Prayer of the Just Judge

Prayer to the Just Judge It is the one that is addressed to the Lord Jesus Christ our only judge before God the Father.

It is important to know that prayers have to be done by believing.

The word of the Lord teaches us that if we seek him we must believe that he will be attentive to listen to us and this is the secret of all this, to believe.

Without faith the prayers they are only empty words that do not reach any art and do not fulfill the purpose for which they were made.

For all this it is necessary to know what are the main reasons that lead us to pray, many people ask the just judge only routinely but not from the heart and then prayer loses effectiveness.

What is the Prayer of the Just Judge?

Prayer of the Just Judge

Mr. Christ He is our friend, brother and our Just Judge. 

He is asked for many things and one of the most common requests is for protection for us and our families.

Many Christians pray this prayer every day and this must be so since every day evil is stalking and it is always good to leave home with the protection of the Just Judge about each one of us. 

This is a prayer that is made from the heart since we put in your hands the closest thing we have that are always our children and family in general.

Make this prayer before starting the daily journey, with the whole family at breakfast It is a very good idea since we also encourage the practice of unity in the family and we fulfill what the word of Die soque says if two or three agree and ask the Father in Jesus' name he would grant the requests from heaven. 

Prayer of the just Catholic original judge

Oh divine and Just Judge that you extend your hand to poor and rich!

Eternal lover of forgiveness and charity, spiritual light that illuminates the darkest paths, Word of life and deep love, Teaching and testimony that feeds us with prayer.

You who suffered the most terrible mistreatments and humiliations, That being Holy and pure accepted with humility the worst punishments, You who being the king of kings, who lives and reigns over all evil and all mankind, welcomed without murmuring or reproaching the most painful blows, And you gave everything for our salvation, Let our prayer and our request come to you.

Demons and possessed of you fled by the power of your prayer, You raised sick people from their beds, You healed the blind from their blindness, You returned health to the lepers, You gave life and bread to those who followed you.

You multiplied the fish and the loaves to give it to the crowd, You opened the waters and walked through them, You gave day and night, Peace and harmony, You our Just Judge without hesitation accompany your people, Without limitations you give everything, And you fulfill your promise, When a devotee comes to you, You do not humiliate or betray, You do not offend or hurt, You teach us through parables, You leave an eternal inheritance in the Holy Scriptures, You listen to our prayer and you come to our favor.


Prayer is always a way to raise, in addition to our requests, our praises and thanks to that God who gives us and our family members protection every day of the world.

In doing that prayer we know and believe that divine protection goes before us in everything we do that day.

The Catholic Church has a model of prayer to the original Just Judge, in this example of prayer we see that we begin by recognizing all the attributes of Jesus Christ and then make the request and end by thanking the favor granted, the latter as an act of faith trusting that The miracle is already done.

Prayer to the just judge for men 

Beasts that attack me, Lions that roar at me, Evil prevails at my side, I feel fear and anguish. I am no longer able to walk, I am afraid of injustice,

My adversaries mock, They believe they have power, And although my cowardice appears, There is a Supreme being, Who certainly comes to my aid.

Just Judge come, come quickly to me, Displace all evil, Other men attack and torment me, Just Judge come, come quickly to me.

I scream and I look for your presence in my life, I am a fragile man, I look for you and I can't find you, Come, come my Beloved Judge.

May sorcery and evil, That occultism and santeria, May the devil and the sinner, Bend your head, Go away from my side, Withdraw promptly, Just Judge come to my aid, I ask you please.

Calm and serenity are coming, Men already applaud and venerate your Holy Name, Thank you, I give you my Just Judge, Thank you eternally, Hallelujah, Amen.

This specific prayer exists because of the degree of violence that is being experienced in recent times, it is very difficult to go down the street on any given day and not perceive the atmosphere charged with bad energies.

This is why this prayer is so important as we ask the Just Judge to bring peace and tranquility to the heart of man so that violence ceases in this way.

Only the good heart of Jesus Christ can transform the heart into a good one and good wishes into blessings.

Nd better to end abuse and violence than a prayer full of faith, good intentions, without selfishness and made from the soul.

Prayer just judge to release a prisoner 

Dear Lord Jesus. You were born free.

Your almighty spirit is free, even if your physical body is apparently not.

He, who is your divine presence, is within you, always accompanies you. I invoke that spiritual presence in you and ask you to release you, that freedom that corresponds to every living being by right of conscience.

I am the open door that no human being can close to me and that door that leads you to peace, to the love of God and your neighbor, to good and to your happiness, is going to open wide and frankly, now and forever.


This sentence just judge complete to release a prisoner is very strong.

Living this bad moment with a family member or friend is undoubtedly one of the worst experiences you can go through.

For those who are deprived of freedom is a painful process in which many times prayer is the only one that can provide some peace and hope.

The Just Judge Jesus Christ is asked so that the decisions made regarding the sentence are reconsidered, that understandings are opened and that one can act on the side of justice. 

In the same way, the petition can be extended to request a little peace and patience, trying to do what the word of God says, intercede for our neighbor.

Prayer of the just judge for difficult cases 

Divine and Just Judge of the living and the dead, eternal sun of justice, embodied in the chaste belly of the Virgin Mary for the health of the human lineage.

Just Judge, creator of heaven and earth and died on the cross for my love.

You, who were wrapped in a shroud and placed in a tomb from which you rose on the third day, conqueror of death and hell. Just and Divine Judge, hear my pleas, attend to my prayers, listen to my petitions and give them a favorable office.

Your imperious voice calmed the storms, healed the sick and raised the dead like Lazarus and the son of Naim's widow.

The empire of your voice fled the demons, causing them to leave the bodies of the possessed, and gave sight to the blind, speak to the mute, hear the deaf and forgive sinners, such as the Magdalene and the paralytic from the pool.

You made yourself invisible to your enemies, those who went to imprison you fell back down to the ground, and when you expired on the Cross, the orbs shuddered at your powerful accent. You opened the prisons to Peter and took him out of them without being seen by Herod's guard.

You saved Dimas and forgave the adulteress.

I beg you, Just Judge, free me from all my enemies, visible and invisible: the Holy Shroud in which you were wrapped covers me, your sacred shadow hides me, the veil that covered your eyes blinds those who persecute me and those who desire me evil, have eyes and do not see me feet have and do not reach me, hands have and do not tempt me, ears have and do not hear me, tongue have and do not accuse me and your lips are silent in court when they try to harm me.

Oh, Jesus Christ Just and Divine Judge !, favor me in all kinds of anguishes and afflictions, casts and commitments, and make me invoke you and acclaim the empire of your powerful and holy voice calling you to my aid, the prisons open, the chains and the ties are broken, the shackles and the bars are broken, the knives are bent and any weapon that is against me is blunted and rendered useless. Neither the horses reach me, nor the spies look at me, nor find me.

Your blood bathes me, your mantle covers me, your hand bless me, your power hide me, your cross defend me and be my shield in life and at the time of my death.

Oh, Just Judge, Son of the Eternal Father, that with Him and with the Holy Spirit you are one true God!

Oh Divine Word made man!

I beg you to cover me with the mantle of the Holy Trinity so that you may be free from all dangers and glorify your Holy Name.


Pray the divine and just judge's prayer for difficult cases with great faith!

Jesus Christ, when he was on earth, was a direct witness of what the human mind can machine, he felt it in his own flesh when he decided to give his life for the love of us.

That is why no one better than him understands difficult processes, knows how we feel, what we think and guides us to do what is right to do even if at the moment it is not so clear.

There is no difficult request that cannot be solved from a prayer with much faith, God always keeps his promises.

When can I pray the prayers?

You can pray the Judge's prayer whenever you want.

It has no time, minute, day of the week or schedule. You must pray when you need and when you have will and faith.

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