Prayer for work

Prayer for work We can achieve many benefits.

Prayers are a spiritual strategy that helps us find solutions to problems in which we often do not know what to do or how to act. 

In this particular sentence we can ask for ourselves, so that the work environment is pleasant, ask for our bosses or subordinates and some more requests depending on the different circumstances that may arise in that environment.

The important thing is to know that for labor issues there are also prayers that can be done specifically and directly, always remembering that prayer is an act of faith that must be done by believing in the power it has.

Prayer for work Is it powerful?

Prayer for work

Any prayer is powerful. For this, it is enough to be prayed with faith.

If you have a lot of faith and if you think everything is going well, it will work.

To believe in God. It grows in its powers. Only then will you give everything right.

Don't waste any more time, start praying right now!

Prayer to find a job 

Jesus, Eternal Heavenly Father:

My Father, my Guide, my strength, I speak to you my Savior ...

You have your son here who has sinned, but who loves you ...

You are praised for your love, for your eternal goodness and the security you give us, Father.

That for you, everything is possible and everything you can because your grace is immense and you never leave me. And in times of agony you never let go of my hand.

You are bread, you were life, you are love and comfort. In the gloom your light guides me. I come to you, kneeling, my beloved Father, I come again to pray for your eternal goodness, for your protection.

Because I know that from your hand, I will fear nothing and nothing I will lack. Because you, my lord of goodness, help the overwhelmed.

I beg you to relieve my worries, I beg that my request be answered. Relieve my pain and overwhelm.

Father, my beloved resurrected Jesus, look at my needs and help me to support them. I beg you for a new job, My Father.

Because I know your plans are perfect, because I feel cornered. I come to you to make my work request. I need that job to support my family.

I know that You in your great goodness, you will not let me fall because of your hand I will not fear and relief I will feel. I beg you father, may my longing be granted promptly.

Blessed and heavenly father. I know you will open doors and windows of hope. I know that in your immense mercy you will find a decent job for me.

Help me, my Lord, to be patient and to be rewarded. Make him have a decent, prosperous and stable job. Intercede in my request to establish myself financially.

Make me a Provider and bless my family, my food.

I beg you for that job or for starting my own business.

(Silently make your special request)

Help me Lord in my burden, I beg you, my Lord.

I believe everything in you, my God.

Bless you forever, Lord!

This prayer to find work is very powerful!

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The labor crisis has spread in many cities of the world. However for this particular case there is a specific sentence.

In this sense, the most advisable thing is to ask directly and sincerely what we want to see, what work we are aspiring to obtain and ask to believe.

There is no prayer that is made from the heart that does not fill our soul with positive energy and that same energy is what we are going to transmit wherever we arrive.

A powerful prayer can break chains that are impossible to overcome with our physical forces. 

Prayer to bless the work 

I thank you, Lord, because I can work.

Bless my work and those of my colleagues.

Give us the grace to meet you through everyday work.

Help us to be tireless servants of others. Help us make our work a prayer.

Help us discover at work a possibility of building a better world.

Master, as the only one who can quench our thirst for justice, grant us the grace to free ourselves from all vanity and to be humble.

I thank you, Lord, because I can work. Do not let my family lack support and that in every home there is always what is necessary to live with dignity.


Prayers made for the purpose of blessing our lives or the lives of those around us tend to be the most sincere requests that can be made.

When we ask for others we show the good heart that God has given us.

This is why we pray to bless the work It is not a prayer for our own benefit but for the well-being of all those who share a work environment with us. 

In this sentence you can ask for those situations in which the work environment is loaded with bad energies and negative thoughts.

Prayer to get a job in 3 days

Jesus, my good Jesus, my beloved Jesus, my Lord, my Shepherd, my Savior, my God, I adore you as the Son of the Eternal Father, I trust you and I praise you for your compassion and goodness, I venerate you because you give me security and with you I fear nothing, I love you because you shower me with graces and heavenly favors every time I come with my sorrows before You, every time I ask for your help.

Jesus, my good Jesus, my beloved Jesus, You who are the glow of the Eternal Light extend your benefactor hands once more over me and come to help me in my adversity; You who are brother and friend of the needy and never leave us alone so that we do not go astray, You who are constantly by our side have mercy on me and assist me in my troubles and shortcomings, have compassion on me and deliver me from my problems, and As a unique mediator between God and men, he presents my pleas before Him to be attended.

Jesus, my good Jesus, my beloved Jesus, look at this great need that I now have: in my job search I find myself stagnant, even though I try I cannot find it and I urgently need it because my needs are extreme and desperate, for I beg you to give me your loving assistance.

Jesus, my good Jesus, my beloved Jesus, unlocks all the doors that I find closed, help me to have a good job or business that provides me with economic stability and gives me possibilities to improve and move forward, a decent or prosperous job or business where I can have professional and personal growth.

Jesus, my good Jesus, my beloved Jesus, You who fill souls and bodies with calm, relieves the discomfort I feel inside me, let me get out of this bad moment and do not let me sink deeper and deeper.

In this hour of hopelessness and deprivation guide me in the steps I take, make me find good job offers, open all doors for me and put honest people on my way who offer their support; give me wisdom to demonstrate my abilities and perseverance and firmness not to give up.

Help me to get a good job where I can perform my duties successfully and get the money that is so badly needed in my home, send me my good Jesus your blessings so that I can get what I need:

(say with immense faith what you want to get)

Jesus, my good Jesus, my beloved Jesus, I thank you from the bottom of my being for all the benefits you have given me and for the coming ones that I am sure will not be missing, I am all yours and I wish to be forever in Heaven , where I hope to thank you for ever and ever and not separate from you anymore.

Bless you forever, Lord!

So be it. Amen,

Did you like the prayer to get a job in 3 days?

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Many times we find out that there is a job available somewhere we want to work but it is practically impossible to be able to get into that job.

In these cases nothing better than prayer because she is our best letter of introduction.

When entering a job interview we can ask the sovereign God creator of heaven and earth to give us grace to make a good first impression.

On the other hand, we must always ask that sometimes what we want is not what the Lord wants for us and in this sense we must be very aware to do only what is the will of God.

Let's move on to another work sentence.

To request urgent work

God is the biggest employer in the world.

I trust his great abundance and that he will give me the best job he has achieved so far.

A job where I will be happy.

I will be prosperous, because I will have many opportunities to ascend. A job where the work environment is wonderful.

A job where my bosses are God fearing and provide a warm and fair environment for their employees.

For this reason, I will last a long time in that job and I will feel happy working where God has many goods for me, in harmony with everything. the world.

In gratitude, I will always be happy, sharing with all the joys of the Lord, quietly teaching with humility and with my example, perseverance, loyalty, serenity, responsibility and giving every day with much joy, the best of me, so that what I do with love, is for the benefit of many people.

Amen, thank you Father that you have heard me and this is done

Arriving at a place where they are not even looking for staff and applying for work can be a step that requires a high level of courage as there is a good chance that we will be rejected without even showing all our skills.

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La prayer to ask for a job Urgent can help us pass the initial test of applying for a job spontaneously and not because we have seen an advertisement.

At the time of requesting a job, spiritual help is requested to know where to go, so that it is God directing our steps from the moment we leave home and until we can return to it.

To call me a job 

Beloved heavenly Father, in the Name of Jesus, I seek Your wisdom and trust in You to direct me to seek the work that is best for me.

I want from now to walk under your mercy and truth and without bowing to my own desires and superficial understandings.

Help me to get a good job in which, by my own hands, nothing is missing from me or any of mine.

I will not worry or be anxious about anything, Father, because I feel your peace coming over my heart and my mind.

You are my source of living water, I have confidence in your providence and that you give me the force to resist the ups and downs of my life day by day.

I thank you, Father, for providing my need for employment according to your wealth and for the glory of Our Lord.

Oh my God, may your strength be with me today to find a job. Lead me to that work that I will love and value with all my soul.

Guide me to a place with an atmosphere of respect and cooperation, in a safe and happy environment.

Help me find that mental and spiritual balance in that new job you have in store for me. Thank you Lord, for listening to me and helping me today.

Life is not always easy, but I will strive to remember that You are always there to help me at all times of my life.

Blessed be Lord, blessed be your Holy Name Amen.

At that moment in which we have already left our documentation in some company, we have to return home waiting for that call to be made in the shortest possible time, because our greatest test in this regard is to wait without despair. 

Patience is key in this waiting process.

However, we must not wait forever, they are asking for Two to move the pieces in our favor so that the positive call we are waiting for comes as soon as possible.

Can I say all the prayers?

You can say the 5 sentences without problem. 

The important thing is to have faith during prayer for work. Nothing else.

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