Poems to fall in love with valentine
Every day is perfect to show affection to our loved ones and fall in love with our partner, but above all the day of love and friendship is when we celebrate those intense feelings in our being. Some of these 3 poems can be a good gift for that day.

Poems to fall in love with valentine

Every silence from you
every smile that you offer to the sun,
each whisper in the ear and its tickles,
every crazy thing that causes me to laugh.

You who drive me crazy during the day
or at night you excite me,
you that in your fragrance
you captivate me like a lost teenager
in your caress and your whims.

I fall in love with you ...
and every part of you in me
every secret of ours
that in heaven of your passionate kisses.

I arrive sighing in your kisses
delivering seed of smile,
I am marching whispering ...
loving sweet words in each rose of yours.

Darling you make me fall in love
in each look out the face sun,
and every time Moon cachetona smiles,
in the open air of your arms
or in the shelter of a kiss that flies.

Honey ... you make me fall in love

Valentine's day poem

A woman is dying
Because nobody is loving,
And lips about to go silent
For death in the heart you want to establish.

I would like to know your thoughts
And so I can get to your feelings
I would like this very day to woo you
So I can love you ...

Because I know you don't want love
Cause it's just a great pain
Because all the time there is clamor
And it leaves a lot of pain in the heart.

Today I want to separate myself from all iniquity
Leaving all my friendship behind
And showing you the whole truth
Well, your kisses are my need ...

I love you

I want you on my chest, I want you on my lips,
I want you in my bed, I want you in my hands,
I want you in my soul, I want your looks,
I want you in my heart, I want your love,
Loving you is what I want the most.

I will take the reins of my love to love you wherever,
So passionate I carry you in my veins as always,
Whether you want it or not, I will always love you wherever,
My soul is dressed in love thanks to the peace of your being.

I wish your lips and hold you in my chest,
I wish with my hands to wrap you in my bed,
I want your look embedded in my soul,
I wish your love to give you my love forever,
Wanting you is what I love the most.

If yesterday I love you, tomorrow I will too,
What I loved you yesterday, today and tomorrow will be better,
I hope God lets this faith never end
This one of wanting you and loving you for life,
My soul today dresses with love thanks to the peace of your being.

Valentine Phrases to Fall in Love

  • Loving someone deeply gives you strength, being loved by someone deeply gives you courage. (Lao Tse)
  • Love is an endless act of forgiveness, a tender look that becomes a habit. (Peter Ustinov)
  • I love you to love you and not to be loved, since nothing pleases me as much as seeing you happy. (George Sand)
  • Neither absence nor time is nothing when you love. (Louis Charles Alfred de Musset)
  • Love can still wait when reason despairs. (George W. l and ttelton)
  • Those who love each other only with their hearts speak to each other. (Francisco de Quevedo)
  • The measure of love is to love without measure. (San Agustin)
  • For Adam, paradise was where Eve was. (Mark Twain)
  • Those who suffer because you love: love even more; dying of love is living. (Victor Hugo)
  • True love is not known for what it demands, but for what it offers. (Jacinto Benavente)
  • It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved. (Alfred Tennyson)
  • When you love too much, you don't love enough. (Blaise Pascal)
  • Love whom they paint blind is seer and insightful because the lover sees things that the indifferent person does not see and therefore loves. (José Ortega y Gasset)
  • The true paradise is not in heaven, but in the mouth of the beloved woman. (Théophile Gautier)

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