Prayer for an operation

Prayer for an operation if you need to put in the hands of the supreme being all the worries that seem to take over the mind.

In these moments, having a faith to cling to can be vital, and believing in prayer gives us peace and tranquility.

When it comes to operations nothing better than putting everything in the hands of the creator God of all things.

The word of God tells us that he is our healer and there is nothing that we ask the Father to give us. Then we will leave you the prayer you need to do before entering a surgical process.

Prayer for an operation What is it for?

Prayer for an operation

Before, during and after an operation there are moments of anguish and pain. Prayer can calm all negative thoughts while making us increase faith.

We must trust what the word of the Lord He says that we cry out to him and he will teach us great and hidden things, one of those things may well be the healing of our body, the tranquility of knowing that God is doing something in our favor and the faith of knowing that it is he who does the work in us.

For all this prayer is important at all times of concern that as human beings we are exposed to live.

Jesus Christ himself invites us to ask the father in his name, so our prayers are always in the name of Jesus, recognizing him as the son of God, all powerful to heal us and fill our heart with peace.

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Making sentences before being surgically operated can help us make good decisions such as the doctor, the health center, the dates and even the way in which the operation will be carried out.

Therefore it is important not only  pray before entering the operating room but when the entire pre-hospital process begins.

Before an operation

God you love me, take care of me and protect me
Give wisdom and skill to my doctors and nurses
Make them able to serve you with love and relief
Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord

The purpose of praying before an operation is always that God takes control of everything that is about to happen in our organism and that everything goes well, those are the two most frequent requests.

In prayer, it must be clear that we are facing a moment in which we have no control over what is or is not and that is the main cause that leads us to feel insecure.

Talk to God, express your concerns, tell him about insecurities, fears and everything you feel, both good and bad.

Declare out loud that he gives you control of your life and thank him for giving you the victory.

Prayer for an operation of a relative 

Sir, many doctors, lovers of their profession
They are at our service.
I thank you for the gift of wisdom
that you have granted him.
Today, many lives are saved in cases that in the past
They could not have received any remedy or cure.
Lord, you continue to be
the owner of life and death.
The end result is only in your divine hands.
Lord, enlighten the mind and heart
of those who right now
they take care of healing my sick body
and guide his hands with your divine power.
Thank you for your immense kindness.

If the one who is about to enter the operating room is a relative, the sentence It must be done before and maintained throughout the process.

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It is important that we know how to transmit good energies to our family member before being intervened, this will help you stay positive and with active faith. 

We cannot pray for a family member with a negative attitude or doubting what God can do at the moment, but we must maintain an attitude of believer that gives strength, encouragement, faith and courage to the family member before the operation and at the end of everything You always have to thank God.

So that everything goes well in an operation

Padre Celestial, te ruego que me guardes y protejasAyúdame a confiar en tiY a tener el ánimo suficiente para someterme a esta cirugíaEscucha mis temores y mis ansiedadesY asegúrame de tu presenciaGuía y bendice a los cirujanosPara que sepan precisamente lo que necesitan hacerBendice todo tratamiento y cuidado que se me vaya a darY fortaléceme con tu poderPara que pueda sentirme mejor y sanar bienEn el nombre de JesúsAmén

Asking God to send his angels to care for us in the operating room and, likewise, asking him to bind any evil spirit that wants to interfere are two valid requests we can make at any time. 

It is also important that we can declare with you audible all the good that we want to see so that those good energies are released and the word is fulfilled in our lives or in that of any family member, friend or acquaintance that is about to enter one of these processes. 

Are the sentences going to work?

Just being praying will make it safer and quieter.

There is nothing better than trusting God at all times.

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If you have faith in your heart, God will help you in this terrible time. Prayers bear testimonies of success in everything the world.

Just pray with a lot of faith within you so that everything goes well.

Was the prayer for an operation to your liking?

If you have any prayer suggestions, don't hesitate to comment on this article.

In this way help other people who will go through the same problem that has already happened.

Go with God.

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