Prayer for the Children

Prayer for the Children. They are the reason for the strongest joys and sorrows that anyone can feel. This is why raising a prayer for the children to the Blood of Christ and the Holy Spirit is something very common.

From the moment we know they exist, our heart is filled with concerns and sensations that are often difficult to explain.

Pouring all these concerns into a prayer is the wisest thing we can do as parents when we present some distressing or excessive worry. 

At present, when the dangers seem to be the order of the day and where the children, especially in the early youth stage, do not seem to realize all the negative things that are loose in the environment.

This is why, far from prohibiting this or that, what you have to do, apart from good education, is to take our place next to prayer.

Prayer for Children Is prayer very powerful?

Prayer for the Children

Many of our readers do not know if the prayers are powerful.

They are known to be powerful, even very powerful.

Our prayers they are original.

They withdraw from the Bible, Catholic Church sites and sources of trust.

All of them are strong and work.

Therefore, if you want a powerful prayer for the Children, you already know that you have 3 below. Pray with great faith. Always believing in the powers of God. Thus it does not have to fail.

 Prayer to the Blood of Christ for the children 

Lord, Almighty Father, we thank you for giving us these children.

It is a joy for us, and the worries, fears and fatigue that cost us, we accept them with serenity. Help us to love them sincerely.

Through us you have brought life to life; From all eternity you knew and loved them.

Give us wisdom to guide them patience to instruct them vigilance to accustom them to good through our example.

You strengthen our love to correct them and make them better.

It is so difficult sometimes to understand them to be as they want us, to help them make their way.

Teach us your good Father by the merits of Jesus your Son and our Lord.


Did you like the prayer to the Blood of Christ for the children?

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To say that the Blood of Christ is still flowing on the cross is a truth that many dare to doubt.

However, this blood remains miraculous in a great way and not It is only effective in cleansing our sins It can also help us solve any situation that arises and more if it is for our children. 

Jesus, as a good son, knows and understands everything that children can go through, all the times they can be tempted to do things that are not good for them and that they don't know or don't want to see.

It is for all this that asking that blood for a special request for the children is powerful, in addition to giving us the necessary peace to wait for the miracle, we can rest assured that it will help us and sooner rather than later we can see what we ask for.   

Prayer to the Holy Spirit for children 

Lord, enlighten the minds of our children so that they know the way you have wanted for them, so that they can give you glory and reach salvation.

Hold them with your strength, so that they encourage in your life the ideals of your Kingdom.

Enlighten us also, your parents, to help them recognize their Christian vocation and fulfill it generously, collaborating with your inner inspirations.


When Jesus ascended to heaven he left us to the Holy Spirit to be our eternal company every day until he returned.

No hay nadie que nos conozca mejor que él, ni siquiera nosotros mismos.

When we worried, we revealed ourselves, when we cried for a son's sake, the Holy Spirit was there keeping us company and he was also taking care of that son no matter where he is.

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Let us ask him with faith and confidence that he will help us and make everything take the cuse he must have, much sooner than we expect.

Prayer for rebel children 

My God, I offer you my children; You gave them to me, they belong to you forever; I educate them for You and ask you to keep them for your glory. Lord, may selfishness, ambition, evil not divert you from the good path.

That they have the strength to act against evil and that the motive of all their acts is always and only good.

There is so much evil in this world, Lord!

You know how weak we are and how evil often fascinates us; but you are with us and I put my children under your protection.

Give them light, strength and joy on this earth, Lord, so that they may live for You on this earth; and that in heaven, all together, we can enjoy your company forever.


The rebellion in children is something that we can begin to notice from childhood and it is at that moment where you should start ask for help sent from heaven.

Many times we as parents need the address to know what to do and what not to do in order to help the rebellion of our children is not very serious. 

Order in a prayer for rebellious children, from the soul so that we are granted wisdom and good advice for our children is the best we can do.

Prayer to the Archangels for the children

Dear Father and our Lord, bless this prayer with your infinite Love so that when it leaves my lips with the force indomitable of my heart, all your heavenly armies respond to my call by giving my children whatever they require for their evolution and happiness.

Cover this sincere prayer with your Presence and do not let evil or my mistakes dispel it. Beloved Archangel Michael I am calling you in the name of the Lord to take my children and protect them with your sword from all evil.

Cut their disturbances and bonds, release them and give them firm faith so that they never get out of the good way. Beloved Archangel Jofiel I am calling you in the name of the Lord to wrap my children with the light of wisdom.

Help them to successfully develop their talents and abilities, set them aside from error, vices and ignorance. Encourage them to learn and always overcome and clear their paths so that they can fulfill their vocation and be happy on earth.

Beloved Archangel Chamuel I am calling you in the name of the Lord to fill my children with Love, heal their hearts and allow them to know true Love and keep it.

Help them to live in harmony with everything the world and give them the ability to be kind and to love without being weak or influenced by evil.

May the Light that shines in their souls never go out. So be it for the blessing of our family and the glory of God for ever and ever.


It is said that every person in the world has an assigned angel, but the same is not said of the archangels and that they belong to another hierarchical rank within the celestial army. 

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We can use them at any time of need.

Warriors, fighters and our friends, the Archangels are always willing to help us fight those battles for which we have no strength. 

In the case of children nothing better than one of them to fight victory in any area that a child needs. 

Can I say the 4 sentences?

You can say the 4 sentences without problems.

A prayer for the children to the Blood of Christ, to the Holy Spirit and to the Archangels only serves to protect and to separate the children from the evil ways.

Therefore, you are not afraid to say all the sentences in this article.

The important thing is to believe in the power of God and have faith.

Pray without fear, you will run well.

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