Prayer for the dead

Prayer for the dead. In it we can ask for those souls who are on the path of eternal rest so that they can find the peace they need in the shortest possible time.

Surely many of us have suffered death of someone very close, it does not matter if he was a family member or a friend, the important thing is that he is no longer in this world, he has gone to the afterlife.

It is said that if you do not pray for the deceased, we will also forget when we have to walk that road.

Some people usually light candles and make a special altar to remember their loved one while raising prayers.

However, this belief is often criticized by those who do not understand re and are less spiritual. These people are not heard, that way we keep our hearts clean.

What is the prayer for the dead? 

Prayer to the dead

There is a belief that, many times, people who die were not prepared to face that world, which is why we are in need of raising prayers for the deceased person to find eternal rest.

It is believed that on that path, the deceased can purify their soul through a sacred thought such as a prayer.

Usually it is customary to make some prayers after the deceased is buried, however it is not enough to continue these prayers For a long time and even this helps to mourn and pain for the physical separation of our family member or friend.

It makes us feel that we are connected despite the distance. 

Prayer for a deceased loved one 

God, you are the sole owner of life.

You grant us the gift of being born with a purpose and in the same way when we have fulfilled it, you call us to your kingdom of peace, when you consider that our mission in this world is already accomplished.

Neither before nor after ...

Today I wish to appear before you with deep humility and surely my request will be heard.

Today I want to implore for the soul of (name of the deceased) whom you called to rest by your side.

I raise this prayer, for you sir, because even in the worst storms you are infinite peace. Eternal Father, grant rest in the paradise of your soul and your kingdom to those who have already left this earthly plane.

You are a God of love and forgiveness, forgive the failures and sins of this soul that is now by your side and grant him eternal life.

Also, I ask you father, for all those who have had to mourn the departure of someone who is no longer disconsolately, open your heart and embrace them with your love. Grant them wisdom, so that they can understand what is happening.

Give them peace so they can be calm during difficult times. Give them audacity to overcome sadness.

Thank you sir, for listening to me today with this prayer that with devotion I raise towards you, so that in mercy and peace, you may give peace to those who do not have it at this time.

Guide the steps of the people who are now disconsolate and make them enjoy the joy of life.

Thank you Father, amen.

Did you like the prayer for the dead?

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After death, there are those who are assured, that some other moment of purification can be lived, that not everything is lost but that we have another opportunity.

In the word of God we see some references to obtaining the forgiveness in this world or in the one to come; Jesus Christ himself says it in one of his miraculous meetings. 

It is a reality from which we cannot escape, besides we do a sowing and tomorrow someone else will do it for us in the same way. 

Prayers for pretty dead

Oh Jesus, the only comfort in the eternal hours of pain, the only comfort in the immense emptiness that death causes among loved ones!

You, Lord, to whom the heavens, the earth and men saw mourn in sad days;

You, Lord, who have cried on impulses of the most tender of affection on the grave of a favorite friend;

You, oh Jesus! that you took pity on the mourning of a broken home and hearts that groaned in it without comfort;

You, very loving Father, also feel sorry for our tears.

Look at them, Lord, how blood of the aching soul, for the loss of the one who was the dearest dearest, faithful friend, fervent Christian.

Look at them, Lord, as a tribute that we offer for your soul, so that you may purify it in your precious blood and take it as soon as possible to heaven, if you do not yet enjoy it in it!

Look at them, Lord, so that you give us strength, patience, conformity with your divine will in this tremendous test that tortures the soul!

Look at them, oh sweet, oh most pious Jesus! and for them grant us that those who here on earth have lived bound with the very strong bonds of affection, and now we mourn the momentary absence of the loved one, we meet again with You in Heaven, to live eternally united in your Heart.


Without a doubt, a beautiful prayer for deceased loved ones.

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The most beautiful prayers for the deceased are those made from the heart and in which we can let out everything we keep in the heart.

We ask for his eternal rest and also to May I find peace what do you need.

In turn we also ask for us to fill us with strength and we can overcome the hard time we may be going through.  

There are some prayers that can serve as a guide, especially in those moments where words do not come out because of pain and sadness.

Prayers for the dead on their anniversary 

Oh good Jesus, who throughout your life took pity on the pains of others, look with mercy on the souls of our loved ones who are in Purgatory.

Oh Jesus, who loved your loved ones with great predilection, listen to the plea we make to you, and by your mercy grant those whom you have taken from our home to enjoy eternal rest in the bosom of your infinite love.

Grant them, Lord, eternal rest and may your perpetual light illuminate them.

May the souls of the faithful departed by the mercy of God rest in peace.


If you want to pray to a family member, this is the correct prayer for the dead.

Remembering a family member or friend who died on an important date is, in most cases, inevitable.

This is because they have been moments of celebration and not being that person feels the emptiness, however there are prayers or special prayers to do on those dates.

Can be a birthday anniversary, wedding or some another important date

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The special thing about all this is not to forget it and ask for wherever you are may have peace and quiet and that continue to strengthen those left on the earthly plane.

Sometimes it is customary to meet with other family members and raise prayers in the household unit, remember that the word of God says that if two or three are sane to ask for something on behalf of Jesus, the Father who is in heaven would grant the request made.

Prayer for deceased family members (Catholic)

God, you who grant the forgiveness of sins and want the salvation of men, we implore your mercy in favor of all our brothers and relatives who departed from this world.

Give them in your kingdom eternal life.


This is a prayer for short dead, but very pretty!

Praying for the deceased is one of the oldest traditions that the Christian church has around the worldIt has become a doctrine to believe that the deceased are in a place where they are being purified in order to enter the kingdom of heaven.

This is a place of rest that God has created especially for them, this demonstrates the infinite love that the Lord has for humanity.

Get together in family To pray for a deceased family member or to ask for a Mass where we can make special prayers and prayers together with friends and other family members is the custom.

This also serves as comfort, as a sign that we have not forgotten our family and that we will meet again together.

Will the prayers do the deceased well?


The purpose of a prayer to the dead is that. Ask for help, help, protection and happiness for that person who is no longer among us.

It will only do well. If you pray with faith and with much love it will bring many positive things, both for the deceased and for you.

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