Healing prayer to recover your health quickly

Healing prayer to recover your health quicklyIt came to complement men's medicine. By praying, your need becomes even stronger for God, who will find the best way to heal you.

This cure may be referring to a better doctor, for example. In some cases, it may arise from the discovery of a new treatment or medication. Healing can come even through a miracle.

However, for this to happen, it is necessary to perform the healing prayer with all your strength and always remain firm in the faith that you can get out of this condition. Optimism is the best weapon against any disease.

Healing prayer to recover your health quickly

Although doctors have already opened their eyes to the small possibilities of healing, Nothing is impossible for God.

With the healing prayer you can have your miracle and get rid of the disease that makes you suffer so much.

In addition to Psalm 133 and Archangel Raphael's prayer, which we have already shown here, there are other powerful prayers of healing. Look down.

Prayer for health

“Lord Father, you are the divine doctor. You give life and life to those who seek you.

That is why today, Lord, in a special way, I want to ask for the cure of all kinds of diseases, especially those that afflict me at this time.

I know you don't want evil, you don't want the disease that is the absence of health, because you are the Supreme Good.

Work on me a deep spiritual healing and, if you want, also a physical healing.

Let it be forged directly by the powerful action of Your Holy Spirit or through the doctor and medicines!

Increase my faith in Your Power, Lord, and in the infinite Love You have for me. Increase my faith, Lord, which is sometimes so weak.

I believe in your healing power, my God, and I humbly thank you for all the work you are doing in my heart and body right now. Amen, so be it!

Disease Cure Prayer

“Lord, give me health to my body and I can cooperate with a disciplined life to be worthy of your help.

Lord, for honoring you and informing you thanks and praises, how much you enrich me, without letting me miss what I need, crowning with great success all the trips that are not always easy.

When I praise you for such kindness, I thank you, Lord, not only with words, but above all with a life of holiness.

You who punish those you love, like the father who punishes the rebel son whom he treasures, I thank you for all the times I suffered when I felt your hand fall on me, but always full of mercy.

How much I have learned and learned from you, my father!

Nothing can match your love.

Thank my Lord.

Their paths are sown with many renunciations, but only those who walk on them can feel their unique delights. ”

Powerful healing prayer

“Lord Jesus, I think you are risen and alive. I think you are present in the sacrament of the altar to feed me; I think you answer the prayers of all who seek you from the heart. I adore you and praise you. I thank you, Lord, for coming to love humans.

No one is forgotten by you, you are the fullness in my life, for you we are forgiven, with your help I visit peace and health. With your power renew me. Bless my needs and have compassion on me.

Heal me, Lord Jesus. Heal my spirit, with victory over sin. Heal my emotions, close the wounds caused by my wounds, hatreds, frustrations or grudges.

Heals my body, giving me my physical health.

Today, Lord, I present to you the diseases I suffer: (say your disease aloud) and I ask you to be completely free, as with those who sought you when you were on our planet earth.

I believe that the Word promises: He himself carried our sins in our body on the tree, so that we can die to sins and live Justice; by your wounds you have been healed. '(1 Pdr 2,24).

I trust your love for me, and even without the results of my supplications, I confirm with faith: Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the blessing you are already pouring on me. ”

Prayer for someone's health.

“Lord of the universe, creator of all things.

I come to your sovereign presence at this time to ask for help from those who suffer bodily or mental disorders.

We know that through illness we can have moments of reflection, which greatly favor us, bring us closer to You, through the paths of silence.

But we appeal to his mercy and ask him: extend your bright hand to those who are sick, suffering pain, uncertainties and limitations.

Let faith and trust strengthen in your hearts. It relieves their pain and gives them peace and quiet.

Heal their souls to help restore their bodies.

Give them comfort, relief and turn on the light of hope in their hearts so that, with the support of hope and faith, they can feel the love of the universe.

May your peace be with all of us.

Prayer to the Archangel Saint Raphael to ask for healing of the disease

"S. Raphael, whose name means "doctor of God," you, who was accused of accompanying young Tobias on his journey to the country of Medes, and who on his return cured Tobias's father's blindness.

Saint Raphael, You who helped and helped Tobias's father making his wishes and aspirations come true, we beg you and ask for your help.

Be our protector before God, because you are the charitable doctor who sends his faithful.
S. Rafael, cure me of any illness.

Always make me healthy, because we will not stop delivering you. Thank you.

So be it."

Pray an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Creed.

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Prayer to Our Lady of Fatima to ask for health.

“Lady of Fatima, loving Mother of all who suffer in body and soul.

Take care of your children's health, relieve the aches and pains that afflict us and disconcert and weaken us.

Ask your beloved Son who has healed so many sick people in the ways of his time, to have compassion on us, to be our strength. Let our suffering be for him. May God give us health to always serve him, to take care of each other. But above all and always, that the will of God the Father be done, who takes care of us with infinite love and an incomparable tenderness. Take us by the hand, dear Mother, and take us to Jesus.


The importance of healing prayer

When we are sick, whether physically, spiritually or mentally, we border on despair. This agony also hits us when there is a loved one with health problems. In those moments, knowing that we have someone to turn to gives us relief.

God never abandons his children. Therefore, the importance of healing prayer is that it gives us comfort. This prayer brings serenity and hope in these difficult times.

Many times we find ourselves before God without knowing how to ask for our healing, what language to use. The healing prayer brings the right words that, if spoken with faith, will have great power to heal us.

Enjoy being immersed in the prayer of healing to recover your health quickly and learn more about all Third types that exist.

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