Rockers phrases

[su_box title=”Rocker Phrases” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]The best phrases of rock songs by great rockers and bands like U2, REM, Kiss, Black Sabath, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd.[/su_box] Phrases of rockers There is a lady who is sure that all that glitters is gold and is buying a stairway to heaven. … READ MORE

Cool phrases

[su_box title=”Cool Phrases” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”] Phrases often help us to think, to ponder in the best way the topic that it is. Here are some great phrases to share. [/su_box] Cool Phrases Everything has its beauty, even when you can't see it firsthand. Positivity always wins, always. Keep looking, that's the... READ MORE

Descriptions for photos

[su_box title=”Phrases for ex friends” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]Phrases that you can put on your photos without looking like an “applicant”. So you don't put the same hackneyed phrases. [/su_box] Descriptions for photos Nothing and no one makes you feel like you don't. People care too much about appearing to be a good person and not enough about... READ MORE

Phrases for ex friends

[su_box title=”Phrases for ex-friends” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]The birth of your daughter may have been years or decades ago, but most likely it has become one of the aspects most important in your life. To celebrate this deep bond you have with your wonderful daughter, I have compiled a collection of quotes about… READ MORE

Phrases for my daughter

[su_box title=”Phrases for my daughter” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]Your daughter's birth may have been years or decades ago, but more than likely it has become one of the aspects most important in your life. To celebrate this deep bond you have with your wonderful daughter, I have compiled a collection of quotes about… READ MORE

Phrases about quality education

[su_box title=”Quality education phrases” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]I leave you the best educational phrases of great figures in history such as Nelson Mandela, John F. Kennedy, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi , Leonardo da Vinci and many more. [/su_box] Phrases about quality education Education is the liberation of what already exists in the soul of … READ MORE

Self-knowledge phrases

[su_box title=”Self-knowledge phrases” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]For a few years we have repeatedly heard about the importance of being emotionally intelligent. However, we are so overloaded, that in the end we only know that there are many skills that we have to achieve, but we don't know how to achieve them, if we are on the right track or if we have already achieved them. The … READ MORE

Phrases about smiling

[su_box title=”Phrases about smiling” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]Smiling opens doors, it helps you to improve your mood, to face problems with a winning attitude, to be happy.[ /su_box] Phrases about smiling Before you frown, check that there are no smiles available. – Jim Beggs. His smile is still like the sun breaking through... READ MORE

Phrases for fake friends

[su_box title=”Phrases for fake friends” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]Friendship doesn't happen overnight. Friendship is like a good dish, it cooks slowly and requires time, affection, common experiences that lead to situations of growing trust and, above all, patience. However, it also requires accepting the flaws of the other… something that… READ MORE

Christian motivational phrases

[su_box title=”Christian Motivational Phrases” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]Nowadays, with the speed of time, many young people are confused about their faith. Share these Christian messages and spread the word of God with young people so that they grow in the security that the Lord provides. [/su_box] Christian motivational phrases Good morning, open your … READ MORE

Short Good Night Phrases

[su_box title=”Short good night phrases” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]Are you looking for the best good night phrases for your partner? In that case, keep reading, because we have made a very complete compilation – you will surely find the phrase that fits your needs![/su_box] Short good night phrases Thank you because you make me feel very special every day… READ MORE

Good morning text message

[su_box title=”Good morning text message” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]When we wake up, we are sure to be happy if we see a good morning text message from the person we love. Reading your good wishes, your words of love and your good vibes puts us in a good mood, encourages us to get out of bed and start… READ MORE

Good morning messages for my son

[su_box title=”Good morning messages for my son” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]A mother's love is the most unconditional love that exists. She may be angry and worried, but no matter what happens, she will take care of her children and give her all for them. That is why we reveal the best good morning phrases for a child, written by … READ MORE

Love poem for my boyfriend

[su_box title=”Love poem for my boyfriend” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]With these love poems for your boyfriend, you will be able to say what you have never been able to express in words. [/su_box] Love poem for my boyfriend I would like to be the sunbeam that caresses your velvet skin, that slowly undresses you until the dawn of your… READ MORE

Phrases of love of God

[su_box title=”Phrases of love of God” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]Without a doubt, the word of the Lord himself will help you to do good to others, to give you that strength and motivation that will help you move forward in the most difficult times, so today we share with you several lists of Christian messages and phrases that… READ MORE

Phrases of chingonas women

[su_box title=”Quotes from cool women” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]Most of the lists with phrases are dominated by men. It is not that the masculine gender is a bad thing, on the contrary. But women also have great wisdom in their words, and it should be shared equally to make them more visible. And a good idea to do… READ MORE

Dedications for a friend

[su_box title=”Dedications for a friend” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]Remembering friends, for better or for worse, is something we should always do. Leaving them a dedication phrase, whether for a birthday, a fact of life or just because, is not something that is out of place. Maybe you can use this.[/su_box] Dedications for… READ MORE

Short peace phrases

[su_box title=”Short phrases of peace” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]Sometimes, what unites us makes our mental health optimal because we feel that we do not shine as we should or that we are oppressed in some way way. We can say that this feeling is like a restlessness that we want to get rid of somehow. If you feel this way, go on... READ MORE

Verses for my girlfriend

[su_box title=”Verses for my girlfriend” box_color=”#dd3333″]Poems and verses may have been out of fashion for decades, but there is no denying the fact that in ancient times they were great tools when it came to conquering the world. love of your life. That is why, while keeping the feeling of true love, we share these shorts… READ MORE

Good morning mommy

[su_box title=”Good morning mommy” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]Our mother is the most important woman of all, because she is the one who gave us life. She loves us very much and that's why we have to show her how much we love her. And that is why we share these phrases to show you our most sincere love.[/su_box] Good morning mommy For the treasure of my life, … READ MORE

Love overcoming phrases

[su_box title=”Love overcoming phrases” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]When you go through a moment of great sadness or you feel depressed, it is best to let off steam.[/su_box] Love overcoming phrases “ Experience has no ethical value, it is simply the name we give to our mistakes” (O. Wilde). "No one lacks strength, what many lack is... READ MORE

How can I say sorry to my girlfriend

[su_box title=”How to apologize to my girlfriend” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]We are all human beings, and no matter how much we are in love, there will always be times when we are wrong in one way or another , and hurt the loved one with our mistakes. It's normal, it happens to everyone, but learn to always apologize from the heart. This … READ MORE

Phrases about family and union

[su_box title=”Family and union phrases” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]It is always important to keep the family together, to develop a strong and stable family for many years. [/su_box] Phrases for the broken family I have learned that being with those you love is enough. There is nothing like home and family to be truly comfortable. … READ MORE

Harley quinn love quotes

[su_box title=”Love quotes from harley quinn” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]The Joker and Harley Quinn is not the love relationship that nobody wants, much less one that should be brought to life . But there are some phrases from the Joker that actually sound quite romantic, although a little crazy.[/su_box] Love phrases from harley quinn “Behind … READ MORE

Positive good morning messages

[su_box title=”Positive good morning messages” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]If you want to start the day with joy and a good mood, there is nothing like receiving a good morning message to help you wake up with optimism and renewed energy, or send it yourself to transmit good vibes to your friends to start a new day.[/su_box] Positive messages of good … READ MORE

Phrases of thanks to my girlfriend

[su_box title=”Thank you phrases for my girlfriend” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]In couples there are not only caresses, kisses and romantic words, but also a lot of support and understanding when one of us goes through a difficult situation. That is why there should not only be love and affection, but also friendship in couples, so that they understand each other much better. … READ MORE

Hints for my boyfriend that hurt

[su_box title=”Indirect hints for my boyfriend that hurt him” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]Sometimes, to achieve love, it is not possible to go too directly, but you have to be subtle and discreet to do it That special person falls in love little by little. To help you, here are the best phrases with signs of love with which you are sure … READ MORE

Batman's most famous phrases

[su_box title=”Batman's most famous phrases” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]Batman is a DC Comics character initially created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, and although this fact is not known by many, we can say that everyone knows Bruce Wayne, the real name behind Batman or the one also called as the knight of... READ MORE

Good night poems for your girlfriend

[su_box title=”Good night poems for your girlfriend” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]The daily routine can stress many and sometimes ends up overwhelming people. A romantic good night phrase dedicated to your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend or wife will help you sleep much better and forget about unimportant problems.[/su_box] Good night poems for … READ MORE

Good morning blessings

[su_box title=”Good morning blessings” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]Starting a day with a positive attitude can become a very healthy habit that motivates people to do their homework and be thankful for a new day that is a sign of life for each of us.[/su_box] Good morning blessings May God … READ MORE

Phrases to wish a nice day to a special person

[su_box title=”Phrases to wish a nice day to a special person” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]Good morning phrases to dedicate to your friends, partner, family or co-workers. They can brighten their day and show them how much you appreciate them.[/su_box] Phrases to wish a special person a nice day Nice day, my beautiful friend, I hope you have a … READ MORE

Goodbye phrases of friends

[su_box title=”Farewell phrases for friends” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]The time to say goodbye is not easy, and even less so if you don't have the right words. Therefore, to help you, we have collected the most beautiful and sincere farewell phrases, which will make the game less painful.[/su_box] Farewell phrases from friends Until then, my friend, the … READ MORE

Thank you for being by my side love

[su_box title=”Thank you for being by my side love” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]Undoubtedly, when we fall in love, what we most want is to spend most of our time with the person we love . Love is a feeling that must be cared for and watered every day of our lives to keep it alive. If you feel that you are in… READ MORE

Something nice to say to my girlfriend

whatsapp groups to make friends

[su_box title=”Something nice to say to my girlfriend” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]This time we share with you the simplest, most beautiful and heartfelt words to remind your girlfriend how much you love her .[/su_box] Something nice to say to my girlfriend You are my only wish. I wonder how I can still be in love with you like this. … READ MORE

Phrases for my profile picture

[su_box title=”Phrases for my profile picture” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”] Phrases for Tumblr, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Pinterest and in general for any status. These images will be beautiful to dedicate to friends, family or partner, to inspire or share as stories. [/su_box] Phrases for my profile picture Today I'm cooking, love comes out very … READ MORE

Poems for my wife

[su_box title=”Poems for my wife” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]The written word in rhyme and prose has always been the first step to build the best love poems, in order to reach to the depths of the soul of those who read and enjoy them. [/su_box] Poems for my wife I love your smile, I love … READ MORE

Motivational phrases for students

[su_box title=”Motivating phrases for students” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]At school, at the institute, at the university… With a driving license, with a master's degree, with an English certificate … Exams are part of our lives from the moment we are born until we almost die. Over time you get used to all the rituals that… READ MORE

Phrases for your sister

[su_box title=”Phrases for your sister” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]Because a sister is more than a friend, she is someone who accompanies you throughout your life, from childhood to old age. On this page you will find a compilation of the best thoughts to dedicate to that important person in your life, your sister. Because your sister needs me to… READ MORE

Thanks for everything my love

[su_box title=”Thank you for all my love” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]There is nothing better in this life than feeling loved. If this is your case, never forget to thank all the details that your partner has with you, to help you here are some message ideas that you can send. These gratitude messages for your partner can be sent any… READ MORE

Phrases of love for my wife

[su_box title=”Love phrases for my wife” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]Marriages become monotonous if you don't continue sowing love with details, words and spontaneity, you don't always have to know everything about your partner, sometimes you must leave a veil of mystery that attracts you, do not despair of wanting to see it transparent, better let yourself be carried away by the … READ MORE

Distance love poems for my boyfriend

[su_box title=”Long distance love poems for my boyfriend” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”] Love as a couple is based on affection and appreciation, if you have fallen in love and you really want it you will not be able to leave to love him even if he is far from you. It is true that being outside is sometimes a challenge for a couple, however, … READ MORE

Distance love poems from famous poets

Punto y Coma – Mónica Laví Seduce me with your commas, with your spaced caresses, your breathable breath and your continuous daring; place me the point and top to change the caresses for long kisses and whispered phrases mouth to mouth. Make a point and followed to slide into me and contemplate my nakedness on your bed, … READ MORE

Poems for my best friend long

Thank you for all the moments that we have shared moments full of shared feelings and thoughts, dreams and desires, secrets, laughter and tears, and above all, friendship. Every precious second will be treasured forever in my heart. Thank you for taking time to show your concern for me, time to listen to my problems and help me find them... READ MORE

Poems for special friends

[su_box title=”Poems for special friends” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”] Express and communicate fraternal feelings, remind our friends that they can count on us, that we do not forget them and that they are always present. To send an event, a holiday or a designated day, such as an anniversary, birthday, to face any misfortune or on any day... READ MORE

Poems for short friends

[su_box title=”Short friend poems” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]Nice poems that you can dedicate to your best friend who has given you her friendship and support, show her that you appreciate her with one of these two poems. If it is your best friend as a sister, the first poem is the correct one, if you are a man and you feel something more for… READ MORE

Long friendship poems

[su_box title=”Long friendship poems” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”]Friendship is walking together along the path of life because the paths are traveled with more energy and more illusions. When we say the magic word "friend" we name the person who lights our way, we know that not all lights have the same intensity, but each one... READ MORE

Short friendship poems

Strength Always provides strength, driving away sadness, when something goes wrong. And it is the source of happiness when your days are good, friendship is essential! Hugs They are the outstretched arms, which keeps them together, and gives them great value. It will never ask you for anything, because it is always supported by the base of the… READ MORE

Friends poems

[su_box title=”Poems of friends” box_color=”#ffcccc” title_color=”#efa43b”] Friends are angels who give you wings when yours are tired from so much flying. Friendship is not waiting for someone to love you, but loving and then waiting. I love you, I miss you, I can't forget you, I just say, thank you for your friendship. In the middle of … READ MORE

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