Prayer for sick dog | Pray with faith and help heal your friend

Prayer for sick dog. That dogs are man's best friends, without a doubt. They bring joy and good humor to families. But unfortunately, not everything is flowers. As living things, they also get sick, need care and cause concern.

A prayer for a sick dog will calm you and your family in this moment of despair. Your dog is also a creature of God and therefore will be blessed by Him if you ask for it with faith and trust.

Here are some prayers to help your little friend not feel pain and heal faster.

Prayer for sick dog

“Heavenly Father, please help us in our time of need. You made us administrators of (pet's name). If it is your will, please restore your health and strength.

I also pray for other animals in need. May they be treated with the care and respect that all their creation deserves.

Blessed are you, Lord God, and holy is your name for ever and ever. Amen.

Prayer for sick dog

“Dear Lord, my dear pet and my partner (name) got sick. I am interceding on your behalf, begging your help for us in this moment of need.

I humbly ask that it be as good and a guide for my pet as it has been with all his children.

May your blessing heal my lovely companion and give you many more wonderful days that we can spend together.

May we be blessed and healed as part of your love creation. Amen!

Prayer for healing a sick animal

“Almighty God, who has given me the gift of identifying in all the creatures of the universe a reflection of the light of Your love; that you have entrusted to me, humble servant of Your infinite goodness, the guard and protection of the creatures of the planet; allow me, through my imperfect hands and my limited human perception, to be an instrument so that Your divine mercy falls on this beast.

That through my vital fluids I can wrap you in an atmosphere of energizing energy, so that your suffering falls apart and your health is restored.

May this be done at Your will, with the protection of the good spirits that surround me. Amen!

Pet Protection Prayer

“To the merciful Father God, who created all the beings that inhabit the planet, so that they can live in harmony with men, and my Guardian Angel, who protects all the animals that live with me in this house.

I humbly ask you to watch for these innocent creatures, avoiding all their ills and allowing them to live safely and peacefully so that they can fill you with joy and love all my days.

May your dream be peaceful and may your spirit lead me to the spheres of beauty and peace in this life we ​​share. "

Prayer for healing an animal

"Archangel Ariel, to whom God has given the gift of caring for all animals,

Archangel Raphael, who received the divine gift of healing, I ask you to illuminate at this moment the life of this sweet being (say the name of the animal).

May the mercy of God restore his health, so that he can again give me the joy of his presence and the dedication of his love.

Allow me, through my hands and my limited human perception, to be an instrument for God's love to wrap you in an atmosphere of invigorating energy, so that your suffering fades and your health regenerates.

May this be done at Your will, with the protection of the good spirits around me. Amen.

Prayer for the sick dog that heals

“Heavenly Father, our human ties to our friends of other species is a wonderful and special gift from you. Now I ask that you give our animals their special care of their parents and their healing power to eliminate any suffering they have. Give us, your human friends, a new understanding of our responsibilities to these creatures of yours.

They trust us as we trust you; Our souls and theirs are together on this earth to form a friendship, affection and affection. Take our sincere prayers and fill your sick or suffering animals with light and strength to overcome any healing weaknesses in the body. Sir, I specifically state the needs of you (say the name of the pet).

His goodness is linked to all living beings and his grace flows to all his creatures. Of our souls the good energies, touching each one of us with the reflection of their love.

Give our animal companions long and healthy special lives. Give them a good relationship with us, and if the Lord decides to take them away from us, it helps us understand that they are no longer with us, but only come closer to the Lord. Grant our prayer for the intercession of the good Saint Francis of Assisi, who honored you in all creatures. Give him the power to watch over our animal friends until they are secure with the Lord in eternity, where we hope one day to join them forever. Amen.

Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi for sick animals.

“Glorious San Francisco, Holy of simplicity, love and joy.

In heaven you contemplate the infinite perfections of God.

Look at us kindly.

Help us in our spiritual and bodily needs.

Pray to our Father and Creator to grant us the graces we ask for your intercession, you, who have always been his friend.

And light our hearts of growing love for God and our brothers, especially those most in need.

My beloved San Chiquinho, put your hands on this angel (say the name of the animal) that needs you! Knowing your love, heed our request.

Saint Francis of Assisi, pray for us. Amen.

Now that you know the prayer for sick dogs, also learn powerful prayers for sick animals.

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