Poems for short friends
Nice poems that you can dedicate to your best friend who has given you her friendship and support, show her that you appreciate her with one of these two poems. If he is your best friend as a sister, the first poem is the correct one, if you are a man and you feel something more for that special friend, the second love poem for a special friend will surely enchant you.

Poems for short friends

My friend
companion of my sad days,
of my long nights,
counselor in my uncertain moments,
confident of my secrets and my traumas,
I don't know how you do to always have
that smile ready at all times
I don't know how you make me smile either
when is my heart broken
and the hopeless soul
Whimsical and foul-mouthed friend
How come we understand each other so much
If I go through life, I would be and well behaved
and you are joy, laughter and laughter?
My friend, companion, comrade
you are not my blood, but as if you were
I still love you, like a sister

A poem for my friend

If in your dreams you feel lost
If there is a wound in your heart
If you can't find the path of your life
If in spite of everything you do not feel loved?
Listen carefully to what I'm going to tell you
pay attention, open your soul
that for your pain I am calm
Will I remove the sadness from your life?
Love yourself above all things
you are the most beautiful of all beautiful jewels
you are valuable, beautiful, happy, divine, sincere
virtues that no one else has
Let me be your friend, be your confidant
let me be your relief to the indifferent
let me listen to you and listen to what I say
above all things I will be your eternal friend

If everything I tell you is not enough
and for some reason you want to cry
here is the shoulder of this sincere friend
who will always listen to you

We are friends!

“Our friendship goes beyond the limits;

it is pure, true, lasting.

Has been through great trials

And yet it is still intact, as in the beginning.

We haven't done great things

but very significant;

we have not traveled great distances,

but yes on stony roads.

And despite everything,

of time, of distance,

of the things that we did not say,

of what we have not shared,

we remain firm in the same feeling.

We just… are friends…! "


"Friends ... we will always be friends

To count our sorrows one by one

We will travel to a distant world

to search with all the effort.

Friends ... how thorns and roses go together

never mind distance or time.

And so we will continue as few do,

and if something happens, listen to what I say

for all time ... I will be your friend! "

I believe in you friend

"I believe in you friend:

If your smile is like a ray of light

that makes my existence happy.

I believe in you friend:

If your eyes shine with joy when you meet us.

I believe in you friend:

If you share my tears and

you know how to cry with those who cry.

I believe in you friend:

If your hand is open to give and

your will is generous to help.

I believe in you friend:

If your words are sincere and

they express what your heart feels.

I believe in you friend:

If you can kindly understand my weaknesses and

you defend me when they slander me.

I believe in you friend:

If you have the courage to kindly correct me.

I believe in you friend:

If you know how to pray for me,

and give me a good example.

I believe in you friend:

If your friendship leads me to love God more

and to treat others better.

I believe in you friend:

If you are not ashamed to be my friend

in sad and bitter hours. "

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