Prayer to Saint Charbel

Prayer to Saint Charbel. It is said that St. Charbel was able to give hope back to a young mother who was suffering from a terrible disease. History tells us that this woman had lost faith and that one day a priest advised her to make a prayer to saint charbel to help you with your health problem.

However, the woman was convinced that no one was listening to her prayers, in a last attempt, now almost without strength, she raised this prayer and received the miracle she had been waiting for so much. 

Strong, powerful and our only tool in those moments when hopes seem to disappear, prayer is all that and more.

Prayer to Saint Charbel

Prayer to Saint Charbel

Before praying the prayer for Saint Charbel we must see who this saint is.

Tell the story that his name was Youssef Anton Makhlouf and was born in a town in Lebanon in 1828.

He dedicated himself to religion, gave himself to it body and soul and was known as a Maronite and when he entered one of these monasteries he received the name of Charbel and in 1859 he was ordained a priest.

From there He continued his life completely devoted to his faith, God, the church y l prayer. A preacher of the word who was also a traumatologist. 

For sixteen years he lived in the San Marón convent and forgot about family, house, friends and his land.

At the time of his death, some people say that from his grave, which was located in the cemetery of the same monastery, surprising lights came out, a phenomenon that remained for several days.

In life I had the gift of healing given by God and after his death he continued to heal people.

Believers began to visit his grave after one day when he was removed because of the lights, they noticed that his skin was sweating and blood was flowing from his body.

Since then there have been many people who have received healing from serious diseases.

Prayer to Saint Charbel for difficult cases

Oh glorious saint! Blessed Saint Chbelbel,
called by God to live in solitude,
consecrated for love only to Him,
and that with penance and austerity,
and inspired by the light of the Eucharist,
you carried your cross with patience and abandonment,
illuminate our path with your immense faith,
and with your breath fortify our hope.
Saint Barbara beloved son of God,
that in the hermitage, apart from everything on earth
and with authentic poverty and humility,
you experienced the suffering of body and soul
to enter the sky gloriously,
teach us to lead the difficulties of life
with patience and courage,
and save us from all misfortunes
That we can't stand
Saint Barbara, miraculous saint
and powerful intercessor of all in need,
I come to you with all the confidence of my heart
to request your help and protection in this difficult situation,
I beg you urgently grant me grace
which I have so much need of today,
(make the request)
One word from you to your love, Jesus Crucified,
our Savior and Redeemer,
It is enough for Him to have mercy on me
and respond quickly to my request.
Virtuous Saint Barbara,
you who loved the Holy Eucharist so much,
that you fed on the Word of God
in the Holy Gospel,
that you gave up all that
that will separate you from the love of the Risen Jesus Christ
and to his Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary,
don't leave us without a quick solution,
and help us to know Jesus and Mary more and more,
so that our faith increases,
to serve you better and thus hear the voice of God,
and fulfill his will and live on his love.

From the first known case of the young mother who received the miracle of healing when she thought that there was no hope, this Saint has become in miraculous for difficult cases, those of which it has been thought that they have no solution.

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Miraculous even after his death, because from his body emanates an oily substance whose healing powers are miraculous.

The Catholic church preserves this liquid and is known as the relics of Sn Charbel, the saint of difficult cases. 

Miraculous prayer to Saint Charbel for love 

Well-loved Father Charbel, you who shine like a shining star in the sky of the Church, illuminate my path, and fortify my hope.

I ask you for the grace to (…) Intercede for me before the crucified Lord, whom you have continually adored. Oh! Saint Charbel, example of patience and silence, intercede for me.

Oh! Lord God, You who have sanctified Saint Charbel and have helped him to carry his cross, grant me the courage to endure the difficulties of life, with patience and abandonment to Your holy will, through the intercession of Saint Charbel, to You be grace forever…

Oh! Affectionate Father San Charbel, I turn to you with all the confidence of my heart.

So that through your powerful intercession before God, you grant me the grace that I ask of you ...

(place your order for love)

Show me your affection once again.

Oh! Saint Charbel, garden of virtues, intercede for me.

Oh! God, You who have granted St. Charbel the grace to resemble You, grant me for your help, to grow in Christian virtues.

Have mercy on me, so I can praise you forever.



You like the sentence Miraculous to Saint Charbel for love?

He renounced the love of a couple, family and friends to give himself a much purer and passionate love of God.

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This is why St. Charbel is also made petitions for love, because he more than anyone knows the love of God that is the purest love that exists.

Help  solve difficult cases in the family and to be able to find true love, this no matter how many hopes you have or if all have been lost, he is an expert in impossible cases.

Prayer of Saint Charbel for the sick 

Oh! Holy Venerated.

You, who spent your life in solitude, in a humble and withdrawn hermitage.

That you did not think of the world nor in their joys.

That you are now sitting at the right hand of God the Father.

We ask you to intercede for us, so that He extends his blessed hand and helps us. Enlighten our mind. Increase our faith.

Fortify our will to continue our prayers and supplications before you and all the saints.

Oh Saint Charbel! Through your powerful intercession, God the Father works miracles and performs supernatural wonders.

That heals the sick and returns the reason to the disturbed. That returns the sight to the blind and the movement to the paralyzed.

God the Almighty Father, look at us with mercy, grant us the graces that we implore you, for the powerful intercession of Saint Charbel, (Here make the request (s)) and help us to do good and avoid evil.

We ask for your intercession at all times, especially at the hour of our death, Amen.

Our Father, Hail Mary and Gloria Saint Charbel pray for us.


Take advantage of the power of the miraculous prayer to St. Charbel for the sick and to ask for a favor.

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Saint Charbel was beatified and then canonized since thousands of miraculous cases around the world are attributed to him.

From his first known miracle he showed that the gift that was once delivered to him had not left his body even after the same death.

St. Charbel's prayer for the sick is miraculous, the Catholic church retains the testimonies of dozens of believers who claim to have received a miracle from St. Charbel and every day many more stories of people who have regained and strengthened their faith are added of one of these miraculous events.

Super miraculous prayer for work

'Lord Jesus, intercessor in all difficult problems, find me a job in which I fulfill myself as a human being and that my family does not lack enough in any aspect of life.

Keep it despite the circumstances and adverse people.

That in him I progress always improving my quality of life and enjoying health and strength.

And that every day I try to be useful to those around me and I promise to spread your devotion as an expression of my gratitude for your favors. '


This prayer of Saint Charbel for work is very powerful!

In labor cases you can also go to this saint who can help us solve complicated situations.

Difficult situations in working life can become cases in which the best solution may be to quit and drift without a job.

San Charbel can help us to get out of any misunderstanding, which are very common in work environments, whatever the degree of difficulty. 

The prayers are powerful and in these cases of work it is advisable to do them before starting the day would give, in this way the bad vibes move away and the temperament can be controlled so that if a situation arises it can be handled in the best way .

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