Prayer of the meek lamb

Prayer of the meek lamb. The little lamb was the animal that God used to cleanse the sins of the world. This is why the prayer of the meek lamb It is an act of faith based on the sacred scriptures.

This prayer is done with multiple purposes depending on the needs you have. 

However, the most popular purpose is to tame someone as the lamb is a symbol of meekness.

It is represented by the characteristic figure of the animal that, lying on its belly, reflects the peacefulness of its being.

When requested, reference is made to this characteristic, especially to request that this be the person for whom we are praying.

Prayer of the meek lamb

Prayer of the meek lamb

Although the meek lamb is represented by an animal, this is a holy image used by believers to direct their prayers.

Reference is made to the holy lamb in the Bible, specifically in the gospel book According to Saint John, therefore it is nothing strange to the Christian doctrine.

It appears with an aura that is over your head that symbolizes holiness; He holds a cross that symbolizes the sacrifice he made for the salvation of humanity and, likewise, a white flag appears as a symbol of peace that can be seen in the background.

It is a painting that conveys serenity, peace and meekness.

Prayer of the meek lamb for the loved one 

I conjure you (name of the person you want to tame) in the name of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

With these words I conjure you again… so that you come to me as a meek lamb and full of love and attention towards me, creature of God, I require you so that you only think of me and do it full of love.

I ... (your name) conjure you, my man (or woman).

In the name of the spirit of dominion, I ... dominate your five senses, your judgment, your thought, and your will: so that you ... remain dominated-a, remain meek-at my feet and totally tied-to me, both in the present as in the future.

That when I… see him… (or she) see me. When I ... hears it he ... (or she) hears me. When I ... look at him he ... (or she) looks at me. When I ... touch him he ... (or she) touches me.

And when I ... sigh he ... (or she) sighs.

So your five senses, your mind, feeling and heart, will be tied to me forever in the same thought. By God I ask for it and by the very nature I require it. Amen.

When a meek lamb is prayed to the loved one, his meekness becomes power because no one better than him to help us preserve the peace we often lose because of situations we cannot control.

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In love, most of these complicated situations occur.

The loved one can stay behaving in a way that is not usual y that steals our peace of mind. Prayer is powerful and in these situations we can seize it.

The bad energies also flee from a home where the lamb is always present in daily prayers and if it is with the whole family then it is much better.

Prayer meek lamb to tame, dominate and tie 

Win, win, win.

Jesus Christ is the overcomer. Just as this is great truth, I win ……. the heart of ……., as humble as a lamb come to my feet, as Jesus Christ went to the cross.

Meek little lamb that you are on the altar, defeat my enemies who are against me; may my heart incarnate in his, as Jesus Christ incarnated, and sent Saint Lazarus, death He conquered, as I have to defeat this traitorous enemy …… With two I look at you, with three I grab you, with the blood of Jesus Christ my heart will break you.

I see my enemy come blindfolded and arms useless.

Blood of Jesus Christ asks me, and I will not give it. I ask you, great Lord, that you bring me to ……., That you must bring it to me, surrendered at my feet, defeated and discouraged: you have the strength to overcome it.

If something el diablo try against me, yes a Justice he leaves, he will not win; if he puts up defenders, all will refuse. Jesus Christ, you will be with me as a lamb, and when you look at my presence, everyone will faint.


This meek little lamb prayer to tame, dominate and tie is so powerful!

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This prayer must be done with total responsibility away from us evil thoughts and selfish emotions.

Asking to be able to dominate and tie a person is not an act of selfishness but of love because many times the ideas of the other person are not clear and it is here that this prayer becomes our only and most powerful weapon. 

In addition, it applies only to the couple but to any other situation where we need to take control so that things do not get out of control.

However, the most powerful ingredient in this or all other prayers is the faith with which they are made, there is no prayer that is done with faith that does not get an answer.

To dominate enemies 

Glorious meek little lamb that you find on the altar, help me to dominate and overcome all enemies that are against me, that strongly embody my heart in his, as incarnate our beloved Jesus Christ, as command to Saint Lazarus who overcame, as I wish I overcome my traitorous enemy, in this sacred moment I look at you, I grab you and I bind you, And for the blood shed by our Lord Jesus Christ, his heart broke.

My dear Father, Son and Holy Spirit, You who are one true God, allow my enemy to come to my submissive and still, just as your dearest son went to the tree.

I see my enemy coming, With his weak arms and blindfolded, And if he asks me of your blessed blood, I will never give it to him.

I ask you my great lord to come to me, with repentance and surrendered at my feet, dominated, defeated and tamed, in order to overcome him through your great strength.

If my enemy comes to try something against me, dominate my lord and do not let him, if he wants to take me to justice, deny him any defender he could have. My most beloved Jesus Christ, as a lamb you will be in me, for when my enemy sees my presence, all the evil that desires me, is returned to him.


If you want to dominate enemies, this is the correct meek lamb prayer.

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Everything that steals our peace, that worries us, makes us despair or makes us feel insecure are situations where this prayer can make us regain control of our senses and our inner peace. 

Having mastery over situations that may arise with all those who have declared themselves our enemies can make a lot of difference in the results of those situations.

They may be our enemies or a family member. This powerful prayer will help us keep things at peace for ourselves and for everyone.

Whatever the situation.

In the same way, all those negative influences that our enemies throw through hatred and resentment will be kept away from our surroundings.

Cleaning our homes and businesses from any bad influence is key to maintaining control over the events and decisions that revolve around our enemies.

Prayer of the meek lamb for the chief

If you want to calm and tame your boss, you can pray any sentence above. You just have to replace your name.

Our bosses can sometimes make our lives a bit complicated.

In most cases, leaving work is not an option that should be considered and it is at these times that it is recommended to do this sentence in order to tame our boss and thus reduce the pressure of work.

These work situations are usually felt at home and in all the environments where we are and it is necessary that we can free ourselves from these bad vibrations before they cause any damage to someone close.

Faith, responsibility and above all good intentions should be our engine to make any prayer because only then will we get the answer we need. 

Can I say all the prayers?

You can and should pray all the prayers.

The important thing is that the meek lamb prayer has been prayed with much faith and with a lot of belief inside his heart.

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