Prayer of the Holy Death to dominate a man

Prayer of the Holy Death to dominate a man It is seen by many people as a prayer that has little to do with the Catholic or Christian religion because it is a belief that comes from indigenous populations in Mexico.

However, and although it looks like a demonized image, the truth is that this saint has helped many people and has a special power in cases where feelings are involved.  

Prayer of Santa Muerte to dominate a man Who is Santa Muerte?

Prayer of the Holy Death to dominate a man

Santa Muerte is presented as a popular belief figure that is venerated in many Latin American cities, mostly in Mexico where it is celebrated as a common religious cult.

Represent with a skeletal figure that can be dressed in any color but the one that represents it the most is black. 

His followers often feel rejected as they worship a saint that the Catholic church has not recognized as such but that the heart and faith of many is a Saint like any other.

They say no inspire fear but respect and trust and it is precisely the latter that makes those who increasingly join believers.  

Prayer of the Holy Death to dominate a man

Burning honey, burning passion. I feel for you______________,

And you feel for me Your thoughts and your feelings ...

I totally dominate Your mind and your actions are subject By the influence of the Blessed Death.

I call you ____________________ I need you __________________ Come look for me __________________ And bent before me you will be. ____________ show me all your love.

_____________ come at my feet. Fulfill all that I ask of you. Lady of the night, Dominant Lady of the universe, and her earthly energies ...

Influence and dominate the mind, the actions And the heart of __________________ Dominant lady, you my Blessed Death Bring me a_______________ tamed before me.

May his steps come to me, May his heart shed love for me, May his body only need me That his passion be passion That I give him.

My Blessed One, Do not give a minute of pleasure Or reassurance to _____________ If you are not with me Do not allow any woman to approach you And if they approach you, That you will definitively move them away From your life with total aggression.

If it is not for me, then it will be for no one, Blessed Death, Mighty Lady, I ask you with all my devotion. Myrtle sap circulates burning through his blood I call you ____________________ come to me. Your heart, your thought and your body From this moment they are and will be mine, forever.

In the name of the Blessed Death I ask you. Dominant lady bring me _________________ Drunk with love for me.

And surrendered to my plants To meet and show me all the love you feel for me. Blessed Death, you who move the densest and most difficult energies of the universe, bend ________________ I ask you to bring it to me however it may be and from where it is. Even if it's from the darkest places Always put _______________ in front of me and let his path cross next to mine.

Santísima Muerte you who can be a thousand You who can be a million, bring me _____________ And in love with me I ask that your horse bring it in front of me That your spear throw it towards me Mighty lady make sure that even if it is not with the one That smells me , that reminds me, that I feel present ...

Whoever he is with and in the place where he is, Lady of the night, Lady of the day, I ask that the spirit of _________________ be with me all the time ...

That he only loves me, that he only has eyes for my Blessed Death binds _____________________

To my heart and to my body Body mind and soul of _______________ come to me At night and by day you will be with me Please, I ask you in the name of the Holy Death Holy Death give me the force, the heart…

And the total domain of __________________ Santísima Muerte I beg you to be my protector And you fulfill all the favors that I ask of you I call you Santísima Muerte Do not abandon me ...

Blessed Death Don't ignore me Blessed Death bring me to ______________!

This Santa Muerte wing to dominate a difficult man it's big but strong.

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It is not a selfish prayer, it is a prayer asking for the power of being a person to see what will change his mind.

It is not about humiliating or making others do our will, it is to help them see the options that, according to us, is the best.

What is this prayer for?

This and all the prayers They are really powerful, you can do it whenever you are in a difficult situation in which you no longer know what to do.

In the case of this specific prayer, what is sought is to be able to dominate the other person through a prayer and this is possible if you have faith. 

When can I pray the prayer to Santa Muerte to dominate?

The moment you want it.

Many people recommend that it is best to be alone and prepare the environment so that bad energies do not influence the direction of prayer but this is not mandatory.

The united that is requested as an indispensable requirement is to have a lot of faith because we cannot raise a prayer if we do not believe that what we ask can be miraculously obtained.

Find happiness in love with the Holy Death prayer to dominate a man.

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