and involving people of color.

While he was alive, it was helpful for those who were hospitalized with serious health problems. 

San Martín de Porres is a very popular saint in South America due to the many miracles attributed to him long before his beatification. 

Prayer to Saint Martin de Porres Who is Saint Martin de Porres? 

He was born in Lima, Peru in the year 1579, he is the eldest of two brothers, his father Peruvian and his mother a woman of colored skin born in Panama.

When he was not accepted by his paternal family, he was left in the custody of Mrs. Isabel García, who lived in San Lázaro, in a town inhabited by people of color.

At an early age he began to train as an apothecary and from there began his great apprenticeship in the world Of medicine. 

He began his religious preparation in the Dominican convent Our Lady of the Rosary but he was very rejected due to the mulatto tone of his skin color.

Prayer to Saint Martin of Porres

However, Martin remained firm in his practices, attended prayers early and did not neglect any of his activities, becoming an example for others. 

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His gift for healing was seen in humans and animals, all the patients Martin treated received healing, in many cases, immediately.

This earned him some fame and already the sick wanted to be taken care of by him.

It is said that, apart from the gift of healing, some others were granted to him, such as the gift of tongues and even the gift of flying. 

Prayer to San Martín de Porres for animals 

Blessed are you, Almighty God, creator of all living beings.

On the fifth and sixth days of creation, You created fish in the seas, birds in the air and animals on earth.

You inspired San Martín de Porres to consider all animals as his brothers and sisters. We ask you to bless this animal.

By the power of Your love, allow [the animal] to live according to Your desire.

Always praised for all the beauty of Your creation. Blessed are you, Almighty God, in all Your creatures!


Pray the Saint Martin de Porres prayer for animals with faith.

Ask for the health of our pets It is an act of love that many people think is a waste of time.

Our pets and those that are in a street condition, regardless of their breed or animal, each of them has a helper in San Martín de Porres who can grant them health so that they have a healthy life. 

Prayer to San Martín de Porres for the sick

Dear San Martin de Porres.

Light of the humble, holy of immense faith, to you that God granted to make unimaginable wonders, today I come to you in this need and sorrow that overwhelms me.

Be my protector and my doctor, my intercessor and my teacher on the path of love for Christ.

You who for love of God and your brothers, were always tireless in helping those in need, so much so that it is known that God granted you the power to be at the same time in different places, listen to those who admire your virtues, for love of Christ.

I trust your powerful union with God so that, interceding before the Lord, that before pure souls like you is all goodness, my sins will be forgiven and I will be free from evils and misfortunes.

Reach me your spirit of charity and service so that I may lovingly serve you delivered to my brothers and to do good.

What I discover as you, how, doing good to others, my own sorrows are relieved.

May your humble example of having yourself, always in the last place, be for me a light so that I never forget to be humble.

May the memory of your great faith, that capable of healing, resurrecting, and doing so many wonders, be for me in moments of doubt, a sustained grace that fills my heart with the fire of unconditional Love for Christ.

Heavenly Father, by the merits of your faithful servant Saint Martin, help me in my problems and do not let my hope be confused.

Lord Our Jesus Christ, who said "ask and you will receive", I humbly beg you that, through the intercession of Saint Martin de Porres, you hear this plea.

I ask from love, grant me the grace I ask if it is for the good of my soul.

I ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord.


This prayer of Saint Martin de Porres for the sick is miraculous!

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Always go through a disease It is one of the most difficult processes that every living thing happensIn humans it is synonymous with death since many diseases have no cure scientifically. 

However, there is a powerful weapon that is faith which works through prayer.

You can ask for healing of any disease at all times, the saints and especially San Martín de Porres are willing to help us and grant us the healing of our bodies or of a family member or friend who needs the miracle. 

When can I pray?

Prayers can be done at all times regardless of place or condition.

Some people usually make a family altar where they raise prayers in the morning and throughout the day, families who pray together prefer to do it during breakfast, thus ensuring a blessed and protected day. 

Make sentences in novenas or pray the rosary complete to San Martín de Porres can be the difference to see a miracle in our life.

But all this must be done believing that he will be attentive to listen to us at all times, if not then we will be wasting time since the prayer will not reach the roof of the house.

It is a powerful weapon but knowing how to use it and above all, always remembering to thank for the miracle he has granted us.

I hope you find the help you need with the prayer of San Martin de Porres.

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