Thanks for all the moments
that we have shared
moments full of feelings
and shared thoughts,
dreams and wishes,
secrets, laughter and tears,
and above all, friendship.
Every precious second will be treasured
Forever in my heart.

Thanks for taking the time
time to show your concern for me,
time to listen to my problems
and help me find a solution,
and especially
time to smile and show me your affection.

Thanks for being what you are
a wonderful person.
I could count on you
when I needed who to trust
and ask for advice.
Thanks to you I started
to meet me
and even to appreciate what I am.

How can I express to you
all the love that I have for you?
Thank you so much for your friendship.

Poems for my best friend long

All the plots of my life have something of yours
and that really is nothing extraordinary
you know it as objectively as I do.
However, there is something I would like to clarify for you,
when I say all the parcels,
I don't mean just this now
to this of waiting for you and hallelujah to find you,
and hell lose you,
and find you again,
and hopefully nothing more.
I don't mean that suddenly you say, I'm going to cry
and I with a discreet lump in my throat, well cry.
And may a nice invisible downpour protect us
and maybe that's why I will leave right away sun.
I don't mean just that day after day
increase the stock of our small and decisive complicities,
or that I can or believe that I can turn my setbacks into victories,
or give me the tender gift of your latest despair.

The thing is much more serious.
When I say all the plots
I mean that in addition to that sweet cataclysm,
you are also rewriting my childhood,
that age when one says adult and solemn things
and solemn adults celebrate them,
and you, on the other hand, know that that does not work.
I mean you are rearming my adolescence
that time when I was an old man full of misgivings,
and you know instead to extract from that wasteland,
my germ of joy and water it looking at it.
I mean you're shaking my youth
that jug that no one ever took in their hands,
that shadow that no one brought to its shadow,
and you, on the other hand, know how to shake it
until the dry leaves begin to fall,
and the framework of my truth remains without feats.
I mean you're embracing my maturity
this mix of stupor and experience,
this strange border of anguish and snow,
this spark plug that illuminates death,
this precipice of poor life.
As you see it is more serious,
Much more serious,
Because with these and with other words,
I want to say that you are not so alone,
the dear girl that you are,
but also the splendid or cautious women
that I wanted or want.

Because thanks to you I have discovered,
(you will say that it was time and with good reason),
that love is a beautiful and generous bay,
that lights up and darkens,
as life comes,
a bay where ships come and go,
they arrive with birds and omens,
and they leave with sirens and dark clouds.
A beautiful and generous bay,
Where ships come and go.
But you,
Do not go

Poems for my best friend

What an effort!
What a horse's effort to be a dog!
What an effort of the dog to be a swallow!
What effor of the swallow for a bee!
What an effort of the bee to be a horse!
And the horse,
What sharp arrow squeezes from the rose!
What a gray rose it raises from its belly!
And the rose
What a flock of lights and screams
ties in the living sugar of its trunk!
And the sugar
What little daggers he dreams of in his wake!
And the tiny daggers,
What a moon without stables, how naked,
eternal skin and blush, they are looking for!
And I, by the eaves,
What a seraph of flames I seek and am!
But the plaster arch,
How big, how invisible, how tiny!

A poem for my friend

When you have a problem
I will be there to listen to you
Well, I will always advise you
and we will vent together

When I think of failure
you give me hope
and you tell me that in my steps
I must have confidence.

you share your sorrows with me
and also the good things
what happens at your house
and at school.

You make me look at my faults
when i make a mistake
and you never turn your back on me
When I ask you a favor

When time separates us
memories comfort us
and if the distance is great
No matter what happens
well we are friends
and our friendship
It's what holds us together

you're my best friend
and my most faithful companion
the one who keeps my secrets
and he knows how to understand me.

The one who tells me
you can count on me
is my best friend.

Videos of poems for my best friend long

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