Prayer of the blood of Christ

Prayer of the blood of Christ. Among all the elements that we have in the Catholic Church, the blood of Christ is one of the most powerful and that is why there is prayer to the blood of Christ.

It is an element that is still alive to this day because it is still in the wounded hands of the risen Jesus Christ. Our faith keeps the image of Jesus alive on the cross where his blood flows for the love of humanity.

Whatever request we have, we believe that the powerful blood of Christ has enough power to give us what we are asking for.

Prayer can be done anywhere and all that is needed is to have the faith that the miracle is granted to us.

Is the prayer of the blood of Christ powerful?

Prayer of the blood of Christ

All prayers to God are powerful.

If you pray with faith you will have everything you are looking for.

Have faith and believe in the powers of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Blood prayer of Christ for the children 

Oh my Father, I come to beg you and beg you to hear my voice, I am distressed, intercede so that my son moves away from bad company and does not fall into the consumption of drugs, alcohol, he joins again school, I ask you with all my heart for the power of the blood of Jesus Christ, Lord, make him a good man again.

Lord, heavenly Father, purify the soul of our son, cleanse him of evil, hatred, resentment, fear, anguish, loneliness, sadness and pain ... through your blood, we ask you to transform him into a being who loves others , cheerful, calm, kind, without fear, that transmits love, without anguish, mold the spirit protect it with your precious blood.

Merciful God, you who know everything, who sees everything, give us wisdom because we are the parents we are and we want to be better, help me to be understanding with them, we know how old you are and that is when they are more restless and / or rebellious.

Oh, blessed blood of Jesus Christ shed Jesus, on our son, your blessed and purified blood, so that it may give him strength.

I ask you from the depths of my being.


You can pray the prayer of the Blood of Christ for the children with your child.

The children with the most beautiful things that could have happened to us. They are fruits of our love and we receive them in this world full of joy with faith that everything will work out for them in life.

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But there are times when we, as parents, live experiences that are not pleasant and that is when the Blood can Christ It becomes our only hope.

Asking for our children is the bravest act of love we can do.

Prayer blood of Christ for difficult cases 

O blessed Blood of Jesus Christ! Immaculate, human and divine blood, wash me, cleanse me, forgive me, fill me with your presence; Purifying blood that gives strength, I adore you in your Eucharistic presence on the Altar, I believe in your power and sweetness, I trust you to preserve me from all evil and I ask you from the depths of my being: penetrate into my soul and Clean it, fill my heart and inflame it.

Precious Blood shed on the Cross and throbbing in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I adore you and offer you in homage my praise and love, and I thank you Lord Your Blood and Your Life since thanks to Them men we have been saved and we obtain defense before Everything bad around us.

Oh Jesus, who has given me the precious gift of your Blood, and on Calvary, with courage and generous surrender, you have cleansed me of all stains and poured the price of my redemption; O Christ Jesus, who on the altar is my life, you communicate life to me, you are the source of all known graces, and God's great gift to his children, you are the test and promise of Eternal Love to us.

I appreciate all the opportunities in which I have been saved and protected with your strength and power, which sustains me in the certainty of the absolute understanding of my weaknesses, of my vulnerability and of your ability to protect me from the evil that surrounds me, of the lurks of the devil that always clothe us beyond our strengths and possibilities.

Thank you for being a Royal Blood that frees our life from darkness and from the instruments of evil that often come to harm us.


The blood of Christ sprouted at the moment in which he gave his life for the love of humanity and in it the power of God is concentrated to grant us the miracles we need.

They can be difficult requests. True miracles where only a supernatural power can act and that can be the power of the Blood of Christ.

This prayer can be done with the family or a friend, the important thing is to know that we must believe, that is what guarantees that the prayer is effective. 

Prayer to the blood of Christ to expel the problems 

Problems, in most cases, lodge within us and harm you. We spend sleepless nights just thinking about the problematic situation we have and this brings us physical consequences that are very annoying. 

Being able to expel the problems outside of us, from our homes and even outside our close relatives is a necessary act and in this the power of the Blood of Christ can help us.

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Pray with this specific request and believe that the Lord's response is on its way.

Of protection with the blood of Christ

Lord Jesus, in Your Name, and with the power of Your Precious Blood we seal every person, facts or events through which the enemy wants to harm us.

With the Power of the Blood of Jesus we seal all destructive powers in the air, on earth, in water, in fire, under the earth, in the satanic forces of nature, in the depths of hell, and in the world in which we will move today.

With the power of the Blood of Jesus we break all interference and action of the evil one.

We ask Jesus to send the Blessed Virgin to our homes and workplaces accompanied by Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel, Saint Raphael and all his court of Santos Angeles.

With the Power of the Blood of Jesus we seal our house, all who inhabit it (name each one of them), the people that the Lord will send to it, as well as food, and the goods that He generously sends us for our support.

With the power of the Blood of Jesus we seal earth, doors, windows, objects, walls and floors, the air we breathe and in faith we place a circle of His Blood around our entire family.

With the Power of the Blood of Jesus we seal the places where we are going to be this day, and the people, companies or institutions with whom we are going to deal with (name each one of them).

With the power of the Blood of Jesus we seal our material and spiritual work, the businesses of our whole family, and the vehicles, roads, airs, roads and any means of transport that we will use.

With Your precious Blood we seal the acts, minds and hearts of all the inhabitants and leaders of our Homeland so that Your peace and Your Heart finally reign in it.

We thank you Lord for Your Blood and Your Life, because thanks to them we have been saved and we are preserved from all evil.


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This prayer of protection with the Blood of Christ is very strong!

We can ask that the powerful blood of Christ cover us as a mantle of protection around us so that the evil one does not touch us. Neither we nor our babies nor any of our family and friends.

As it happened in the new Testament that sprinkled blood on the lintels of the houses as a symbol of protection, likewise by faith we do today asking that the blood of Christ is possessed on the entrances of our homes and about us and protect us from all evil.  

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Prayer for every day

My God come to my aid, Lord, hurry to help me.

I invoke the powerful protection of the Precious Redeeming Blood of Christ, King of the universe and King of kings.

In the name of God the Father, in the name of God the Son and in the name of God the Holy Spirit: with the Power of the Blood of Jesus Christ the Lord, I seal and protect, protect and seal, my conscious, unconscious, subconscious, my reason, my heart, my feelings, my senses, my physical being, my mental being, my material being and my spiritual being.

My God come to my aid, Lord, hurry to help me.

Everything I am, everything I have, everything I can, everything I know and everything I love is sealed and protected with the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ the Lord. My God, come to my aid, Lord, hurry to help me.

I seal my past, my present and my future, I seal my plans, goals, dreams, illusions, everything I undertake, everything I start, everything I think and do, it is well sealed and protected with the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ Mr. My God, come to my aid, Lord, hurry to help me.

I seal my person, my family, my possessions, my house, my work, my business, my family tree, the before and after, everything is sealed and protected, with the Power of the Blood of Jesus Christ the Lord.

My God come to my aid, Lord, hurry to help me.

I hide myself in the wound of the wounded Side of Jesus, I hide myself in the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, so that nothing and nobody can affect me with their wickedness, their bad words and deeds, with their bad wishes or with their deceits, so that no one can harm me in my emotional life, in my economy, in my health, with their ills sent, with their envies, with their evil eyes, gossip and slander, nor with magic, spells, spells or hexes.

My God come to my aid, Lord, hurry to help me.

My whole being is sealed, everything around me is sealed, and I ……. I am forever protected with the Most Precious Blood of our Redeemer.

Amen, amen, amen.

Pray the sentence the Blood of Christ for every day with great faith.

This is a custom that helps us keep faith alive in the family as well as fostering the physical and spiritual unity of each member.

It can be done in the mornings to present the new day before the presence of all powerful God. You can do nine-day sentence sequences or make a spontaneous prayer. The important thing is not to stop doing it.

There are ages where faith seems very easy to break and it is in those moments where daily prayers begin to bear fruit. To ask that through the blood of Christ, our day be blessed is important and powerful. 

Always believing that the Blood of Christ prayer has power.

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