Prayer of blessing

Prayer of blessing it must be continuously in our mouth since with it we can establish as a fence around us where the positive things are those that can enter. 

The word of God explains to us that the blessings of God do not add any sadness and this is key in order to determine which are the blessings that come from God and which are not. In this case by doing these blessing prayers we can thank, bless ourselves or another person and recognize the power of God in our lives. 

Prayer of blessing

Blessings are benefits we all want or want to receive at all times in our lives.

Prayer of blessing

Many times we receive them alone and even without realizing it and sometimes we have to ask or fight for them. In this sense, the prayer of blessing becomes a powerful weapon that we can use at all times. 

1) Prayer to receive all kinds of blessings

I ask you to bless me,
bless all that my hands touch today,
Bless my work too and help me to do it correctly, not to make mistakes.
Bless all my coworkers;
Father, bless each of my thoughts and feelings,
so as not to think or feel bad,
so that everything within me is only love;
bless each of my words,
Not to say things that I can later regret.
Bless every second of my life,
so that with it I can take your image and word to all those who need it.
Bless me, Lord, so that I may be in your image and likeness,
to bring positive things to all people
that surround me and so that they are all blessed by you.
My Lord,
I ask you so that every person in my heart may be blessed by you,
the Holy Spirit and the Virgin;

Blessings in love, health, el dinero, isolate and deprive, work, business, for a family member, for the children and even to leave our house every day, blessings are necessary in all areas of our life.

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It is important that we know how to establish a family or personal principle to do this prayer on a daily basis or even once a week. We can also teach it to our children and family and in this way strengthen the faith of the family as well as spend quality time with them. 

2) Prayer of blessing of the day

Blessed omnipotent Father,
I thank you for this new day,
since with the birth of the sun, with my awakening and with my walk for him,
I have the chance to be closer to you, to be a better server than I was yesterday.
I thank you for the family you put me in,
for my friends who guide me for good
and everything that leads along the path towards you, which represents something positive in my life.
Glorify with your Holy Spirit, Lord,
each one of my steps, to be an example of your good heart
to all those who find on the path.
Glorify with your Holy Spirit, Lord,
my tongue, my lips and my voice,
so that they are defenders of your word and transmitters of it.
Melt your holy blood in my hands, Lord,
May they be filled with your divine obedience, so that my employment may be blessed.
May it be your joy that touches my heart, and it is universal chain to know that I am your faithful servant,
and in that way be an instrument of your divine peace.
I put in your hands everything that I am today and what I will be,
so that you mold me to your image and preference,
in such a way of being similar to you, for the sake of your people,
and so that your name may be glorified in every place it crosses.
I ask this in the name of the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit.

This prayer of blessing of the day is simply wonderful.

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La blessing of the day is something we have to fight daily. Ideally, do it in the morning so that the whole day is blessed. Some people usually light a special candle to make this prayer, however it can be done at any time and place. 

The example of the sentence Our Father that we see in the Bible, teaches us that we must ask for our bread every day and that bread also symbolizes all the blessings that we can ask for or even those that we do not know what we need but that the Lord does know. 

3) Prayers of God's blessings

"Thank God for giving me the blessing of having one more day,
Thank you because today I can see again how great your creation and love is.
Today, I am a happy person,
fortunate and grateful to have a new opportunity to take a day full of peace,
Love, protection and most importantly, your guide.
Lord, give me strength to overcome every obstacle that gets in my way,
make me brave and strong as you are,
Make your love cover all my life and all those around me and on my way.
Celestial father,
Every day that begins I pray that you will listen to me and respond with your great generosity and kindness.
I know that my soul needs you every day, and you grant me all the blessings.
In the name of Jesus,

Being able to raise a prayer of blessing from God and bless the name of God and ask him to bless us must be one of the steps we take in our devotional prayers.

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God's blessings are first received in the spiritual realm and then physically That is the way we have to fight for what we want to obtain and that only in the spiritual can we achieve. 

4) Prayer to thank God for all the blessings

Gratitude is a value that with time and the cares of the vine seems to be lost but the good lord in his word tells us that we should be grateful.

There is a story of one of Jesus' miracles when he healed ten lepers and only one came back to thank, the others simply went to enjoy a life with a totally healthy body, this teaches us how ungrateful we can become that only ten will return, that should be us, always keep in mind the thanks to God for the blessings we are receiving from him. 

Just opening our eyes to a new day, breathing and having our family, are small things that many times we forget to thank God. Let's learn to be grateful and raise a prayer of thanks daily for all the blessings we have received 

Is this blessing prayer really powerful?

The prayer that is powerful is that which is done with faith because it is the only mandatory requirement for Our prayers Be heard.

If we ask with doubt or selfishness, not believing that the Lord can give us what we are asking for, that is an empty prayer that will not fulfill its purpose. Without faith it is impossible to please God, glorious teaching that is in the Bible that we must always remember. 

You always have a lot of faith while praying the blessing prayer of the day to God and to receive all kinds of blessings.

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