Prayer for my ex to return

Prayer for my ex to return It may be our only salvation in those moments where the love relationship.

We can get that person to come back to us in less time than expected and all by just saying a prayer that for many seems simple but is very powerful. 

With this prayer we can get our ex-partner to realize the mistakes he made and return regretfully with the heart in need of our company and that is when we will see the power and effectiveness of the prayers made from the need of the soul.

Prayer for my ex to return

Prayer for my ex to return

This is one of the most asked questions by our readers.

You can be sure that prayer is powerful.

We will show you at least 3 for different purposes. All of them were tested by hundreds of people.

They work in a simple, fast and very effective way. Just pray with faith and believe that you will run well.

Prayer for my ex to return with me

That he returns By the powers of SAN CIPRIANO and the three SOULS that watch over SAN CIPRIANO, CJCG will now come behind me.

MVBO will come crawling And, in love, full of love, desire to return and apologize for lying and asking me in courtship and later in wedding as quickly as possible.

SAN CIPRIANO, I will have that power that he forgets and forsakes any woman who may be in his head once more and returns to assume me and declare himself for all to see.

SAN CIPRIANO away from CJCG any woman, that he looks for me at all times, TODAY and NOW, wishing to be by my side, that he has the CERTAINTY THAT I AM THE PERFECT WOMAN FOR HIM, that CJCG cannot live without me and that CJCG always Have my image in your thinking at all times.


And at bedtime you dream of me and when you wake up you think of me and want me, when you eat, think of me, when you step on me, think of me, IN ALL THE MOMENTS OF YOUR LIFE THINK OF ME.

That wants to see me, feel my smell, touch me with LOVE, that CJCG wants to hug me, kiss me, take care of me, protect me, love me 24 hours a day, doing so, that he loves me more every day and that he feels pleasure just to hear my voice.

SAN CIPRIANO make CJCG feel for me an unusual desire, as he never felt for another and will never feel

That there be pleasure only with me, that there is desire only for me and that his body belongs only to me, that he only have peace if he is well with me.

I thank you SAN CIPRIANO for working in my favor and I will divulge YOUR NAME in payment of tame CJCG and bring it in love, affectionate, devoted, dedicated, faithful and full of desire to my arms.

To return our love, our love and marry me as brief as possible.

I ask that to the powers of the three black SOULS who watch ARE CIPRIANO. Amen.

This prayer for my ex to return with me is very powerful.

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In moments of having some problem with our partner, we never think that this will be the last fight, that after that moment our life will change because the other person decides to leave us as if nothing.

The thing is that in those moments of extreme annoyance we often do not think what we say and we find ourselves making many mistakes, those that can cause the relationship to break. 

However, this process can help us realize what we have done wrong and as we ask for that ex-partner to return to the relationshipThe important thing is to do it by clarifying everything and in that this prayer can also help us.  

Powerful prayer to recover your partner

“Saint Helena, my dear queen, you who suffered an ordeal in which with three nails you suffered, three nails you brought, one for your son Constantine, another you brought from the waters of the sea, to give health and protection to the navigators, now you I ask that this third party give it to me, to nail it in the heart and mind of (the person you want), so that he does not have peace in his heart.

I give you my body and soul, (Name of individual) Come to me without anything separating us, without barriers, that you want me in body, in soul, that I will return humiliated, that I will fall at my feet, that I will ask for an opportunity to be with me, Saint Elena help me.

Saint Elena, may your light be the one that guides me in this terrible darkness that I feel, so that every day you may be the one who accompanies me, who comes in love like the first time he saw me, I confess to you Saint Elena This love, like a dog.

With this powerful prayer I need to get the love of that person, who loves me, to come back to me, powerful saint, I ask you to see in us the image of your love, place this love in front of me on our way again.

Now Santa dear I promise you that if you bring it to my side, I will stop (something you like very much) for a week, so you can see that the love I feel is stronger, that vice, trusted you dear Santa Elena, trusted you really and with my heart, trusted you queen of love, trusted you dear, trusted in our love. ”

Pray the prayer to recover your partner with a lot of faith.

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Recovering your ex partner is much more than asking you to come home, it's about recovering in every sense of the word. May the love that had died may be reborn even stronger than before.

We cannot make this prayer from selfishness, from our own desire to impose ourselves on the other person to do what we want at whatever price.

This is a prayer that must be done with the heart in hand, first recognizing what we ourselves have done wrong and with the total willingness to apologize and rebuild the relationship sure that the other person also feels or is willing to do the same. 

Prayer to recover my husband

Oh Saint Elena of the cross, do not forget me, my Saint, powerful in love, I come to you to tell you, to ask and beg you, since you should know that (name of the person) left the house because of Another woman, bring it to me again.

Saint Elena, make me think about the damage that has caused me to have gone with another woman, I think it is a whim, who has it for desire, I love him from my heart, make him come back soon, draw him to me, never Forget me, whatever I do, never stop thinking about me.

Saint Elena of the cross, the love I feel for that man is very great, I gave him my youth, the best years of my life, I am the mother of his children, the pain and grief I have is very great, he just goes away to ease when I arrive like a meek lamb and asking for my love.


I hope the prayer for my ex and my husband to return works.

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Marriage is a commitment that is assumed between two people until death Separate them, but the latter is often not fulfilled because at any time the relationship can deteriorate causing the relationship to break down and subsequently divorce.

This is a problem that has been growing in society and even in couples who are believers.

In these cases, this prayer can be very helpful because it allows us to recover that husband who does not want to continue the relationship.

In a society that is teaching that what is useless is thrown away, it is powerful to have a tool so that we can maintain a marriage in a healthy way and in total physical and spiritual well-being.

When can I pray the prayer for my ex to return?

This prayer can be prayed whenever you want.

It has no time of day or time of week.

The important thing is to pray the prayer so that my ex returns with a lot of faith and believe that everything is going well.

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